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Chapter 34 – Are you a devil

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1539characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 946 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Silva

“Whoa! How can the Shiitake pig in the field be so difficult to deal with?!”
“Help, my hamster is going to revolt!”
“You may not believe it. My chicken just killed a wind wolf!”

As Yaeger and Rakshasa’s reign of destruction intensified, the village plunged into further chaos and the poor City Guards could only clear up their mess in silence which was really miserable.

“Isn’t it fun?” An hour later, the two devil kings finally stopped and sat inside a shop to drink juice. From their leisurely and carefree appearance, it was impossible to imagine that the farce in the village was created by the two of them.

Rakshasa nodded with a smile. Like a primary school student who had skipped her class to play, she was both excited and a little guilty.

Yaeger looked at Rakshasa and fell into a trance. Who could think that this simple and beautiful girl in front of her would become the future Goddess of war standing on the cloud and overlooking all living beings?

Rakshasa: Princess, what are we going to do next?

Yaeger returned to her senses and gave her a meaningful smile: “Of course, to do interesting things.”

Rakshasa’s eyes twinkled like stars: Yes, yes, yes!

She had no idea that she was going to go through another hellish torment after a while.

Taking advantage of the time left, Yaeger sorted out the equipment and then browsed the equipment information.


Head equipment: [Silver Snake Helmet] Green
Shoulder equipment: [Black Iron Shoulders] Green
Neck equipment: [Chaos Roulette] Artifact
Chest equipment: [Quality Soft Armor] Blue
Hand equipment: [Toxic Gloves] Blue
Wrist equipment: [Heirloom Wrist Armor] Green
Waist equipment: [Sexy Belt] Green
Finger equipment: [Chaos God Ring] Inferior Artifact
Finger equipment: [Lucky Ring] Green
Leg equipment: [Baham Skirt] Blue
Foot equipment: [Windchaser Boots] Purple
One-handed equipment: [Sunset Bow] Green
One-handed equipment: [Nino’s Sword] Green
Off-hand equipment: [Advanced Quiver] Green

Seven green, three blue, one purple, and two artifacts, these were the best equipment Yaeger had now.

The overall stats had been greatly improved and her strength was even stronger than before.

» Character Info «

Name: Princess Age: 18
Race: Celestial Height: 175 CM
Title: Princess of Destiny, Princess of Fate
Physique: Divine Body

» Character Stats «

Level: 10 Job: Ranger
Potential: 10,000 Charm: 2,000
Luck: 666 Hit Points: 636
Mana: 245 Stamina: 186

» Basic Attributes «

Strength: 84 Endurance: 93
Agility: 129 Mentality: 75
Intelligence: 70 Talent: 73

» Strengthening Attributes «

Dodge: 110 Defense: 265
Physical Resistance: 50% Magic Resistance: 50%
Magic Resistance: 50% Mental Resistance: 50%
Poison Resistance: 50% Attack Speed: 230%

» Damage Breakdown«

Base Damage: 451 Fire Damage: 45
AoE Damage: 66 Poison Damage: 15
Critical Damage: 25% Ranged Damage: 15%
Melee Damage: 15%

» Innate Skills «

【Devourer】 【Final Strike】

» Basic Skills «

【Shadow Form】 【Precision Strike】 【Rapid attack】
1 After deducting the artifact bonus, it was already very good to have such figures at level 10. Yaeger nodded with satisfaction.

Rakshasa: Will you be banned if I report you now?

After glancing at Yaeger’s panel, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help twitching a few times. Such figures were unbelievably high.

“Not only will your report be ignored, they will even reward me with a safflower.” Yaeger smiled slightly in reply. There was no report function in this broken game.2

If someone was found cheating by the system, that player would be directly struck by thunder. It was direct and efficient. Was there still any need to report?

Rakshasa: The GMs are really good.

She looked envious.

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“You really don’t know how lucky you are.” Yaeger pinched her small face and pulled both sides of her face. “On the first day of entering the game, you can pick various equipment and items as you please. Others don’t receive this treatment.”

Rakshasa: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! So painful!

“Okay, no more joking. Let’s go out of the village.” Yaeger released her hands and the latter immediately rolled her eyes at her.

Rakshasa: You’re bullying me!

“This is tough love,” Yaeger blabbered.

Rakshasa: Let me return the favor.

Just as the message was sent, she pinched Yaeger’s beautiful face and pulled it gently.

This beautiful face, this delicate and tender skin, she was really reluctant to pull it hard.

“Stop playing around, let’s go.” Yaeger patted Rakshasa’s head lightly.

To be honest, she liked this kind of intimate interaction, but time was precious. It was not too late to do such things slowly after the public beta.

Rakshasa obediently let go of her hand and asked curiously: What are we doing outside of the city?

Could she be planning to torment the upcoming players?

“You will know it soon.” Yaeger smiled sweetly. She was incomparably beautiful.

The two left the village again.

Seeing those plains densely packed with wind wolves outside, Rakshasa suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Unexpectedly, you don’t look surprised?” Yaeger suddenly patted her on the shoulder.

Rakshasa turned back stiffly and looked at Yaeger blankly: How many I am going to kill this time?

Killing numerous Wind Wolves some time ago almost cast a shadow over her. Now when she saw the Wind Wolves again, she felt butterflies in her stomach.

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“Not much this time, just killing another 3,000 should be enough.” Yaeger played it down as if she was talking about killing 3000 shiitake pigs.

When Rakshasa heard what Yaeger said, she felt as if she was hit by thunder. Even killing 3,000 shiitake pigs would take a long time, let alone lively level 10 Wind Wolves!

“If heaven is going to give you a great responsibility, first you must go through many trials and tribulations. As the child of god, it’s not a bad thing for you to suffer hardships.” Yaeger stroked her head. “So, you will be responsible for 2,000 of Wind Wolves.”

Rakshasa immediately rolled her eyes: Are you the Devil himself!?


  1. Hydra: the raw doesnt have a full table or a table at all it was just a list so if i missed something just post it in the comments
  2. Silva: WTF, this is really a broken game!!!
    Hydra: Just have one to make people happy

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