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Chapter 42 – End Of Closed Beta Testing

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1546 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 969 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After reading the description of [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation], Yaeger was struck by a sense of dizziness. To some extent, this Advanced Skill Book was comparable to an artifact level special effect.

Of course, this only referred to some special effects of a damaged artifact. A complete artifact was absolutely far more terrifying.

[Ancient Celestial Sword Formation] had three special effects that could be triggered, of which [One Hit Kill] was identical to Sword Manipulation’s [One Hit Kill].

The second special effect [Sword God Descends]: Your sword intent had gained the recognition of the Sword God. You will be blessed by the Sword God for 10 seconds. All sword based attacks gain + 200% damage.

The third special effect [Ancient Divine Sword Formation]: The peak mode of Ancient Celestial Sword Formation, +100% base Metal Attribute Damage, +100% base Sword Attack Damage, +100% base Critical Damage, have a 50% chance to trigger bleeding effect with + 50% bleed damage. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Rakshasa: Princess! Is there something wrong with this skill book? It doesn’t feel normal!

“I don’t know either.” She really didn’t know. After all, the orange skill book that Yaeger had seen in her previous incarnation was much worse than this purple skill book!

“Are there more copies of this skill book in this world?” Yaeger looked at the skill panel and mumbled to herself.

“No. There are only three such skill books in the world.”

The reply came from The System, which scared Yaeger.

“Big sis System, why did you appear all of a sudden!?”

The always aloof system actually talked in person this time and Yaeger was very taken aback.

But after the system said that sentence, it ignored her.

Rakshasa: There are only three such skill books in the world and we got two. Isn’t our luck too good?

“Only now you realize it?” Yaeger glanced at her angrily, “Remember that, our stats mustn’t be disclosed to others.”

Rakshasa finally knew how abnormal her panel data was.

Especially her luck stat, although it wasn’t as good as Yaeger’s, she could still get such a rare skill book. Any idiot could see, let alone understand, that this luck stat is extremely high!

“Let me tell you, this game really likes pretty faces.” Yaeger looked at Rakshasa and meaningfully said.

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Only she, a reincarnated person, knew that this broken game couldn’t be played by an unlucky person!

Because she herself was an unlucky person in her previous incarnation!

Rakshasa’s face turned red: My face looks good?

“It’s very beautiful, not just ordinary beautiful.” Yaeger said with a double meaning.

Upon hearing what Yaeger said, Rakshasa lowered her head slightly. Her small face flushed and her heart pounded.

She still had some confidence in her beauty. However, she paled in comparison with Princess. Getting praises from Princess undoubtedly instilled more confidence in her.

Yaeger wanted to say something, but a feeling of dizziness suddenly struck her, almost making her lose a footing.

Rakshasa also felt the same way. She couldn’t help but look at Yaeger with inquiring eyes.

“Fatigue value has reached the limit.” Yaeger opened the panel, showing that the fatigue value had become 99.

When fatigue became 100, players would be forcefully kicked out of the game.

This was a protection system to prevent players from overindulging in the game, leading to mental exhaustion.

Some serious cases may lead to death from shock.

“Let’s go offline. See you in the open beta.” Yaeger waved at Rakshasa.

Rakshasa also waved her small hand: Well, I’ll wait for you in the newbie village then!

As soon as they finished speaking, the fatigue value reached 100 at the same time and the next moment they disappeared, turning into white light.

In a room of a cheap hotel.

“So hungry…” Yaeger opened his eyes and his stomach made a thunderous sound.1

He hadn’t eaten for most of the day. It would be strange if he wasn’t hungry.

Looking at the time, it was way past sunset at 18:00.

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“18 hours, not bad.” Yaeger slowly got up. His muddled brain was gradually cranking to life just like an old rusty engine and the dizziness he felt in the game soon faded.

After 18 hours of entering the game, Yaeger reaped countless benefits and even pulled Cathay’s future Goddess of War, Rakshasa, to his side, which could be said to be above and beyond his original objectives.

“Unfortunately, I can’t go in today.” Yaeger still wanted to enter the game to grind some more, but he couldn’t enter until the fatigue value reset.

The fatigue value limit in the game would increase as the character level increases. When Yaeger gets to a higher level, the fatigue value would have little to no effect.2

Because his willpower and soul would have become stronger by then. He could roam freely in the game, even if he didn’t come out for a day.3

And after entering the game, the body would fall into a dormant state and energy consumption would be reduced a lot so not eating for a day and a half would not have much impact on the body.4

After eating some dry rations casually, Yaeger lay on the bed and fell asleep in less than three minutes.

There was still 14 hours before tomorrow’s open beta commences.

On the other side, within the inner parts of the Roc City, in a certain high-end residence.

Rakshasa slowly opened her eyes and stared at the familiar room, not knowing why she felt empty inside.

As if her heart did not belong here at all.

Only in that world can I live like a normal person and play with Princess.
I really hope that the open beta will start soon!

Touching the beta testing terminal, Rakshasa’s eyes flashed and endless anticipation filled her heart.


  1. Silva: Oh, they finally log out…
  2. Hydra: Vr gacha mobile game
  3. Silva: but your physical body in the real world would become weaker and weaker until you eventually die from malnutrition and dehydration and become one with your game character in the game world.
    Hydra: :kek: stuck in a ****** game
  4. Silva:Wut?
    Hydra: I call bs

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