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Chapter 26 – [Self Destruct] Skill

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1062 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 767words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Don’t push a wolf too far!

Whatever little sense left in the Mutated Wind Wolf snapped. It suddenly released its Mana and let the wind run wild. It kept spreading outward and even lifted a layer of mud into the air.

Then, the Mutated Wind Wolf opened its mouth and compressed a small bright green ball in its mouth. This was its trump card with unparalleled attack power. However every use would cause irreparable damage to the body. Normally it would not be used unless it was a dire situation.

The Mutated Wind Wolf firmly believed in this attack. Even if Yaeger would be seriously injured if not killed!

However, just before it launched its attack, Yaeger vanished without a trace!

Where on earth was she!?

The Mutated Wind Wolf suddenly felt its blood run cold and suddenly a very ominous premonition rose at the bottom of its heart.

Just as it was trying to figure out the ominous premonition in its heart, when it suddenly felt a sharp pain in its flank.

The Mutated Wind Wolf spun around and saw Yaeger’s sword stabbing into its flank.

Its HP was rapidly draining and was about to run out!

This attack was more powerful than all her previous attacks!

“Arrff…” The Mutated Wind Wolf screamed in despair and its huge body collapsed.

Yaeger smiled lightly, very satisfied with the attack just now.

That was not a basic attack, but the skill [Shadow Strike].

[Shadow Strike] increases Critical Damage by 150%, and attacks ignore defense for one second with a 12 hours Cooldown Time.

With [Precision Strike], the damage was over tripled and shaved off the Mutated Wind Wolf remaining HP!

This combo attack was the most powerful killing move of Rangers. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a Sure-Kill combo.

Of course, this Sure-Kill skill was powerful but the conditions of use were quite harsh. The prerequisite was to appear in the opponent’s blind spot and then launch an attack with lightning speed.1

This was similar to the Backstab skill. Once it was blocked, it was difficult to use.

Just now, the Mutated Wind Wolf put its heart and soul into executing its most powerful attack. Allowing it to be caught off guard by Yaeger and killed in a single strike.2

“Two more seconds.” Looking at the remaining time displayed on the Window, Yaeger nodded in satisfaction. Her skills didn’t become rusty at all.

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In the previous life, although Yaeger entered the game relatively late, her personal skills were still very good. Her winning rate against opponents of the same level and the same equipment reached 95%, which was a high-level standard.3

However, her luck was too bad and she missed out on too many opportunities. The equipment she had back then couldn’t keep up so the effective strength could only be said to be on the lower-middle level.4

What made matters worse back then, in [Night Descend], Yaeger was targeted by a Demon General as soon as she arrived at the front line and was torn into two pieces…5

That’s right, Yaeger was a particularly unlucky player in her past incarnation…

Huh? Suddenly, Yaeger felt something was wrong. She had already killed the Mutated Wind Wolf. How could there be no loot drop?

This was an elite monster.

At this time, the dead Mutated Wind Wolf strangely opened its eyes and its blood-red eyes gleamed!

At the next moment, the Mana in the Mutated Wind Wolf’s body skyrocketed wildly and its whole body emitted pale green light.

Yaeger’s eyes widened suddenly. She had seen this scene many times.

This was the special ability of the Mutated Wind Wolf, [Self-Destruct]!

It was commonly known as Exploding Corpse. It was the innate abilities of some elite monsters.

Mutated Wind Wolf’s [Self-Destruct] deals 1,000 wind damage. Moreover, it ignored defense!

Yaeger’s total HP was only 500. She would still die even if the damage was halved by Magic Resistance.


The pale green light burst and turned into a violent explosion that swallowed Yaeger!


  1. Hydra: Harsh my *** movement skills should be a given
  2. Hydra: It needed adds
  3. Hydra: I have a feeling that she was a seal cluber
  4. Hydra: Yep seal clubing cause she didnt have gear to fight higher level players
  5. Hydra: This is what happens when you seal club or smurf kids

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