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Chapter 21 – She was very moved, but then…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1517 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 908 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After 15 minutes of fighting.
Rakshasa: Princess, this is so exciting!

After an hour of fighting.
Rakshasa: Princess, when will we rest?

After three hours of fighting.
Rakshasa: Princess, I want to vomit…

After six hours of fighting.
Rakshasa: Sobbing

“Ding! You have leveled up…”
“Ding! Basic skill [Multi Shot] has been unlocked. ”
“Ding! Basic skill [Shadow Strike] has been unlocked.”

After six hours of grinding, Yaeger rose to the Newbie Village’s max level of 10.
The rest of the XP could only be saved or used to upgrade skills.

“It took so long to reach level 10, it’s really not that easy isn’t it.” Yaeger sighed while pretending that they were not abusing cheese.

In the Newbie Village, the first 5 levels were easily achieved but it was exponentially harder for the next 5 levels.

Generally, it took at least a few days for the players to level up to level 10.

It took only 6 hours to finish this whereas normal people would have taken a few days. What a cheesy strategy!

Rakshasa reached the max level for the Newbie Village, in fact, she gained even more XP than Yager, about 2 more levels worth. If other players saw their crazy leveling process, they would definitely report it for exploit abuse. How was this broken game playable!?

Rakshasa crouched on the ground with her face pale and had no energy left in her eyes. Her face looked like there was nothing left to live for.

After several hours of fighting, her fighting ability was undoubtedly much better. However, where there were gains, there were losses too. The initial excitement had disappeared into the abyss and now only numbness left.

“Let’s have a rest then do three more waves.” Yaeger crouched down and patted her head.

Energy gradually returned to Rakshasa’s eyes. Her small mouth moved wordlessly.

Then, Yaeger received her message: [We clearly agreed on only three waves… However, after three waves, we did another three waves and then three waves again. This was almost ten waves, sister!]

From her text, Yaeger seemed to read the helplessness and traces of despair hidden deep within Rakshasa.

“I’m training you.” Yaeger said seriously, “In order to make you an excellent fighter, this is a necessary process. Although this feels cruel and painful, after you manage to endure it, you will be invincible! Believe me, everything I have you to do is for your own sake!”


Rakshasa was deeply moved, her eyes gradually watered and the shadow caused by several hours of torture seemed to disappear.

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However, at this time, Yaeger spoke again: “So, let’s grind another ten waves of monsters.”

The feeling of being moved which just rose in Rakshasa’s heart disappeared instantly and her entire body became paralyzed on the ground, looking as if the world was ending.

It seems that I overdid it… Yaeger’s eyebrows knitted slightly. Unlike Yaeger, Rakshasa didn’t know about 24-hour closed beta1. Every minute and every second was very precious and couldn’t be wasted.

“Well, how about starting after an hour’s rest?” Yaeger didn’t want to force her. After all, they were friends, not superiors and subordinates.

Rakshasa sat up with a loud noise, kissed Yaeger’s face with her fragrant lips and then went offline at lightning speed.2

Yaeger didn’t expect that she would be attacked all of a sudden. She stood stunned at the same spot. After a while, she recovered and touched the place where she was kissed with her hand.

“It’s sinful of me to look so beautiful.”

In a room of a high-grade residence in Roc City, a girl slowly opened her eyes and there was silence all around. Nothing could be heard as if this was a world without sound.

The girl opened her mouth and tried to speak. Strange sounds came from her mouth. Even so, she could not hear them. Because she was both deaf and mute.

That’s right, this girl was Rakshasa.
Just like in the game, she was a beautiful mix-race.

Less than a minute after logging out of the game, Rakshasa — Lilith — began to miss that world very much. Only there was she a normal human without any disabilities.

There was no one else in the room. Her father was a scientist and he was always away due to his busy schedule. Lilith didn’t know what he was busy with. But she knew from a very young age, her father was always busy.

Her mother probably couldn’t stand loneliness before she divorced him.

Walking to the side hall, Lilith took out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator, unscrewed the lid and took a few sips. Then she took out the bread and peanut butter, and casually ate to fill up her empty stomach.

Opening the window, to the rising sun, blue skies with white fluffy clouds, it felt like a good day.
Looking down, at the layer of green grass and smelling the fresh air. Lilith was not in the same usual mood. At the moment, she felt like something was missing in her heart.

A feeling of emptiness.

Let’s go back.

Silently speaking these three words in her heart, Lilith walked back to the room with light steps. She lay on the bed and entered the game again.

“Back so soon?”

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Looking at the princess’s slightly surprised look, Lilith couldn’t help but smile. Ah, she is still here. I am most at ease around Princess.

Mmn! I’m back!


  1. Hydra: but this isn’t cbt not to be confused with cbt.
    this is just EA’s pay more for “Early Access”
  2. Hydra: surprise yuri

    Silva: She’s so eager to log out~

    Hydra: I think it was eager to sneak a kiss

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