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Chapter 33 – Does your conscience not hurt?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1391 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 837 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Silva

“Beautiful adventurer, this is my family’s heirloom…”
“Thank you.” Yaeger took the equipment without any excessive courtesy.
“Beautiful adventurer, this is what my old man got from wandering outside when he was young…”
“Thank you.” Yaeger accepted it politely.
“Beauty, here’s a little gift from me…”
“Thank you.”

Watching Yaeger accept equipment from the NPCs one after another, left Rakshasa a little dumbfounded.

Princess only had to say a few words for their favorability skyrocketed and give her whatever treasure they carried or had at home.

What just happened right now? Could you really do anything you want if you were beautiful?

Thinking of this, Rakshasa immediately stared at Yaeger. Suddenly, she felt dizzy as if her soul would be sucked away by the other party at any time.

Even she herself who was already used to the Princess’s beauty would still be fascinated, let alone these ordinary people.

A beauty can really do whatever she pleases! Rakshasa could not help sighing.

In fact, with her charm value, when she talks to NPCs, she has a great chance to get equipment as well. However, since the time she shouted “Princess” outside the city, she had not spoken a word.

For one, she was not used to it and the other reason was that she felt that her voice was unpleasant. Without taking some time to secretly practice, she didn’t intend to utter another word ever again.

After all, it was not easy to talk after being a mute for more than a decade.

“Rakshasa, this is for you.” Yaeger stuffed her with equipment again.

Rakshasa still happily accepted the things, thinking that she must find some good things for Princess in the future.

For anyone that she was friendly with, Rakshasa gave them her complete trust.

Although they hadn’t known each other for more than a day, she somehow felt as if they had known each other for a long time.

She felt especially comfortable with Yaeger’s show of intimacy, she felt like someone had treated her like this when she was a baby.

Perhaps it was from her mother, but her memories back then were already quite fuzzy.

She felt very at ease by Yaeger’s side. No one had ever given her such a profoundly emotional feeling that deeply imprinted in her soul.

“There shouldn’t be anything good left. Even if they are all inferior-quality goods, we won’t let a single one slip!”

The corner of Yaeger’s mouth curled up. The charming smile on her face could even raise the dead, but this smile seemed very evil to Rakshasa.

This princess is unexpectedly an evil person, but why do I find this bad feeling comfortable instead?

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Rakshasa seemed to be infected with the same smile.

The two players worked as hard as possible to search everywhere and soon looted all the equipment in the Newbie Village.1 After that, Yaeger and Rakshasa spent all their money buying equipment, items and various consumables.

Before long, all the items that the players could get in the Newbie Village were already looted clean by these two players.

Many of these items had a 24-hour restock timer. When the server went live tomorrow, all players in this Newbie Village may not even be able to buy potions.

Rakshasa: Princess is so bad.

“As if you are not bad.” Yaeger cast an unhappy look at her. This little girl was obviously excited from the beginning to the present, and apparently enjoyed every single moment of it.

Rakshasa: I was led astray by you.2

“Come on, how could such a kind person like me lead you astray!” Yaeger curled her lips.

Rakshasa was speechless for a while. If you are kind, then there will be no bad person in this world.

“Next, let’s do something more interesting.” Yaeger’s goal wasn’t just to loot everything from the Newbie Village into her inventory.

That’s right, she wanted to be a middleman.

Players in this newbie village had to buy things from her and pay higher prices!

Before that, she would need to increase the game difficulty for these players to create demand, otherwise the sales may not be too good.

Rakshasa slightly tilted her head: What is that interesting thing?

“Increase the level of all monsters to level 10.” The monster level was dynamic. If low-level monsters were grinded repeatedly by higher level players, the monsters’ levels would rise to the players’ level within 24 hours.

In short, the monsters repeatedly grinded by Yaeger and Rakshasa would become level 10.

Just imagine how depressing it would be if a newbie who had just entered the game excitedly went out to grind monsters and instantly died.

At that time, like a goddess that had descended to the mortal world, Yaeger would offer them salvation by selling them all kinds of equipment and items with a smile to save their game career. How touching that scene would be.

Rakshasa: Princess, doesn’t your conscience hurt?

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Yaeger thought about it for a moment but she couldn’t feel any guilt.


  1. Silva: RIP the new players who end up in this newbie village
  2. Silva: Damn, she’s such a cutie pie

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