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Chapter 23 – Get out of the way, I’m going to start loading

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1631 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 993 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Here it comes!

Yaeger’s spirit rose and her pretty face was full of joy.

[Wind Wolves’ Revenge] was the easiest hidden quest to trigger.

Killing large numbers of the same type of beasts would generate Hatred. When the Hatred Value reached a cutoff value, stronger variants would spawn.

Once the game officially starts, the hidden quest would be triggered easily from the sheer amount of people doing the three-star quest to hunt Wind Wolves.

Yaeger and Rakshasa had been killing Wind Wolves for several hours, so their Hatred Value was already maxed out.

Killing the Wind Wolf packs was the trigger for the first stage of the hidden quest.

[Wind Wolves’ Revenge] had three stages. The first stage consisted of a Veteran Elite, the second stage consisted of a Master Elite, and the third stage consisted of the newbie village’s boss monster!

Rakshasa nervously spoke: Princess, this seems to be a very strong Wind Wolf!

“It’s fine.” Yaeger looked indifferent with no trace of tension on her face.

After all, she had killed Veteran Elite monsters dozens of times. It would be a joke if she got nervous.

Rakshasa gradually calmed down after seeing Yaeger acting so calm.

A cold killing intent filled the air as the tornado approached while the huge Wind Wolf was staring at Yaeger and Rakshasa with its crimson eyes.

Rakshasa observed the Wind Wolf and a group of pop ups appeared in front of her.

Mutated Wind Wolf (Veteran Elite)
Race: Wind Wolf Level: 15
HP: 15,000 Mana: 1,000
Attack Power: 355 Defense: 900
Special Ability: 【Thorns】, 【Wind Magic Amplification】, 【Self-Destruct】

After reading this information, Rakshasa furrowed her eyebrows in thought.
This Wind Wolf is strong! Far stronger than the ones we’ve dealt with till now.

“You don’t have to fight for a while. You can leave this one to me.” Yaeger confidently said while taking out the Sunset Bow.

Rakshasa worried looked over at Yaeger: Wouldn’t it be too hard for you alone? After all this guy is very strong.

“Too hard? How is that possible? This is just a slightly bigger dog. It’s not a threat at all.”

Yaeger relaxed her body and not even the slightest trace of fear could be seen.

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Rakshasa: Okay, then I will watch your performance from the side.

Just In case Princess couldn’t handle it alone, she would jump into the fray immediately.

“Don’t fall in love with me later Ok,” Yaeger said while smiling.

Rakshasa rolled her eyes. Yaeger was really not nervous at all.

By now, the Wind Wolf was about to attack.

Yaeger looked forward, and fired an arrow. Activating [Multishot], dozens of fire arrows fanned out.

The Mutated Wind Wolf’s eyes frosted over and opened its mouth wide. A Storm Howl was spurted out to deflect the fire arrows.

In the next moment, the flame arrows were engulfed by the storm.

Without waiting for the first wave to hit, Yaeger already launched the next wave of [Multishot] energy arrows.1

The Mutated Wind Wolf reacted instantly. Its huge body leaped out from riding on the storm.

Dozens of energy arrows shot into the air and then dissipated.


The Mutated Wind Wolf fell to the ground with a thud. Just like a huge stone falling from the sky.

The Mutated Wind Wolf was about two and a half meters tall. Its green hair was like shiny steel nails. It had a robust body that was not too bulky, drawing a perfect figure. The wolf’s red eyes, filled with hatred, stared at the Yaeger. The wind pressure released from its mouth tore the earth asunder.

Both of them were staring the other down, motionless.

Through the exchange just now, the Mutated Wind Wolf showed that this human in front of him was not a trivial foe but a powerful enemy!

It was planning before making its move. Unlike those low-level Wind Wolves, the Mutated Wind Wolf was fairly intelligent.

If Yaeger revealed any signs of weakness, its big mouth would not hesitate to tear her throat!

Yaeger knew the Mutated Wind Wolf very well and knew over a 100 ways to kill it.

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Yaeger put the Sunset Bow away, she pulled out her sword.

This sword was only Green rank and it had no special effects. Making it way inferior compared to the [Gale Sword] given to Rakshasa.

Seeing Yaeger put away her bow and pull out her sword, Rakshasa and Mutant Wind Wolf were both shocked.

Why use a sword!? Aren’t you an archer?2

Rakshasa chose her career randomly at the beginning. So she didn’t notice that Ranger was a multirole Job.

She even thought that the sword around Yaeger’s waist was just decoration…

And before that, Yaeger used bow and arrows to kill the Wind Wolf, giving the impression that she was an archer.

She never thought that Yaeger would use a sword.

“In a minute, you will be dead.” Said Yaeger while raising her sword and pointing at the Mutated Wind Wolf.

Hearing this, the Mutated Wind Wolf’s eyes widened instantly and released a murderous aura! Although it couldn’t understand what was said, it just felt like it should be very upset!

Rakshasa slightly blinked. Could Yaeger really kill the Mutated Wind Wolf within a minute?3

She found it unbelievable because the wolf was 5 levels higher, along with it’s high attacking power and far higher hp pool.

It was too difficult to kill it in under a minute!
But since Yaeger had said she would, Rakshasa would wait and see, while looking expectantly toward Yaeger.

The Mutated Wind Wolf took the initiative and its huge body pounced forward, With its sharp claws slashing at Yaeger like five glittering swords.

Just when it looked like Yaeger would be torn into pieces. She sidesteps and her figure flickered, narrowly avoiding the attack of Mutated Wind Wolf. Yaeger’s sword flashed with light causing the Mutated Wind Wolf to let out a scream.


  1. Hydra: I guess you can type the arrows
  2. Silva: Ah.. welcome to the strange world of “Archer”, I questioned myself so many times in FGO
  3. Hydra: Not sure how you slightly blink

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