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Chapter 35 – Rush to kill

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1465characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 908words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After complaining a little bit, Rakshasa followed Princess out of town.

Grinding was boring. Even if you were good at grinding, it would still wear off your patience. Just like the assembly line workers in an electronic factory, they kept repeating the same actions day after day, year after year, which wasn’t very different from machines.

However, there were also many benefits. At the very least, they gained battle experience, understood their skills better, as well as improving timing and proficiency.

In reality, the two almost cheat-like existences mowed down Wind Wolves easily.

Rakshasa swung her sword emotionlessly like a war machine, constantly reaping the lives of the Wind Wolves.

Yaeger shot arrows from her bow. Extremely poisonous arrows rained down, striking the Wind Wolves from every direction.

The wounded Wind Wolves became very angry and all rushed Yaeger. However, before they even made it halfway, they dropped dead one by one from poison.

The two players’ onslaught was like a hurricane. Before long, all the nearby Wind Wolves were slaughtered.

Rakshasa: Princess, is this enough?

“Not yet.” Looking at her ‘dead’ look, Yaeger immediately stepped forward to comfort, “Okay, just be patient for a bit and it will be over soon.”

Yeager unequipped her gloves and stroked Rakshasa’s head gently.

Rakshasa narrowed her eyes and a faint smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

Such an easily satisfied child. Yaeger also smiled.

The two rested for a while and the surrounding monsters had respawned.

Because there was no need to earn the City Guard’s Reputation Points, it wasn’t necessary to collect any materials from the wind wolves anymore, which further improved Yaeger and Rakshasa’s efficiency.

After clearing this pack of Wind Wolves, they killed exactly 3,000 Wind Wolves.

The final tally reached 9,000.

“At last the conditions are met.” Looking at the yellow exclamation mark suddenly appearing on the map, Yaeger was full of energy and a slight smile appeared on her face.

Rakshasa was a slightly puzzled: What conditions have been met?

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“You will know soon enough,” Yaeger said while using experience points to upgrade all her skills to level 5, making her fighting strength reach a higher level.

The experience pool emptied in a flash.

Rakshasa grumbled dissatisfied: Can’t you tell me now?

“It’s coming. Whether I tell you or not, it doesn’t make any difference.” Just as Yaeger finished speaking, a huge Wind Wolf suddenly appeared in front of her, just like a lightning bolt. It brought with it a hurricane, making people unable to open their eyes.

Looking at the unexpected visitor, Rakshasa’s eyes suddenly became apprehensive. She was first surprised, then corners of her mouth curled upward and a cheerful expression finally appeared on her face. Her fighting spirit erupted.

It has finally arrived!

She had long wanted to fight opponents of this level, and now she finally got what she wanted.

In front of them was a three-meter tall, strong and vigorous Wind Wolf with thick green fur.

It had a cross-shaped wound on its forehead and its dark green eyes were bloodshot. Its mouth was slightly open and Wind Mana could be felt from its breath.

Rakshasa immediately browsed its information.

Name: Storm Wolf (Master Elite)
Race: Wind Wolf
Level: 20
HP: 31000
Mana: 3000
Attack power: 560
Defense: 1750

Special Abilities: [Storm], [Iron Wall], [Bloodthirst]

Just based on the stats, it was far superior than the Mutated Wind Wolf by several times. It was truly worthy of being a Master Elite monster. Rakshasa sighed a little and then looked at the three special skills.

[Storm]: When attacking, there is a certain chance to summon a AoE storm. At the same time, 50% increase in attributes while using wind skills.

[Iron Wall]: The body becomes like the body of steel, reducing physical damage by 25%. Passive.

[Bloodthirst]: When HP is lower than 30%, Attack Power increases by 100%, Attack Speed increases by 50% and Defense decreases by 50%. Lasts for one minute and cooldown time of 5 minutes.

After reading the description of three special abilities, the pupils of Rakshasa’s eyes constricted. Not only could it randomly release an AoE, it still had physical damage reduction. And what’s with the last one!? That’s practically Rage mode, okay?!

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She felt a headache. This elite monster was a complete counter to the Warrior Class…

Not only was it as sturdy as a rock, but you also had to guard against its AoE attacks that could come at any time.

It would be a nightmare for any player to try to lower its HP, it was extremely likely for them to be one shot from a single wave of attacks.

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger: Princess, how are you going to fight this guy?

“How am I going to fight it? I’m going to kill it.” Yaeger was still at ease.

The Storm Wolf was indeed very strong and its attributes were also very powerful. Going by the normal method, they couldn’t defeat it in a short time. Moreover, once it entered Rage Mode, their chances of survival became thinner.

With the Attack Power breaking past a thousand points, even if Yaeger did have damage reduction gears and skills together with her not-so-shabby defenses, she wouldn’t even last several rounds.

As the two talked, the Storm Wolf roared and the Mana in its body surged out, turning into Wind Mana and enveloping its body.

The next moment, it attacked!


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