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Chapter 30 – Only Children Make Choices

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: Unknown characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Back at the newbie village-Broken Leaf City, Yaeger didn’t go to the Adventurer Guild to hand in the quest but went to the City Guard Office instead.

“I want to donate.”

Hearing Yaeger’s words, the silver-haired woman who was sorting and arranging documents swiftly raised her head. Her eyes shone with stars as she said excitedly cried out:

“Beautiful adventurer, can you say it again? I think my ears are playing tricks on me!”

“I wish to donate,” Yaeger repeated.

Rakshasa looked perplexed but she didn’t get involved.

“Thank God!” The silver-haired woman held her hands, looked up to the sky, and then looked at Yaeger. “Beautiful adventurer, what would you like to donate?”

Yaeger fully understood the silver-haired woman’s reaction to the request. It’s because the City Guard had a shortage of supplies. Due to the recent attacks on surrounding towns from the increase of monster activity. The intense fights with the monsters depleted the City Guard’s stockpile of supplies.

“5000 Wind Wolf Hides and 5000 Wind Wolf Fangs,” Yaeger said indifferently.

If they were sold at the Adventure Guild, they would be sold for an exorbitant sum of 500 gold coins.

In her past life, the Wind Wolf Fangs and Wind Wolf Hides were regarded as trash by players who were too lazy to pick them up.

However, after a long research by no-lifers who grinded daily found out that the military was very interested in these materials. So when they donated a large number of fangs and skins to the military, they gained a huge amount of Reputation Points.

And these Reputation Points could be exchanged for a relatively rare equipment in the Newbie Village.

“Praise the Goddess!” The silver-haired woman couldn’t help to exclaim, “We just happened to be lacking these materials to create new equipment! Thank you so much for your generosity, beautiful adventurer!”

Yaeger didn’t small talk and directly transferred the collected materials to the silver-haired woman.

“Ding! You have gained 5000 Reputation Points with the City Guards and your relationship has changed from Stranger to Respected.”

“Beautiful adventurer, from now on you are a friend of our City Guard!”

The silver-haired woman smiled kindly.

Rakshasa suddenly realized that these trash materials had a different purpose than what she initially thought.

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“Cheers to our friendship, my friend!” As she said, the silver-haired woman opened an interface that displayed various items that could be exchanged with Reputation Points. “These things are the treasures collected by the City Guards and are not open to the public. However, since you are our friend, we will make a special case for you and let you redeem them.”

Yaeger casually glanced at these items and her eyes soon fell on a leg equipment.

[Baham Skirt]

This was a Blue Equipment. It has well-rounded stats and is not class restricted.

It could only be redeemed with the City Guard’s Reputation Points. Moreover, it was very expensive, requiring 1,500 Reputation Points to redeem.

There was a limit to the number of each special equipment in the Newbie Village. Each item could only be redeemed for three times. Once these three [Baham Skirt] were redeemed, they would not be generated again.

That was to say, if Yaeger redeemed all three of these Armor Skirts, then this item would disappear from the NPC’s exchange list forever.

Looking at a wide range of equipment, Rakshasa couldn’t help sighing: There are so many good items but what should I pick?

“Only children make choices to choose from. We naturally want to have all of them.” Yaeger shook her fingers and then looked at the silver-haired woman. “I want to donate these things.”

With that, a large amount of recovery potions were taken out and placed on the desk in front of them.

“Praise the Goddess!” The silver-haired woman yelled with brilliant sparkling eyes when she saw the recovery potions. What they needed most was recovery items, right now.

She didn’t hesitate to take all the potions and showed Yaefer an extremely friendly smile.

“Ding! You have gained 5,000 Reputation Points with the City Guard.”

Rakshasa’s face was filled with surprise. The potions she drank like the water just now could actually be converted to so many Reputation Points!

“I want all of these things!” Yaeger exchanged all the Reputation Points for a lot of equipment including three armor skirts.

The silver-haired woman’s item shop was now out of stock. Most of these items would never appear anywhere in the world again.

There was no doubt that Yaeger leaving nothing for other players was similar to swarming locusts that had ravaged through a country’s land, not leaving even a blade of grass in their wake.

“Here you go.” As for other equipment, Yaeger didn’t pay much attention to them. Her only purpose here was the Baham Skirt.

Rakshasa received the armor skirt and equipped it without any further thought. With a flash of light, her original sackcloth pants instantly turned into a shiny armor skirt that exposed her thicc white thighs.

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Yaegar’s eyes lit up in bliss as if she had taken a bite of an ice-cream.

However, she instantly got embarrassed: This skirt is so short! It’s not just your common sort of short skirts. The panties will be revealed if I move a little bit!

Who would wear such a skirt!
I wouldn’t, I will never wear it!

But looking at the attributes again, Yaeger gulped in hesitation.

It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal to wear it…


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