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Chapter 25 – Even Buddha Gets Angryssss

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1120 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 726 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Rakshasa was concentrating on what was happening in front of her, not wanting to miss any wonderful moment.

Her mind was now in a worked-up state, blood was boiling and was itching to join the fierce battle and release her pent up fighting desire that was consuming her body. 1

Meanwhile, Yaeger took a step forward with her left foot and shot out like a bullet. The gentle wind around her body sharpened, like a blade, cutting all the grass in her path and blew it away.

When the Mutated Wind Wolf saw Yaeger attacking, it endured the sharp pain and reacted with a defensive tornado. Followed by compressing a watermelon-sized Wind Bullet in its mouth.

Just before it was about to attack, Yaeger disappeared like a ghost.

Rakshasa blinked her eyes, not able to believe what she was seeing. Yaeger, who had just rushed forward unexpectedly, appeared above the Mutated Wind Wolf. Her body turned sharply and a sword slashed at the opponent’s neck!

If she had not seen her footprints on the ground, Rakshasa would have thought that Yaeger had teleported into the air.

Naturally Yaeger couldn’t teleport. She was just too fast!

The Mutated Wind Wolf had a keen intuition and immediately noticed that there was something above it. When it looked up, it was almost scared out of its wits.

Just as it was about to respond, Yaeger activated her skills first.

[Rapid Attack] [Precision Strike] [Multi Slash]

As soon as [Precision Strike] activated, Yaeger’s body glowed red and buffed Critical Chance by 50%!

[Precision Strike] Critical Hit Chance increased by 50%, lasts for 30 seconds and has a Cooldown of 15 minutes.

50% Critical Chance might as well be 100% for Yaeger with 666 Luck Points.2

Multitudes of sword light rained down on the Mutated Wind Wolf. Without any means to evade, it could only defend with all its strength!

However, this attack was different from the previous one and its power had doubled and it simply couldn’t be resisted!

The sword light smashed through the wind barrier and landed a direct hit on the Mutated Wind Wolf, spurting blood everywhere.

It was not over yet. Yaeger turned around in midair, switched her weapons, and rained down a barrage of flaming arrows!

A string of damage figures popped up, chucking the HP of the Mutated Wind Wolf.

At the same time, Poison Damage continued to stack higher, draining its hp.

If the Mutated Wind Wolf didn’t have 900 Defense points and strong Fire Resistance, this round of attacks would have been enough to kill it.

The calculation of the damage was quite complicated in “Saint Demon World”. Having an attacking power of 500 didn’t mean that it could cause pure damage of 500 points. 3

It also depended on the opponent’s armor, defense, and various resistances. The real damage value could be computed only after deducting these factors in the damage calculation equation.4

Of course, the calculation of attack power was not simple as it also needed to factor in various attributes. Stats such as Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Damage Range, and so on were added in order to calculate the real attack damage. 5

The Mutated Wind Wolf felt that it had less than 1/3 HP left. It instantly became scared and thought of ​​fleeing.

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This human was too terrifying!

It would die if it stayed here!

The Mutated Wind Wolf forced itself to turn around and flee. An elite monster like it were not stupid. It knew that it was no match for that Yaeger, therefore, continuing to fight was not an act of bravery but an act of sheer stupidity!

However, how could Yaeger let it run away?

Unleashing [Phantom Step], Yaeger appeared in front of the Mutated Wind Wolf in the blink of an eye and slashed her sword down at it.

The Mutated Wind Wolf was prepared to retreat after evading the sword’s sharp edge, it jumped, dodging Yaeger’s attack, and immediately ran away when it landed.

Yaeger attacked again, with countless sword lights.6

The Mutated Wind Wolf endured the sharp pain and rushed out of the sword light attacks.

Even so, Yaeger once again appeared in front of it like a ghost.

This time, enraging the Mutated Wind Wolf.

I don’t want to fight you anymore, but you are still harassing me, don’t take things too far!


  1. Hydra: getting hot and bothered much
  2. Hydra: if its proc + luck/10 = chance oof
  3. Hydra: it kinda does thou
  4. Hydra: idk man have you seen azurlane’s damage calc? this is a simple calc tbh
  5. Hydra: Normally crit is just a X multiplier of damage and you calc damage based on averages aka “(base * Crit_Chance * Crit_Multi + base * (1 – Crit_Chance)) * attacks per second”
  6. Hydra: man i hate sword light its kinda lame after seeing it every other sentence

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