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Chapter 20 – The Skill of a Thirty Years Old Virgin

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1556 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1086 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Rakshasa nervously pulled out her newbie sword and looked ahead.
Although she had already mentally prepared herself, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous to face more than ten Wind Wolves at once.

These Wind Wolves are way bigger and fiercer than normal grey wolves in real life. They looked like starving wolves that found fresh meat. Any normal person would be terrified when surrounded by a dozen of these wolves.

A beastly smell drifted in the air as the Wind Wolves spread out and lunged toward their targets.

“Don’t be scared, I will protect you.” Yaeger patted Rakshasa’s shoulder and said with a smile.

Yaeger recalled the first time she faced the Wind Wolves in the game. She almost fainted due to the fright. That was the normal physiological reaction. Just think about it this way, if one went into the wilderness by themselves and suddenly ran into a dozen or more hungry wolves, it would make anyone collapse from fear.

In the game, however, the players could revive even if they died, so that feeling of fear could be curbed to some extent.

Hearing Yaeger’s words, a warm feeling surfaced in Rakshasa and her anxiety was gone with a poof.1

“I will snipe them from a distance, all you need to do is to finish off the ones I’ve sniped.”

Yeah! Without a hint of timidity, Rakshasa nodded firmly.

Removing her hands from Rakshasa’s shoulder, Yaeger nocked and fired an energy arrow.

Three arrows were shot in the timespan of a second!
It was impossible to master this kind of skill without staying single for at least thirty years.2 Naturally, this had nothing to do with being single3, it was all thanks to Yaeger’s Strengthening Attributes.

200% Attack Speed was nothing to joke at!4

Seeing that Yaeger had begun her assault, Rakshasa raised her vigilance and prepared to back her up at any time.

However, the three arrows struck true and reduced the HP of three Wind Wolves to zero. They died on the spot.

And the backup?
It was totally unnecessary.

While grasping the sword in her hands, the corners of Rakshasa’s lips twitched. Before the three Wind Wolves died, she clearly noticed the level value that floated atop their head. All of those Wind Wolves were Level 5!

With a single attack, Princess had killed three Level 5 Wind Wolves, almost as if she’s cheating… no that’s not right, she is the cheat!

As she remembered the stats on Princess’s User Panel, Rakshasa heaved a sigh.

Though surprised, Yaeger quickly recovered since she could roughly guess what happened.
It wasn’t especially hard to guess. It was simply because her Basic Attributes were too high. All her basic stats were already at 50 points by the time she created her avatar, and now that she had increased to level 2, her stats had increased even more. In addition to that, the benefits of registering an artifact increased all attributes by another 5 points. All of these adds up and caused her attack power to surpass her level by far!

Opening her User Panel to take a quick look.
Attack Power:208

And yet, the pitiful Wind Wolves only had 150 HP.

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“Ding! You’ve leveled up.” The voice of the system rang out at this time.

Not even giving her any time to check her new status, the remaining Wind Wolves attacked Yaeger.

These Magic Beasts were on the dumber side, so they couldn’t even differentiate the gap in strength, so they showed no fear at all despite the disadvantage.

Rakshasa hastily got in front of Yaeger to defend her and brandished her sword.

With a swishing sound, one of the Wind Wolves was cut in half. The feeling of cutting into flesh gave Rakshasa a very complicated feeling, but she couldn’t shrink back from here. That’s because Yaeger was right behind her!

I need to protect Princess!

A powerful surge of emotion pushed her feelings of fear aside and raised Rakshasa’s battle intent!

Yaeger blinked her eyes in a show of surprise. As a matter of fact, she didn’t really need any protection. Ranger was a multi-purpose class, they could engage in both long-range and close-range combat. They could kite5 and also engage in melee.

The Wind Wolves jumping at her were basically seeking their own death. They were just like the moths flying into the flame.

After Rakshasa finished off the first two Wind Wolves, her movement wasn’t as stiff anymore. It slowly became natural and smooth as she proceeded to kill the remaining Wind Wolves. Her figure then looked as though she was the personification of the storm itself.

“And yet you call me a cheat, aren’t you a cheat yourself?” Looking at this scene, Yaeger couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. This was her first battle and she already displayed such a remarkable result. It was no wonder she was the strongest War Goddess in Cathay.

Her adaptability was truly terrifying!

A few seconds later, the battle was concluded.

Rakshasa breathed deeply to catch her breath, with her chest heaving up and down. An intense feeling slowly filled up her heart.

Fighting is so fun!

Her eyes flashed with a dangerous glint as she smiled wholeheartedly.
At this very moment, a new door had been opened in Rakshasa.

“Don’t just keep giggling there, help me out,” Yaeger called out to Rakshasa while touching the Wind Wolf’s carcass.

“Ding! You’ve obtained the Wind Wolf’s Fur.”
“Ding! You’ve obtained the Wind Wolf’s Fang.”

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The Wind Wolf touched by Yaeger turned into spots of light and disappeared. At the same time, two new materials appeared in her rucksack.

Rakshasa snapped out of it and smiled shyly. Then she got beside Yaeger and helped her collect the materials by touching the carcass of the Wind Wolves.

She didn’t know why Yaeger wanted to collect these low-level materials, but she didn’t bother asking either.

“That’s your first combat, right? How does it feel?” Yaeger suddenly asked after all the materials had been collected.

Rakshasa muttered to herself for a while before the sent the message: I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just that I feel really really excited, as if I am truly living now!

“Is that so, that’s good to hear,” Yaeger smiled and gripped her hands, “I will make you even more excited all day long!”6

Rakshasa bashfully nodded.

She was completely unaware of the nightmare to come.
That was because Yaeger’s goal was to kill 9,000 Wind Wolves!


  1. Hydra: Yuri feeling
  2. Hydra: While you where partying, I was studying the bow.
  3. Hydra: Are you sure he didnt even find a sugar momma in his past life
  4. Hydra: An arrow a second is really fast if you want to try to hit the broadside of a barn let alone a moving object
  5. A gaming term:
  6. Hydra: and all night?

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