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Chapter 37 – Feels like Getting Repeatedly rammed by a Dump Truck

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1425 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 911 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger just dodged right before the other party attacked, so the AoE Storm attack wasn’t a threat to her at all.

On the other side, Rakshasa was slightly embarrassed. She was not as fast as Yaeger. When she escaped from the storm, she was slightly bruised and could not help leaking a groan.

Looking up, she saw Storm Wolf charged at Yaeger in a blink of an eye. It sped up and its Wind Mana grew more violent.

The wolf’s maw was wide open and countless sickle-shaped wind blades flew out.

Yaeger was astonished. Although she knew that when the Wind Wolf’s [Storm] ability was triggered, it would strengthen its other wind type skills, but wasn’t it’s speed outrageously fast!?

Do you hate me so much!?

Recalling that she just attacked it, Yaeger gave a bitter smile in her heart. It would really be strange if it didn’t hate me!

Yaeger could only dodge the countless wind blades aimed at her. She tiptoed and jumped into the air in preparation for the next wave of counterattacks.

However, the Storm Wolf had seemed to predict that she would jump up. Its body crouched down immediately, and then suddenly jumped up, aimed to ram Yaeger!

Rakshasa’s face paled with worry but she was too far away to help her.

A strong beastly scent wafted, and the next moment, Yaeger saw a huge head on a collision course with her. Her heartbeat couldn’t help racing up. She immediately switched the bow with her sword and slashed towards Storm Wolf’s head.

With a clang, the sword seemed to have struck an iron block and bounced back. Leaving Yaeger’s chest was wide open with no defense.

The huge wolf head, like a battering ram, slammed into Yaeger hard.

Yaeger suffered staggering pain, and spewed a mouthful of fresh blood.

Seeing this scene, Rakshasa’s pupils contracted. Her small mouth clattered and trembled slightly and her heart ached even more.

She felt as if the Storm Wolf had rammed herself instead of Princess!

At this time, she couldn’t care less about anything else. She gripped the [Gale Sword] firmly and charged forward.

Like an arrow released from the bowstring, Yaeger flew out and drew an arc in the air.

Before she even landed, the Storm Wolf used Wind Mana to run in the air and clawed at her head with lightning fast speed.

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Seeing that the huge claw was about to hit her head, Yaeger abruptly opened her eyes, spun her body and hacked at the claw with her sword. Allowing her to gracefully escape from the range of attack with the help of the rebound force.

Then she gracefully landed and wiped the blood at the edges of her mouth.

“It feels like getting repeatedly rammed by a dump truck. This pain is not normal…” Although she had been injured many times in her previous life, Yaeger was still not used to it. She was not a m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲ who would be used to the sharp pain.

Seeing that its attack bore no fruit, the Storm Wolf also seized the opportunity to land on the ground. It quickly turned to face Yaeger. There was a trace of doubt in its angry eyes. Did this guy just dodge the attack with sheer luck?

Yaeger took a look at her HP, only 4/5th remained. Unexpectedly, she lost so much HP, even after reducing physical damage by half. The storm wolf was really strong.1

Even in the previous incarnation, if it were not for her high level, it would have been difficult for Yaeger to solo it.

Rakshasa rushed to Yaeger’s side and asked with worry: Are you fine?

“It’s OK. This little wound won’t kill me.” Yaeger smiled at her and then looked at the Storm Wolf.

The other side stared at the two players warily and did not launch an attack. After the small skirmish just now, it had calmed down and knew that the two players were not simple. If it was not careful, it might fall into an abyss of no return!

Rakshasa: This guy is so powerful. Can we really handle it?

“Naturally we can, if my predictions are correct.” Yaeger looked indifferent, but in fact, she was not too sure.

Rakshasa: What should I do next?

She didn’t know how to deal with a monster that was stronger than herself, faster than herself and had extremely high defense.

“It’s still the same. I attack, you assist.” According to the general player’s walkthrough, to deal with the Storm Wolf, one needed two tanks, two DPS, and a strong healer so as to ensure that the team would not be completely destroyed.

As for whether it could be easily eliminated, it depended on luck. For novices, the Storm Wolf was a hurdle which was not easy to beat.

Now, it was obvious that Yaeger and Rakshasa wouldn’t be able to find any Tanks and Healers. It had increased the difficulty of beating the Storm Wolf several times over.

Raksasa pursed her lips and thought, Is it really useful to fight like just now?

She felt puzzled for a while but since Princess had said so, she would do as she asked.

It wasn’t like Princess would hurt her anyway.

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Rakshasa suddenly looked at Yaeger and her expression immediately turned strange. Why didn’t Princess use Healing Potion after getting injured?

Just when she was about to ask Yaeger, the Storm Wolf rushed over utilizing Wind Mana!


  1. Hydra: Losing 1/5th is nothing. Not sure if this is a typo tbh

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