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Chapter 29 – In fact, it is very strong. It’s just that…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1627 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1039 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“And…. we’re done!”

One and a half hours later, the Wind Wolves in this area were wiped out completely. Yaeger withdrew her bow and showed a satisfied smile.

Hearing those words, Rakshasa’s knees gave in and she collapsed onto the grass. Her expression was like someone who had been released after being imprisoned for over ten years.

After an hour and a half of hard work, they eliminated a total of 3,000 Wind Wolves. Which netted them a ton of experience, consumables, gold coins and equipment.

They were undoubtedly much more efficient after using the accumulated EXP to level their AoE skills: [Total Annihilation] and [Multi Shot] up to level 10. The hunt turned into an effortless task.

In addition, these two lucksacks looted enough recovery potions to last for at least 10 days, so there was no need to rest in between fights.

On the other hand, their spirits were way more exhausted than their bodies.

Rakshasa almost passed out, as she felt as if she had pulled an all-nighter for three days straight and then had to attend military training early morning the next day.

Now that she was freed from that hell, she felt like she had been rejuvenated.

No wonder they said re-education through labor can change a person. However, I will not be deceived!

Rakshasa raised her head and stared at Yaeger resentfully.

“I’m doing it for your sake.” Yaeger simply recited her a famous phrase.

Rakshasa: Only ghosts would believe you, you meanie!

She didn’t know that she was actually being made a slave and forced to do hard labor.

“Well, let’s return to town and have a rest.” Yager bent down and stroked her head. The latter immediately narrowed her eyes and showed a look of enjoyment.

Are you a cat?
Ah, it’s so easy to coax her. Yaeger couldn’t help laughing.

Rakshasa: Princess, can I solo a Mutated Wind Wolf?

On the way back, Rakshasa suddenly asked. After seeing Yaeger’s elegant and unrestrained fighting style, she felt excited the whole time. She wanted to find a Mutated Wind Wolf to try herself.

“Not yet.”
Rakshasa: Why?

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“Can you drop that bad habit of addressing me with that strange title first?” Yaeger frowned slightly as she didn’t feel too good being called “Princess”.

Rakshasa: I will try my best. Can you tell me the reason?

“If you are not skilled enough and geared up enough, you will absolutely be crushed by a Mutated Wind Wolf.” Yaeger said with no trace of politeness.

This was the harsh truth.

Although Rakshasa had the Eternal Race Bloodline and was the one chosen by heaven, she still had a less than 20% chance at soloing a Mutated Wind Wolf right now.

Why Yaeger could wipe out the Mutated Wind Wolf in one minute was because she knew the Mutated Wind Wolf’s attack patterns. She knew what it was going to do in advance, so she could counterattack or launch pre-emptive attacks at any time.

The other reason was that her skills and the special effects of Toxic Gloves were very effective against the Mutated Wind Wolf. Nearly half of the 15,000 points of HP was depleted by Poison Damage. One could imagine how unjustly the Mutated Wind Wolf died.

Of course, if Yaeger didn’t have an extremely abnormal Attack Speed, there was no way to accomplish such a feat.

To be honest, the Mutated Wind Wolf was very strong. Its HP was abnormally high and its defense was also impressive. In addition, it was extremely fast and packed quite a punch. It also had three special skills: [Thorns], [Wind Magic Amplification] and [Self-Destruct].

Among the three special skills, [Thorns] was the most devastating: 5% chance to reflect 30% of the Physical and Magic Damage inflicted and increased by 10% for every minute of combat. When the trigger rate reached 100%, the Critical Chance increased by 50% and Critical Damage increased by 25%.

During the fight, [Thorns] didn’t activate at all, so she was able to kill it without sustaining any damage.

Other ordinary players didn’t have the luck stats like Yaeger. With a 5% chance to trigger, they would trigger it once every 10 to 20 attacks on average.

And this special skill would become more and more dangerous as the fight dragged out. If Yaeger didn’t kill it within a minute, she was afraid that she would be the one injured instead.

She wouldn’t be able to show off anymore if that happened.

Although she almost blew it up in the end, it still felt bloody good to show off.

As the proverb said: it feels good to show off, but you can keep feeling good if you can keep up the act.

What’s the difference between a reincarnator and a salted fish, if they didn’t show off?

The Mutated Wind Wolf’s second skill [Wind Magic Amplification]: Increases wind magic damage by 25% and gains a 35% chance for a 15 second bleed status effect.1

The biggest challenge for any Level 10 players with low wind resistance was getting one-hit KO’d by a single Wind Blast.

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Regarding the last [Self-Destruct] skill, no one would survive unless you had high defense like Yaeger.

In some other games, the Mutated Wind Wolf could be a minor boss with hell level difficulty.2

Rakshasa: Then when can I challenge it?

“When you upgrade all the basic skills to level 5 and equip yourself with Blue Equipment, then you can challenge it.”

This was the minimum condition for soloing a Mutated Wind Wolf, but in Yaeger’s opinion, as long as the basic skills of Rakshasa were all upgraded to level 5, it should be enough with just two pieces of Blue Equipment.

Yaeger didn’t want to let Rakshasa challenge the Mutated Wind Wolf so early. First, she was afraid that she would lose confidence if she lost. Second, if the Mutated Wind Wolf was defeated by her by chance, the little girl might become overconfident. This was what she didn’t want to see.

After getting along during this period of time, Yaeger had the idea to train her personally.

This was the future goddess of war. Naturally, such a wonderful seedling must be tied up and educated properly!3


  1. Hydra: long *** bleed.
  2. Hydra: nah it needs adds to be a boss.
  3. Hydra: In Bed.

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