Chapter 3 – Girl meets Boy

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2341 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1888 words
Editor(s): Silva

Who is this person that came here to steal my opportunity!?

As though he had been struck by lightning, a shiver shook through Yaeger’s body as he raised his head up. Looking over, his eyes instantly turned wide open, his pupils contracting, while the fury that had surfaced within his heart immediately transformed into shock.

Standing right before him was a slender and elegant young lady dressed in a white one-piece blouse.

The young lady’s long black hair appeared just like a waterfall, while her skin was white and tender, akin to that of a baby. Her pair of big eyes gleamed with a jet black luster. This was paired with her gentle-looking beautiful face, which gave people a sense of warmth and grace at first sight.

Standing at 1.65 meters tall, her physical development was great. Coupled with her extraordinary figure, her entire being radiated with otherworldly charm.

What a girl. Her beauty seemed to be sculpted by the heavens

As their gazes intersected, two pinkish blushes instantly appeared on the young lady’s cheeks, while the hand pressing on Yaeger’s hand started to tremble slightly. However, despite that, the young girl did not pull her hand back.

Even if this young lady was to be burnt into ashes, Yaeger would still recognize her in a heartbeat.

The treasured daughter of the Luo Family, one of the four great families of Roc City—Sachiel Luo!

In his previous life, the two of them were mutually attracted to one another, though they did not end up together.

On one hand, there was an overly massive disparity between their social statuses. Having an inferiority complex due to this, Yaeger did not dare to reciprocate the feelings that Sachiel Luo had for him.

After all, she was the big mistress of a family with more than a billion RMB worth of assets, while he was a penniless debtor. The two of them were as far apart as the heavens and earth. No matter how hard Yaeger works, he would never, ever be able to bridge this gap of disparity.

On the other hand, there were people that were doing their all to obstruct their love, causing them to face multiple difficulties, never allowing them to see the bright hope of dawn.

This continued all the way to the Night’s Descent, the Great Calamity of the world.

Only then did Sachiel Luo had the opportunity to express the longings of her heart. Before rushing off to the frontlines, Yaeger had turned around to say to her: Let’s be together after the end of this war.

However, there was no end.

“I’m the first to take this terminal.” said Yaeger in a slow manner after regaining his senses. At this moment, he had already calmed the shock and emotional surge that had rocked his heart.

Since he had managed to come back, he will definitely not let that sorrowful ending be reenacted!

“Ah…sorry!” Sachiel Luo pulled her hand back hastily as embarrassment filled her face.

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Clearly, Yaeger did not expect to bump into Sachiel Luo at this place. However, after second thought, he felt that this should be within expectations. This was in the vicinity of her neighborhood, so it wasn’t a surprise for her to appear within this high-end supermarket.

However, why would she fight with him over this beta test pass?

Yaeger could clearly remember that it was an otaku who had managed to obtain the beta test in his previous life.

There were a total of ten beta test passes in the world as stated in the official announcement from the game company. Two of them were allocated to Cathay, one to an unattractive otaku, and the other to China’s number one goddess of war, Rakshasa.

After the official announcement, the otaku passed away the next day, with the reason being attributed to being squashed to death.

That’s right, he was being squashed to death by fans.

It was an utter waste to let such a person get their hands a precious pass.

Therefore, Yaeger didn’t feel a single shred of guilt by stealing that otaku’s opportunity away.

Nevertheless, Sachiel Luo’s appearance caused Yaeger to feel bewildered. From the impressions of her in his previous life, Sachiel Luo wasn’t very competitive, and would absolutely not attempt to fight over things with him.

However, what was the explanation behind her actions?
The other party was clearly trying to contest this opportunity against him.
All of a sudden, a thought flashed through Yaeger’s mind.

That’s right! He remembered that Sachiel Luo was the one that had initiated the conversation with him in his previous life.
The reason was that he was too handsome.
Furthermore, he just so happened to be her type.

As memories of his previous life flashed by, Yaeger finally came to an understanding. Her actions were just a result of her wanting to get close to him.

She was more assertive in relationship matters, something that Yaeger was very clear about. During his previous life, she had made quite a few intense attacks towards him, something that he had difficulty managing.

“Are you also interested in playing this game?” said Sachiel Luo, staring right at him despite the blush on her cheeks.

“Yup. I’m very interested in this game,” replied Yaeger with a nod, showing an indifferent expression on his face. In this life, the two of them did not have any relationship with each other, so it was imperative for him to show much enthusiasm towards her.

If it was possible, Yaeger truly wished to give her a tight hug.
Nevertheless, his logical thoughts immediately pulled the brakes for him.

