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Chapter 27 – Coach, I think…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1615 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1059 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger’s dazzling skills made Rakshasa’s eyes sparkle with an infatuated look on her face. She almost turned into a little fangirl.

What a splendid battle to watch, she moved as freely as moving clouds and as naturally as flowing water; what a superhuman feat to behold!

Princess is truly the incarnation of a wind spirit!
Beautiful and unrestrained!

The moment when Yaeger killed the Mutated Wind Wolf with her sword skills, Rakshasa couldn’t help but shout in her heart: Coach, I also want to be a Ranger! 1

In less than a minute, Yaeger killed an agility type monster that was 5 levels higher than herself and had both a huge amount of HP and super high defense. What an amazing feat!

What’s more, Princess isn’t injured at all!

Rakshasa had stars in her eyes and as her adoration of Yaeger rose to another level.

She could see that Yaeger wasn’t troubled at all from the start to finish, she had won this battle with her true strength.

Skillful mastery of combat skills, god-like positioning and prediction ability, it gave the impression of a distinct individual style that was uniquely hers.

Although Rakshasa was not as strong yet, her battle instincts and intuition were far beyond the level of ordinary players so she could understand just how good Yaeger’s skills were.

Is there still time to change Jobs now? Rakshasa suddenly thought, but shook her head. She remembered that it was impossible to change Jobs in the Newbie Village.

Dwelling deeper on the matter, she was more suitable to playing as a warrior than as a Ranger.

Forcefully changing Jobs might result in a great reduction in strength.

Rakshasa soon gave up on the idea of Job change and then looked towards Yaeger. Which made her become apprehensive.

She saw that the Mutated Wind Wolf which had already died suddenly opened its eyes. Its entire body was enveloped by a flashing glowing green Mana, as if it would explode at any time!


Rakshasa remembered that Mutated Wind Wolf had such a special ability.

For a moment, her heart felt like it got stuck in her throat. She became frightened and worried for Yaeger.

The self-destruct skill of a level 15 elite monster was not something Princess could possibly resist!

For a second, Rakshasa couldn’t distinguish between reality and game. She even forgot that even if she died, she could be easily revived.

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“PRINCESS!” At the thought of the Princess’s death, Rakshasa’s heart seemed to explode. All the emotions in her heart turned into one word and escaped from her mouth.


As if responding to her shout, the Mutated Wind Wolf immediately exploded, the green light shone and a huge blast of power surged out.

The blast spread in all directions.

Rakshasa stood in place with her face pale as a sheet. Looking at the settling dust all over the sky, she felt a pang in her heart. It was very clear that in the face of such an explosion, Princess could not be unharmed!

The wind blew past her, making her blonde hair and robe flutter. They made loud noises in the wind but she seemed to feel nothing but emptiness in her heart.

Everything was obviously fine just a moment ago, what could’ve gone wrong all of a sudden?

“Princess…” Rakshasa’s eyes were moist, she bit her red lips and her clenched fists were slightly trembling.

“Well, well, well, looks like you can speak properly after all?”

Suddenly, a pleasant-sounding voice came from behind her.

Rakshasa turned around quickly in shock. Sure enough, she saw a beautiful girl who was as lovely as a flower and beloved by everyone.

It was Yaeger.

Rakshasa stared blankly at first, before she trotted over and beat Yaeger’s chest repeatedly with her small fists.

She continued to beat Yaeger while sending a message: I was scared to death just now!

“I’m ok, aren’t I? Besides, this is a game. Even if one dies here, they will be revived.” Yaeger patted her head gently.

Rakshasa’s face turned slightly red from embarrassment. Yeah, why didn’t I think of it!

Concern could throw the mind into disorder, like how it just did with Rakshasa.

She withdrew her fists and quickly changed the topic: How did you avoid the explosion just now?

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With such a large explosion, Yaeger who was in the center of the explosion shouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Easy, by running away.” Yaeger smiled lightly but was terrified in her heart.

She almost got killed just now!

At first, she wanted to show off in front of Rakshasa to impress her. Initially it went well but it nearly ended tragically with the Mutated Wind Wolf’s sneak attack.

Fortunately, she was saved by her own experience.

As the Mutated Wind Wolf exploded, Yaeger reacted quickly and immediately activated the innate skill “Devourer”.

This skill could absorb twice the amount of her own energy. If Yaeger’s MP was 200, this skill could absorb 400 points of damage. The wind damage caused by the Mutated Wind Wolf’s self-destruct was 1,000. After reducing 400 points, 600 points were left.

Combined with the ability to halve magic damage, Yaeger would only suffer 300 points of damage.

Her HP was 500 so even if she stood in the center of the explosion, she wouldn’t die.

However, it would still be incredibly painful!

Because Yaeger set her Pain Level at 100%!

Yaeger naturally wasn’t foolish enough to stay there and bear the rest of the damage. She decisively fled right before the effect of the [Phantom Step] wore off.

She escaped from the explosion without any regard for her image.

Nevertheless, she suffered 100 points of damage which almost made her burst into tears.

Showing off would come back and bite you in some ways. Her senior’s words were true all along.

However, when she heard Rakshasa calling her name, Yaeger thought it was worth it.

This kind of feels like hearing a toddler who only learned how to speak calling you “papa” for the first time.

Ah! My heart feels like it is melting.

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“See? You can talk when you try.”2

With that, Yaeger with a charming smile, extended her hand and gently caressed Rakshasa’s smooth chin.

Nothing would seem out of sorts even if this moment was accompanied by a sentence: Woman, submit to me.


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