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Chapter 40 – It’s up to you…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1909 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1230words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Silva


Although it was just a game and Yaeger would not truly die, Rakshasa was still very worried about Yaeger’s safety.

The Storm Wolf stared at the firestorm with a fierce expression and wished that Yaeger would really die, immediately.

As for whether it could deal with Yaeger personally, that was not important. Just die already!

After the firestorm released an energy wave, it slowly dissipated.

A figure gradually appeared in the sight of both the Storm Wolf and Rakshasa.

It was Yaeger who looked battered and exhausted.

Great, Princess didn’t die!

Rakshasa was so excited that she almost shouted.

“Damn it, I almost died there!” Yaeger looked at her hp with less than 5% remaining with fear.

One should know that if one died in the game, one would lose a lot of experience!

Of course, the equipment would also be dropped but since there are no other players around, it didn’t matter even if it was dropped. Either Rakshasa or she herself would pick it up anyway.

Yaeger couldn’t accept losing experience points. Anyone would die of heartache if their hard-earned experience points were lost.1

Fortunately, her resistance stat was very high and the firestorm’s power had been negated by half. If it was another player, they would have already died.

“Huh?” Yaeger suddenly felt pure and violent power surging out of her body and instantly nourishing her limbs, making her spirit tremble in excitement and replenishing her whole body full of energy.

Immediately afterward, this power surged out and turned into a vague aura wrapping around Yaeger.

Yaeger’s black hair fluttered and she looked like a celestial being that could awe anyone who looked at her. However, if one were to look closer, they would realize that she’s only a human being, but with the image and aura resembling a transcendental being without a trace of worldliness.

A Fairy!

Rakshasa was deeply attracted by Yaeger’s present appearance and could not help but exclaim in her heart.


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A black shadow flashed out at the speed of lightning and rushed towards Yaeger.

This black shadow was the Storm Wolf. It had an inexplicable feeling of fear in its heart. Yaeger was the cause. Only when she is killed, would this feeling disappear!

What a pity. If the [Bloodthirst] skill was over at this time, it would definitely have chosen to turn around and run as fast as its feet could take it, how could it be stupid enough to continue to assault Yaeger in that state?

Rakshasa became very nervous. Princess would not be able to withstand the Storm Wolf’s attack in her current state. No, she might die even if Storm Wolf only brushed her lightly!

However, in such a desperate situation, she could neither stop the Storm Wolf nor could she help Princess.

A deep sense of powerlessness emerged from the bottom of her heart. For the first time, Rakshasa hated her powerlessness with such resentment.

“Come arrow.” Suddenly, Yaeger’s cherry lips slightly opened. She wielded a bow in her right hand with an indifferent expression and no trace of nervousness could be seen on her face.

Just as her voice rang out, countless pitch-black particles instantly condensed into a flashing black energy arrow and fell into Yaeger’s hand.

Yaeger instantly tugged the bowstring, staring ahead with her eyes full of ice-cold murderous intent.

At this time, the Storm Wolf with its huge body rushed over and its giant claw was about to slash on Yaeger’s body with the surging wind mana that seemed able to render the sky apart!

With a swish, the arrow was released.

At the next moment, Rakshasa felt that both space and time seemed to be frozen at this exact moment!

Then, she saw the black arrow transforming into a dark beam of light, flashing past and flying to the sky.

The claws of the Storm Wolf were less than 50 cm away from Yaeger but these 50 cm were just so close yet so far.

Because, just now, its chest had been pierced through and its HP instantly became zero.

The Storm Wolf had perished!

“It’s your honor to die under the effect of 10 times attack power.” Yaeger slowly lowered her bow, raised her head and said this in a lonely manner.

That’s right. That strike just now was one of her Celestial Innate skills [Final Strike].

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When HP was less than 10%, there was a 5% chance to proc a 10x attack with a cooldown of 24 hours.2

This was totally a lucky strike. It was up to your luck whether the skill would activate or not.

Yaeger’s luck was obviously enough to proc it successfully.

After all, 666 points in luck stat was not just for show.

After being attacked by Rakshasa, the Storm Wolf’s HP had fallen below 6,000 points. Moreover, it was still in the state of [Bloodthirst] so its defense had been halved. It couldn’t bear the power of Yaeger’s 10x attack power. It really died an unjust death.

“Unfortunately, the special effect of [Chaos Roulette] wasn’t triggered.” Yaeger shook her head as she watched the corpse of the Storm Wolf fall to the ground.

This test was undoubtedly very thrilling. Fortunately, the two special effects were successfully tested, but the special effects of [Chaos Roulette] did not proc which made Yaeger very dejected.

According to skill description, the [Chaos Roulette]’s special effect had a proc rate of 15%, which should be easier to use than the 5% proc rate.

However, in the end, it was [Final Strike] that was triggered and [Lethal Hit] was nowhere to be seen.

Is it impossible to use these two special effects at the same time?

Or is it that my luck stat is not high enough to proc two artifact effects at the same time?

The more Yaeger thought about it, the more confused she became.

Meanwhile, Rakshasa jumped over and happily exclaimed: Princess! You were so awesome just now!

As she spoke, her eyes were fixed on Yaeger. She suddenly felt as if her soul was about to be sucked out by Yaeger. The current Yaeger was as extraordinary and refined as a fairy and her beauty surpassed the limits of the living creatures. As long as someone glanced at her, they would be entranced by her and would not be able to extricate themselves.

“Leave that talk for later. Can you pull me out first?” Yaeger pointed at her legs which sank in the ground and asked with a wry smile.

Hearing this, Rakshasa immediately returned to her senses and looked at Yaeger’s lower body. Then she covered her mouth and giggled. It was clear that the upper body was like a fairy, but the lower body was completely buried in the soil. This was indeed quite funny.

“So, can you stop laughing…”

Before Yaeger finished speaking, the sound of the system rang in their minds.

“Ding! You killed the Master Elite Monster and obtained a Purple Skill Book, [Advanced Sword Skill], one Random Purple Equipment Box, 10 bottles of Advanced Health Recovery Potions, 10 bottles of Advanced Magic Recovery potions.”

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Yaeger looked at the reward that appeared in front of her and her eyes finally fell on [Advanced Sword Skill]. The corners of her eyes couldn’t help twitching: “Do you really want me to turn into an immortal in this fantasy world?”


  1. Silva: Didn’t you just spend all the experience points leveling up the skills earlier? Or what, your level will decrease if you die?
  2. Hydra: So basically always hok

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