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Chapter 36 – I want to see the same scenery as you

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1707 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1057 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Rakshasa found that her vision had suddenly darkened as the Wind Wolf suddenly pounced. Its huge body was like a wall blocking her vision.

The wind lingering around its body almost made Rakshasa lose her footing.

Not good!

She was so frightened that she could not evade at all!

Just when Rakshasa thought that the Storm Wolf was going to attack her, the other party suddenly clawed at Yaeger not far away, completely ignoring her.

In that instant, Rakshasa felt displeased in her heart for being looked down. Her hands which tightly clenched the sword trembled and a wave of anger rose in her heart.

On the other side, Yaeger was ready to dodge the Storm Wolf’s attack, even before it attacked.

If she was facing the Storm Wolf for the first time, she may also be caught off guard like Rakshasa.

However, Yaeger had grinded Storm Wolves dozens of times in her previous incarnation. She was very clear about the opponent’s predictable patterns and ways to counter them.

For example, the Storm Wolf chose her as the target, because she had the highest threat level.

Its attack pattern was to aim for the strongest in a group. As long as the strongest member was killed, the remaining members could be easily picked off!

As soon as she dodged the attack, Yaeger shot an arrow that flew with lightning speed.

Unable to dodge the arrow, the Storm Wolf had no choice but to take it head-on.

However, Yaeger’s arrow bounced off the Storm Wolf’s fur, dealing only 1 point of damage.

It seemed that the basic attacks couldn’t do any damage to it. After all, the opponent had 1,750 points of Defense and 25% physical damage reduction.

“No matter how strong its body is, it is still susceptible to poison.” Noticing the low damage, Yaeger wasn’t angry; instead she smiled because she saw that the Storm Wolf was inflicted with a Poison DoT.

The [Toxic Gloves] that Rakshasa gave her was really easy to use. It was a boon to use it when encountering the monsters with negative Poison Resistance.

Under any normal situation, it was really difficult to deal with the Storm Wolf, yet for Yaeger, it was only a little troublesome.

You’re fast? Sorry, but I’m faster.
You’ve got more HP? Hehe, I have triple Attack Speed.
You have a random AoE attack? Tut-tut, I can predict your next move by looking at your feet.
You will enter Rage mode when your HP depletes? It doesn’t matter, let’s see who is crazier between us!

After the skill triggered, Yaeger’s attack speed tripled in a flash, and together with the activation of [Multi Shot], a blitz of arrows rained down from the sky.

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The Storm Wolf was wide-eyed and the mana in its body erupted. The wind mana wrapped around its body instantly turned into a storm to face the raining arrows.

“Rakshasa, attack its back!” Yaeger suddenly shouted.

Rakshasa returned to her senses and activated [Fearless Charge] to attack the Storm Wolf.

Currently I am indeed inferior to Princess, but one day I will stand beside her and view the same scenery as her!

During the charge, such thought suddenly flashed in Rakshasa’s mind.

It turned out that she not only regarded Yaeger as a friend, but also as a goal to pursue.

If Princess is standing on the top of the mountain, then I too shall ascend with all my might and effort.

Until I am… qualified to stand beside her!

Rakshasa’s fighting spirit was all fired up and her blood was boiling. Her body seemed to be surging with unending power.

While charging, her power increased greatly, but this time the feeling was different from the change brought by the skill, because this time it came from a change in mentality.

As she activated [Total Annihilation], a confident smile appeared on Rakshasa’s face. She firmly believed that if she worked hard, she would one day be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Princess.

The [Gale Sword]’s attack broke through the Storm Wolf’s defenses, leaving a bloody trail on its back.

Receiving the sudden attack, the Storm Wolf was shocked. Its pupils constricted as intense pain due to the gash shook its entire body like a needle stuck a nerve.

When the storm was over, Yaeger quickly gave an eye signal to Rakshasa. The latter immediately retreated and saw a faint red glow on Yaeger’s body.

The next moment, another barrage of arrows struck.

This time it had more destructive power!

The Storm Wolf’s body went stiff and there was not enough time to dodge. The arrows rained down on it, splashing blood.

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Yaeger launched one wave after another without breaking a sweat.

The Storm Wolf’s HP rapidly depleted at a rate visible to the naked eye. At the same time, the Poison DoT intensified and its HP began to deplete even faster.

After a round of crazy attacks, Yaeger had no choice but to stop to recover her Mana.

Rakshasa intuitively understood Yaeger’s intention. They had established a certain degree of tacit understanding while grinding the Wind Wolves. They didn’t need to communicate deliberately to know what the other party would do next and what they should do.

The Storm Wolf was covered all over with cuts and bruises, and its green eyes turned crimson. Its hatred and anger towards Yaeger soared to the extreme.

As a matter of fact, due to the Storm Wolf’s strong defense and physical damage, its injuries were only minor even if it looked serious on the surface.

Just as the Storm Wolf was about to retaliate, a figure flashed out from the rear. Rakshasa’s [Fearless Charge] combined with [Total Annihilation] added another attack to its back. This was immediately followed by a [Fatal Strike], instantly increasing the attack power by 100%!

With a stabbing sound, Rakshasa cut open a huge cross on the Storm Wolf. Blood immediately splashed out followed by a yelp.

“Get out of the way!” Suddenly, Yaeger shouted at her.

Listening to Yaeger’s shout, Rakshasa dodged with all her strength noticed green particles continuously emanating from the Storm Wolf from the corner of her eyes.

These light particles came into contact with the wind barrier and immediately transformed into a huge hurricane with wind blades spreading out in all directions!


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