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Chapter 31 – I don’t wear skirts

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1377 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 871 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Leg equipment: Baham Skirt
Grade: Blue
Level Restriction: 10
Defense: 35
Durability: 99
+15 Agility
+10 Stamina

Special Effect: Skill [Multi Shot] Damage + 15%.

Although the stats were nothing of note, they were still a lot better than the sackcloth pants she was wearing.

Yaeger was torn between equipping it or not.

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger who looked like she was pondering something and asked with a tilted head: Princess, why don’t you equip it on?

“Don’t you think the skirt is a bit too short?” Yaeger said.

Rakshasa: It’s a little short but it’s much better than those skirts that directly expose underwear. Moreover, the armored skirt is very beautiful!

Yaeger frowned slightly. She didn’t expect Rakshasa to be a fashionista as well!

Then again, this armor skirt was really beautiful. It had a white base design, with both sides decorated by polished metal faulds. The skirt was made from the leather of an unidentified creature. It looked very soft and induced the temptation to touch it.

Is this really defensive equipment?

Such thought involuntarily surfaced in Yaeger’s mind.

Of course, this was the most normal reaction of modern people, but things with magical properties behaved differently because this was a fantasy world.

Like this armor skirt, for example, it had faintly flickering light blue light that could be faintly seen dancing around parts of the armored part and circuit-like magic-patterns could be seen in the leather lining.

Even if you shoot at it with a pistol, you still need to shoot several rounds to pierce armor with 35 defense points. It had excellent defensive power.

Do I really want to wear this? Yaeger was still troubled. She already had the ability to cut physical damage in half. So she didn’t need a large amount of defense points for a while, but the armor skirt’s special effect was very attractive which made it difficult for her to make up her mind.

This special effect would increase damage by + 15%. Although it was only one effect, the additional 15% damage would be terrifying if paired up with Yaeger’s amazing attack speed.

“Damn, I’ll sacrifice my dignity once for the special effect!”

Looking at Yaeger’s gallant face, Rakshasa felt puzzled. Wasn’t it just changing a skirt? Why did she look like she was going to the guillotine to be executed?

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It was impossible for a girl like her to understand the subtle mood of a guy wearing a skirt.

As the saying goes, there was only zero time and the infinite times for wearing the girl’s dress

If she wore it even once, then there’s no turning back for her.

Although Yaeger was using a female avatar, she still had the mindset of a guy.

She had always worn trousers as a man, and unlike a skirt, they couldn’t even be mistaken as women’s clothing even by mistake.

In fact, boys do wear skirt-like apparel in ancient times and some modern societies.1

However, it was one thing to know about such things and another thing to adopt the mindset.

Yaeger obviously found it difficult to accept. However, under the great temptation and the fact that her avatar’s gender couldn’t be changed, she couldn’t avoid wearing a skirt forever.

One should know that most of the women’s equipment was skirt-based. If she didn’t wear them, she would be marginally weaker than other players all her life.

This was even more unacceptable for Yaeger. If she couldn’t reach the peak after her rebirth, then what’s the point then!? What a waste!

So, it wasn’t unreasonable for her to wear a skirt, totally!

Clicking on the [Baham Skirt], Yaeger’s lower body flashed with white light and her sackcloth pants instantly changed into a shiny armor skirt.

“Chilly…” Yaeger felt empty underneath as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all. It gave her no sense of security!

She felt as if her private parts would be exposed if a gust of wind blew.

This feeling made Yaeger very uncomfortable.

Rakshasa: It looks so good on you, Princess. This skirt was tailor-made for you, it’s a perfect fit.

Her eyes sparkled as they swept over Yaeger’s beautiful legs. She couldn’t help envying them. These legs were really perfect to the extreme. They were neither too curvy nor too skinny.

Although Rakshasa was not a leg fetishist, the thought of fondling with Yaeger’s legs rose in the bottom of her heart.2

Yaeger didn’t notice Rakshasa’s strange gaze and took two steps forward which made her uncomfortable feeling more intense.

“Will my panties be exposed if I walk like this?” She turned around and dejectedly looked at Rakshasa.

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The latter showed a meaningful smile and did not speak.


Rakshasa: Princess, do you want to show it?

“As if!” Yaeger rewarded her with a head chop.

Rakshasa looked at her aggrievedly: Why knock on my head?

“That’s how I show my love,” Yaeger said with a deadpan face.

Rakshasa: ……

“Ah, I am not used to wearing this. It’s really uncomfortable!” As she said this, Yaeger turned her body around and felt as light as a feather.

The armor skirt danced with the wind. She was like a dancing spirit, exuding alluring charm.

Rakshasa looked at her in a trance.


  1. Hydra: UtiliKilts.
  2. Hydra: Rakshasa needs a copy of the holy thighible.

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