At this moment, with a dozen Luo Family bodyguards glaring covetously at him, Yaeger didn’t dare to do anything that would be considered as harassment in their eyes.

“I am also very interested in this game. How about partying together during the open beta? It will be a good help for both of us. That’s right, let me introduce myself. I’m Sachiel Luo. What about you?” Sachiel Luo gave a sweet smile, though a nervous glint flashed across her eyes.

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Regardless of how courageous she was to extend her invitation to him, she still felt apprehension in her heart. What should she do when she gets rejected by him?

“I’m Yaeger. Hmm, no problem. Let’s play together in the future.”

Yaeger replied with a faint smile after clutching the game terminal tightly in his bosom.

Seeing his smile, Sachiel Luo instantly felt like a cool spring breeze had blown by, causing her to feel much more comfortable in her heart.
As they locked gazes with each other, time seemed to come to a stop.

“Erm, can you two please don’t block the way?” the trolley-pushing employee rolled his eyes as he spoke out in an impatient tone.

Sachiel Luo and Yaeger immediately retreated awkwardly to the side.

“I’ve some other matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first,” having already obtained the closed beta test terminal, Yaeger didn’t wish to waste time here to prevent any accidental happenings from occurring.

If Yaeger wanted to get together with Sachiel Luo in this life, the first thing he had to do was to become strong! So strong to the point of inducing dread in the Luo Family! So strong that he would be able to face any dangers by himself!

If not, he would absolutely have no qualifications of dating her.

“Wait a minute! I still don’t know how to contact you!” seeing Yaeger turn around, Sachiel Luo immediately shouted out with haste.

Halting in his steps, Yaeger exchanged phone numbers with her. After exchanging their IM(instant messaging) contacts, he swaggered off, his heart brimming with confidence and hope for the future.

With the beta test pass in his hand, countless experiences in his head, it was inevitable for Yaeger to change his destiny and walk towards the peak!

In his previous life, he was always filled with inferiority when he was together with Sachiel Luo. However, all of that had already disappeared from him in this life.

As Yaeger swaggered off confidently, Sachiel Luo continued to stare at his back with a blank look on her face.

What a confident and handsome looking male!
There were quite a few female employees who were smitten by him.
Sensing the gazes piercing his back, Yaeger shook his head slowly as he thought, It’s a serious crime to be too handsome…

His heart started to flutter about…
However, reality gave Yaeger a vicious smack before his heart could flutter any longer.

“Good morning sir. 2888 RMB in total.” scanning the barcode on the packaging, the cashier said to Yaeger with a smile.

That smile was truly blindingly radiant.

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Right at this moment, Yaeger remembered that he had only 3000 plus RMB left in his wallet. After spending this 2888 RMB, it would be a problem for him to pay the cost of his food and lodging for the next few days!

Furthermore, he had borrowed this 3000 plus RMB from someone else!

After the debt-collateral matter that he had experienced in his previous life. Yaeger had finally managed to gain an understanding of the people around him, and discovered that not a single one of them could be relied on.

Only during times of misfortune would people discover who was truly good to them.

Yaeger did not borrow this 3000 over RMB from a friend, but a girl that he had only known for a couple of dozen days.

Ah, friends!

The interest to his debt had already doubled, and might have long exceeded a combined total of a million RMB. It was due to this that Yaeger wasn’t even able to repay the loan sharks even if he was to sell himself away.

However, in this life, a million RMB wouldn’t be more than trinkets for him!
With countless strategies and experiences in his mind, it was extremely easy for Yaeger to earn this amount.
After all, the currency used in the Saint Demon World would become tied to the real-world currency at the 1:1 value, allowing a direct usage vice-versa!

After paying the cashier, Yaeger took the subway back to the cheap motel in the slums.
Setting his alarm clock, he went to bed, recovering his strength in wait for the start of the closed beta test.
Time quickly flew by, and not before long, his alarm rang. Opening his eyes, Yaeger noticed that it was already 11:45 pm.

Removing the packaging, Yaeger was filled with emotion as he removed the smartphone-sized terminal from within the box.
People who didn’t know what it was would assume that it was just a power bank.

Tick tick.

The gears of the wall clock moved about, turning the hour hand to 12 o’clock.
The date changed, turning to 31st March 2019.

With a nervous look, Yaeger laid down on his bed, his eyes firmly locked on to the terminal by the side of the bed.

At the instant the date changed, a faint white glow suddenly radiated from the terminal, before rapidly enveloping Yaeger’s entire body.
As this happened, Yaeger quickly felt as though his soul was leaving his body, being sucked right into the terminal.

In the next instant, everything went black before Yaeger’s eyes.


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