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Chapter 2 – Everything’s Fine if You’re Handsome

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1382 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1114 words
Editor(s): Silva

After freshening and dressing up neatly, Yaeger locked the room up and walked down the stairs.

As he reached the lounge area on the first floor, the eyes of the lady seated behind the front desk instantly lit up before greeting him in delight: “Good morning! Did you have a good rest last night?”

The lady was the landlord’s daughter. 26 years old, she had an above-average appearance, and had a lively and bubbly spirit. She was also very cordial with people. Of course, this cordiality was only towards certain people, like handsome men.

Standing at 1.75 meters tall, Yaeger had an athletic and sculpted figure. Sharp eyebrows, spotless chin, fair skin, and red lips, with a sharp and angular face that appeared to be shaped with a knife. Unlike the soft and feminine men that had been a hot trend over the past few years, his suaveness was brimming with the charm of masculinity.

“Good morning. I had a pretty okay rest.” Yaeger replied with a smile. Sparks seemed to shoot out from his jet-black eyes, almost causing a heart attack for the girl. No, it was the difficulty of breathing due to how shaken up her heart was.

The landlord’s daughter covered her chest, lowered her head as her face turning red, not daring to look up straight at Yaeger’s eyes.

Yaeger was already used to this development. While in school, he was already the object of desire for women, with quite a few girls even going crazy over him. However, as he wanted to focus on studying, Yaeger did not consider dating at all while at school. In fact, the number of people he had rejected could draw a circle round the school if they were to be arranged in a line.

Leaving the budget hotel, Yaeger could not help but to cover his mouth as the rotting smells within the slums struck him, forcing him to move hastily away from this area.

In Roc City, the slums and the surrounding areas were so different one would feel like they were in 2 completely different worlds.

Clearly, they were located within the same city. However, the disparity between their environments was extremely big. Outside of the slums, order was present, with laws being properly upheld. Within the slums, it was a mess at every single corner, an utter lack of any aesthetic appeal in the constructions, with people hailing from all walks of life present, creating an exceedingly complicated social structure.

Taking out his phone, Yaeger booked a didi-ride1. At this moment, he wanted to head to the nearest store that gives out 24hr advance closed beta test pass, which was located in a high-end supermarket within the city.

For the sake of avoiding any unexpected incidents, Yaeger had no choice but to book a ride over.

After approximately half an hour, Yaeger finally reached the high-end supermarket where the closed beta test pass was located— Nancheng Supermarket.

Having come here a few times before, he knew exactly where the game terminals were located.
After waiting for a period of time, the main doors finally opened.
Like a frenzied rabbit, Yaeger scuttled in, using all of his strength to run straight towards the location of the terminals.

A single sleepy-eyed staff member was present within this section of the supermarket. Upon seeing Yaeger rush in, she could not help but blink her eyes repeatedly in slight disbelief. There’s a handsome man rushing right at me! Has my spring arrived?


The reality was always exceptionally cruel. Without taking a single look at her, Yaeger shot pass her like the wind. His eyes were filled with excitement as he looked right towards the game terminals at the end of the row, showing a gaze as though he was just like a hungry wolf looking at a little sheep before him.

One of the ten 24hr closed beta test passes present in the world was lying in wait for him to pick up!

In his previous life, the gaming company had publicly announced the news of the closed beta test not long after the start of the open beta test. This included the locations where those passes were, as well as the differences between the closed and open beta tests.

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Although he had started quite late, Yaeger was still able to obtain massive amounts of information and strategies after playing the game, which included information about how to obtain those closed beta test passes.

It was extremely simple to obtain the pass Yaeger was aiming for, as there were no special restrictions present. As long as he was able to find a game terminal packaging box that had a plum flower mark on it, he would be able to obtain one of the closed beta test passes!

No one had expected that a little plum flower mark would actually be involved with such a secret.
Suppressing his excitement, Yaeger rapidly flipped through the packaging boxes in search of the plum flower mark.
The game terminals were the size of handphones. Even with their packaging, their boxes weren’t too different from those used for handphones.

After over 10 minutes of searching, Yaeger had already flipped through all of the packaging boxes.

It was not there!
None of them had a plum flower mark!

Yaeger’s heart was filled with anxiousness: Could it be that I’ve made a mistake?

That’s not right! The officials had clearly stated that the passes were launched at the precise timings they have indicated in their announcement, which was 9:05 am as what he had remembered!
It wasn’t even 9:am. Furthermore, he was the only customer present.

Exactly what went wrong?
Could it be that my return to this moment in time had caused the future to change?

Yaeger pulled his hair and bit his lip in frustration.

Right at this moment, an employee pushing a trolley headed over towards his direction, with the trolley being filled with the virtual reality terminals.

Looking over, Yaeger’s eyes instantly snapped wide open. Despite not having that good of an eyesight, he was able to see the trolley filled with game terminals, as well as the little black dot at the furthermost box…

Tapping the tip of his feet against the flow, Yaeger ignored the shocked looks from the employee and shot towards the trolley.
Seeing the incoming Yaeger, the trolley-pushing employee was scared stiff, causing her to immediately come to a halt.

Right that very moment, Yaeger had already shot over and placed his hand on the furthermost terminal.
However, just at the same time he placed his hand down, a beautiful white arm came down precisely onto his hand.


  1. Uber / Grab Taxi in China

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