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Chapter 38 – To Proc Special Effects

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1502 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 980 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Evade!” The moment Yaeger shouted, and Rakshasa immediately dodged aside.

The Storm Wolf once again locked on to Yaeger and attacked her with Wind Claws.

Yaeger landed on the ground with her left foot, quickly turned around, and gracefully dodged the attack. Then she drew her bow. [Multi Shot] activated immediately.

At the same time, Rakshasa appeared behind the Storm Wolf and impaling it with the Gale Sword.

The Storm Wolf roared in pain, spurting blood. The Wind Mana wrapped around it immediately transformed into blades, attacking Yaeger and Rakshasa.

Two people didn’t zealously continue attacking. They evaded to the side with great speed.

The Storm Wolf chased after Yaeger relentlessly unwilling to let her get away. One by one, the Wind Bullets shot out, riddling the surrounding land with craters.

However, Yaeger was not harmed.

Rakshasa had been trailing them all the time, waiting for an opportunity to attack. The Storm Wolf would also occasionally attack her, but with lesser intensity compared to its attacks on Yaeger.

It wasn’t that it had tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex or had any special affection towards Rakshasa. Its objective was very clear. First of all, it would kill Yaeger with all its strength and then kill Rakshasa.

After a long time, Yaeger finally made a mistake. She was ruthlessly injured by the Storm Wolf and her HP depleted by a large chunk.

After a successful attack, the Storm Wolf pursued the retreating Yaeger and struck her like a cannonball.

Rakshasa felt as if having her heart carved out and she spared no effort to attack the Storm Wolf, but to no avail. She could only watch Yaeger being attacked continuously.

Such feelings of powerlessness made her very uncomfortable.

The Storm Wolf, however, was very excited.

This annoying player was finally going to be eliminated. How could it not be excited and happy?

However, just as it was about to use its full power to kill Yaeger, the situation suddenly changed!

Yaeger suddenly had a strange black aura emanating from her body and her eyes flashed with iciness.

“Have you had your fun? Now it’s my turn.”

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After that, she shot an arrow. She used no skills, just an ordinary arrow shot.

However, in the face of this ordinary arrow, the Storm Wolf suddenly became vigilant and clawed on it.

Hiss… Blood spurted out.

The arrow pierced through the middle of its paw.

The Storm Wolf felt a sharp pain and glared at Yaeger. The next moment its pupils shrunk suddenly.

Because it saw Yaeger use two skills instantly.

[Rapid Attack] [Multi Shot]

Even more ridiculous was that the last skill was fired three times in rapid succession!

The sun-blotting arrows rained down from the sky. They seemed to be faster and more powerful than before.

After getting hit, the Storm Wolf realized that their power was more than twice the usual power!

Its HP had dropped sharply and the effects of poisoning continued to intensify.

After suffering another wave of attacks, it only had ⅗ of its HP remaining.

The Storm Wolf suddenly felt an inexplicable fear and the desire of the retreat surged up like a tide.

This human is fearsome!
It’s a devil in human skin!

Yaeger immediately replenished her Mana after the attack and then launched another barrage. The intervals were tight and the Storm Wolf could not get close at all.

Even with ranged attacks, Yaeger could dodge it in time with her speed and immediately began counterattacking. Every barrage of arrows struck was a Critical Hit!

How could this not make the Storm Wolf tremble with fear? How couldn’t it want to retreat?

Rakshasa looked at such a one-sided battle and fell into a trance. She finally realized after a while. This was the special effect of Yaeger’s [Chaos God Ring]: When the HP is lower than 50%, Critical Chance is increased by 100% and Critical Damage dealt by 50%

As long as her HP was below 50%, this special effect would proc forever!

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No wonder Princess hasn’t recovered her HP just now. It turned out that she’s trying to proc this special effect!

Finally understanding what had transpired, Rakshasa felt admiration in her heart. If she wanted to let the HP drop below 50%, she had to suffer considerable damage. That sort of pain was unbearable. It’s admirable that Princess could even endure it.

Both of them had 100% Pain Level Settings. Being struck by the Storm Wolf for a few times was about the same as being repeatedly rammed by a dump truck.

Just the thought of it made her face turn pale…

How could the Storm Wolf dared to continue fighting with Yaeger? It turned tail and fled. What, the dignity of the wolf or the glory of the warrior, those could be washed down the drain!

Staying alive was the ultimate priority.

However, how could Yaeger let it flee? It was a big bag of experience points, and a huge gift bag too!

“Don’t you have a good time tormenting me just now? Now I will deliver payback 10 times over!” In addition, Yaeger was a very vengeful person.

Activating [Phantom Step], she appeared in front of the Storm Wolf in a blink of an eye. The bow and sword switched. The sword tip flashed with cold light as it cut down, making the other party scream.

Victory was in sight! Rakshasa clenched her fist excitedly.

However, in the next moment, the situation changed abruptly. The Storm Wolf suddenly tensed its muscles, exuding a burst of blood red aura. Its eyes completely turned red, giving a sense of extreme danger.

Yaeger left the other party’s attack range without thinking and a blood red storm suddenly appeared in the place where she stood just now!

This blood red storm was the Storm Wolf. Its speed was much, much faster than before!


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