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Chapter 22 – Run Faster Than Husky

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1718 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1019 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Although Rakshasa came back ahead of time, Yaeger didn’t ask her to continue grinding right off. After all, she said that Rakshasa could take an hour off. Yaeger would keep her word.

The two sat under the tree and started to count the harvest they reaped.

The drop rate of equipment and loot was extremely low in the game but the two lucksacks still gained a bunch of loot after grinding for a bit.1

Yaeger obtained 50 pieces of White Equipment, 10 pieces of Green Equipment, a large number of recovery potions, and increased her gold coins from 10 to 500.

Rakshasa killed more monsters but had less loot than Yaeger. She obtained 35 White Equipment, 7 Green Equipment, some recovery potions, and 580 gold coins.

As for the wolf skins and wolf fangs, they collected more than 2,000 in total. If it wasn’t for the inventory capable of stacking 99 of the same items, they would have been crushed by the sheer amount of items long ago.

Rakshasa: Princess, what’s the purpose of collecting these things?

She was asking about wolf fangs and wolf skins.

“These things can be used for certain hidden quests,” Yaeger said slowly while packing up her backpack and looking at Rakshasa.

After hearing this, Rakshasa’s eyes shined and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly: Princess Princess, do you know any more hidden secrets?

Seeing this message, Yaeger’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. However, she calmed down instantly and said indifferently: “Of course I know, because I am a beta player.”

Yaeger was not beating around the bush when it came to lying.

Rather than letting Rakshasa make random guesses, it was better to announce herself as a beta player so that everything she would do became very reasonable.

Rakshasa was very excited: I know!

You know nothing! Yaeger was not in the mood to smile.

However, even if she really told Rakshasa that she came back from the future, she would most likely not believe it.

Because, such a thing was too unscientific.

After checking the harvest, Yaeger opened the Character Info screen. [Windchaser Boots] are now equipable since she leveled up to level 10.

Yaeger clicked on the [Windchaser Boots] and the pair of boots immediately appeared in the equipment bar.

Yaeger’s feet flashed with white light in an instant and the cloth boots were instantly replaced by the Windchaser Boots. She felt a feeling of lightness surging from her feet.

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Yaeger felt as if she could fly at any moment.
Looking at the skill bar, a skill was added.

[Phantom Step] Increases Agility +50, Dodge +100, and Movement Speed +100% for 15 seconds.

This skill was very good for escaping or kiting during fighting.
Unfortunately, the Cooldown Time was 30 minutes.

“It would be great if only the Cooldown Time was one minute.” Yaeger sighed.

[Windchaser Boots] already had a speed bonus + 25%. After activating [Phantom Step], it would reach an amazing +125%. Coupled with the influence of Yaeger’s Agility points, getting +150% movement speed is not a pipe dream.

Running at full speed, you would surely be like a gust of wind.

Rakshasa: Princess in the future you will definitely outrun the Huskies.2

While looking at the data of [Windchaser Boots], she quickly sent a message.

Their Character Windows were open to each other which showed great trust between them.

“Why are you talking so much.” Yaeger lightly hit her head. What do you mean I can outrun the Huskies, what a load of nonsense.

Rakshasa pouted with dissatisfaction: I also want to run fast.

“What, aren’t you just as fast if you activate your Charge skill?”

Rakshasa: What’s the use of charging in a straight line? I have such low HP and I could have been killed before even reaching the others.

She was very dissatisfied with the skill [Fearless Charge]. Why could it only charge in a straight line? Why did it greatly reduce defense when charging? Wasn’t this fraudulent!?

Although the attack power would be greatly increased when charging, she was afraid that she would be focus fired3, that’d render her charge skill meaningless.

Yaeger’s mouth twitched slightly. Is your HP still low?
Even someone at level 10 wouldn’t have HP as much as yours!

Rakshasa: By the way, princess, I have something to ask you.
“What is it?”
Rakshasa: Why can we enter the game early? Wouldn’t the public beta start tomorrow?
“We can enter the game in advance, because we qualified for the closed beta.” Anyway, Rakshasa would also learn about it after tomorrow so Yaeger didn’t mind telling her now.
Rakshasa was a little surprised: Oh, so that’s the case. I thought that there were bugs in the game.
“Wait, did you think you entered by mistake?”

Rakshasa nodded vigorously. Before entering the game, she had been playing with the terminal, wondering how this little thing would allow her to enter the game.

However, it didn’t bear fruit. But at 12:00, the terminal emitted a faint white light and the next thing she knew, she was in the game.

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“You’re just lucky.”

It was more than just luck. It’s just the matter of being chosen, okay. Yaeger muttered in her heart.

Rakshasa: My luck should be okay. Then again, princess, is it cheating to come into the game ahead of time like us?
“How can obtaining a closed beta pass be called cheating?” Yaeger yelled seriously.


Rakshasa wanted to say something but a wolf howl came from the grassland.

“Let’s start.” Yaeger looked at the constantly respawning wind wolf on the grassland and a faint smile immediately appeared on her face.

Rakshasa felt nausea, not toward Yaeger, but toward these wind wolves. Both women immediately entered into a battle state and the one-sided battle started again.

Ten minutes later, the area was completely quiet.
Yaeger and Rakshasa began to clean the battlefield.


“Ding! You have triggered a hidden quest, [Wind Wolf’s Revenge].”

As the notification triggered, a tornado suddenly appeared on the horizon, sweeping everything in its way.

Then, a giant wolf appeared above the tornado!


  1. Hydra: I blame the author

    Hydra (20 minutes later): (欧神)ōushēn is netslang net slang for “a player with extremely good luck”

    Hydra (21 minutes later): alt “The drop rate of equipment and loot was extremely low, but two players with the devil’s luck racked quite the gains after grinding monsters a little.”

    Hydra (40 minutes later): fml i forgot about RNGesus

    Silva: kek, I feel kind of guilty now for all the times you spent on researching the terms, (this should’ve originally been the translator’s duty, not the editor yo), but hey, what’d you know, this term is actually already in the terms sheet, I am using lucksack to represent the term all along…

    Snoring: Sorry to you both~
    I tried my best to find these terms. I found some like cheese. However there are some which I didn’t find.

  2. Silva: They used husky to compare because apparently husky is a sled dog used in polar regions. They represent an ever-changing cross-breed of the fastest dogs.
  3. The term Focus Fire most commonly refers to a tactic used by a group of players to quickly take down a single enemy target within a group of targets.

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