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Chapter 24 – Veteran Player

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1613 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 961 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Multi Slash!”

Yaeger dodged and immediately counterattacked. The sword emitted multiple flashes of light and drew blood from the Mutated Wind Wolf.

Rangers could use the same skills for two different types of weapons. However, their names would be changed. For example, after switching to a sword, [Multishot] would become [Multi Slash].

As long as Yaeger upgraded her skills, both weapon skills would be upgraded. So she didn’t have to waste experience points by upgrading duplicate skills.1

The fierce pain made the Mutated Wind Wolf scream incessantly. It became somewhat fearful of Yaeger. It could not have imagined that this human had such a quick reaction. Not only did she dodged at the last moment but also counterattacked while doing so!

Suddenly, the Mutated Wind Wolf found that its HP was dropping. This was not inflicted by [Multi Slash] but a poison DOT!

It turned out that Yaeger’s earlier attack just triggered the special effect of [Toxic Gloves], adding 15 poison damage per second to the Mutated Wind Wolf.2

At level 5, Yaeger had done experiments with other Wind Wolves. The special effect of [Toxic Gloves] only had a 20% chance to trigger. However, in her hands, it had the trigger rate of at least 80~90%!3

The luck stat of 666 points was no joke.

Yaeger pursued the retreating wolf and used [Multi Slash].

The sharp sword light fell on the Mutated Wind Wolf like a rain of arrows, chunking its HP by 200 points.

Not only that, the attack triggered [Toxic Gloves] again. Increasing the poison DOT on the Mutated Wind Wolf.

It’s generally rare to stack abnormal status. The reason why the Mutated Wind Wolf was continuously being poisoned was due to its Poison Vulnerability!4

Yaeger’s previous confident boasting, that she would kill it in a minute, stemmed from this fact.

DOTS of 15 damage each seemed to be very small, but after stacking it over and over again would add up to a horrifyingly large number.5

What’s more, Yaeger had 250% attack speed!

And with 3 to 4 attacks a second.6 All kinds of statuses could be stacked. It would make your head numb when you think about it.7

The Mutant Wind Wolf endured the sharp pain and released countless Wind Blades toward Yaeger.

However, Yaeger had foreseen its attacks. She dodged in advance and then switched between the bow and sword seamlessly, while activating two skills at the same time.

[Rapid Attack] [Multishot] [Rapid Attack] further increased Yaeger’s attack speed by 50% after the first attack.

Now her attack speed was 300% ([Rapid Attack] + 50%, [Toxic Gloves] + 15%, [Chaos God Ring] + 200%, [Sunset Bow] + 20%, Off-Hand Quiver 15%).

The Mutated Wind Wolf who had just attacked became stiff and couldn’t dodge.

Yaeger used three Multi-Shots one after the other.
Fire arrows rained down upon the Mutated Wind Wolf, turning it into a burning pincushion.

A series of damage figures was constantly popping up.

Rakshasa watched with wide-open eyes. She thought it would be a tough battle, but unexpectedly, Yaeger just was overwhelming the other party and kept attacking.

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The Mutated Wind Wolf felt so much pain that its nerves almost aberrated. Meanwhile, waves of anger rose up just like a volcano which was about to erupt completely.

“Arwooooooo!” Immediately, the Mutated Wind Wolf howled angrily and a visible wind barrier wrapped its body, filling Yaeger’s eyes with apprehension. This scene had been played out many times in her previous life.

It was the prelude to the Mutated Wind Wolf’s AoE attack!

“I won’t let you use it!” It was a massive tornado storm. Yaeger would naturally be able to escape with how fast she was. But, it would waste a lot of time and make it impossible to keep her promise.

If the Mutated Wind Wolf couldn’t be eliminated within a minute, then Yaeger’s perfect image would crack.

Glancing at her Status Window, she only had less than a ⅓ of her Mana remaining.

With the remaining Mana, she couldn’t launch another barrage of attacks.

Fortunately, the Mutated Wind Wolf’s AoE attack had a long channeling time, about 4 seconds, and could be interrupted!8

Yaeger took out the Mana Recovery Potion and sprinted with all her strength while drinking it. She finished drinking the potion right before she reached the Mutated Wind Wolf. Then she switched between her bow and her sword, and chopped at the Mutated Wind Wolf’s head.

However, before this sword connected, it bounced off the wind barrier protecting the Mutated Wind Wolf.

Although the attack was fruitless, Yaeger didn’t give up. She immediately continued with [Multi Slash] and sword light flashed all over the place.

It was not over yet, Yaeger actually used three [Multi Slash] in a row.9

The whole area was full of sword light.

“Arrrf!” As the dreadful sword light crashed against the Wind Barrier, it broke the barrier. The Mutated Wind Wolf’s defenseless body was stabbed by thousands of sword lights in an instant and a blood-curdling scream broke out.

The damage figures kept popping up and the Mutated Wind Wolf’s HP rapidly drained.

The more Rakshasa saw it, the more frightened she was. Yaeger’s fighting strength was really terrifying!

Was this really the combat power of level 10?

It was amazing!

Moreover, Yaeger’s combat instincts and combat experience were not like novices.

She was definitely a veteran with a vast amount of experience!

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After successfully interrupting the ultimate move of the Mutated Wind Wolf, Yaeger gulped down another bottle of potion.

“16 seconds left.”

That very instant, Yaeger’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent. A gentle wind then enveloped her entire body, as if it was protecting its dearest child.

This was the special effect of [Phantom Step].

At this moment, Yaeger was finally doing her all!


  1. Hydra: How nice this never happens in games
  2. Silva: 20% to trigger, and she did it in one hit, as expected of a lucksack
  3. Silva: Administrator, there’s a hacker here!!
    Hydra: ban hammer plox
  4. Hydra: literally “negative Poison Resistance!”
  5. Hydra: 15 is actually large af (assuming no damage cap as none is stated) if the multi slash does 200
    bUt WHaT iS CoOlDOwnS
  6. Hydra: yikes there is as caps for a reason.
    Hydra: also wait she has a base attack speed of 1 per second at level 10? thats a end game speed.
  7. Hydra: only if you are dumb af and/or have not played a game before
  8. Hydra: it needs adds for a 4 second interruptible channel
  9. Hydra: cooldowns pls

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