Chapter 1 – That Man is Back

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1650 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1341 words
Editor(s): Silva

“I’m still alive?”

Yaeger looked blankly at his surroundings as he mumbled to himself
Despite sounding calm, an overwhelming turmoil was surging through his heart.

He had clearly died under the hands of the demon race! He was even able to faintly remember the intense pain he had experienced right before his death, as well as the jet-black coldness of terror that followed.
Yet, the “thumping sound” of his heart told him that he was still alive!

Yaeger’s eyes grew wide open, before his pupils furiously contracted, as he could sense the familiarity of the environment he was currently in.
This was the cheaply-priced inn he had stayed 3 years ago! The narrow and shabby walls, with their original white-color having already turned into a moldy yellow, the many cracks present, as well as the damp smell of mold present in the air.

Everything was so familiar to him!
This was the inn that he had stayed in during the poorest days of his life. 80 RMB a night, with no bathroom nor toilet.

“Could, could it be that I’ve returned back to the world 3 years ago!?” Yaeger was utterly incapable of believing what he was seeing before his very eyes, that everything he was seeing was real.

Taking a few deep breaths, he extended his trembling right hand and felt around his pillow. Indeed, there was a cell phone present there.

Picking it up, he took a look. Indeed, it was the Dami branded smartphone he had used for 3 years.
From the phone’s display, he was able to get the date and time, 30th March 2019, 07:15 hrs.

He closed his eyes. Upon seeing the same date and time after re-opening them, his tumultuous heart, which he had much difficulty calming it down, had started to surge back up again.

“I’ve really come back?” unlocking the smartphone, he tapped on the Bilibili app. In an instant, quite a few of the latest and hottest news appeared on the screen.

Tapping on the video with the highest views, strange music immediately started to ring out of the phone’s speakers.

“Chicken you’re too beautiful, ou, bie bie bie bie bie, chicken you’re…chicken you’re really beautiful!”1

This was followed by a scrolling page full of [lawyer warnings] and [anti-piracy laws].
What a familiar scene.

“I’ve really come back.” locking the phone, a sliver of a smile appeared at the corner of Yaeger.

No one could understand how emotions were surging within his heart.
He… had really come back from the future!

“Although I don’t know why I’m back, since I’ve managed to relive my life, this means that I’m able to change that dammable future!”

Looking towards the shabby wall before him, Yaeger’s eyes gradually started to turn cold: “In this life, I must stand at the top of the world!”


All of a sudden, a strange sound rang out of his stomach, followed by a wave of hunger pangs, causing his face to turn slightly pale.

“Sigh, I really am miserable in my previous life,” said Yaeger with a sigh as he shook his head.

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Yaeger’s parents had passed away when he was little. Without siblings, without a house, and without money. After failing his college exams, he had immediately started working.

Half a year before his death, he had gone to Roc City. Through the introduction of a person, he had started working at a high-end shoe shop chain. Due to his extremely handsome looks and good articulation skills, Yaeger was able to attract the attention and liking from women of various ages. This allowed him to quickly become the top-salesman of the shop, with him earning approximately 10 thousand RMB a month.

As long as he kept this hard work up for the next few years, he would be able to pay off the apartment’s mortgage and become a member of the property circle.

He wanted a home.
This was Yaeger’s dream.

Yet, just when Yaeger was brimming with confidence for his future, fate had to pay a dastardly trick on him.
A month before his death, the naive and inexperienced Yaeger was duped by a friend to be their collateral for money loans.
Subsequently, that friend had disappeared and was completely uncontactable.

Following that, people started knocking on his door, demanding repayment. Only then did Yaeger realize that his so-called friend has yet to pay back his 200 thousand RMB loan. Being his friend’s collateral, this had resulted in him being the target of these people.

Coupled with the exorbitant interest rate attached to this loan, the final value had long exceeded 500 thousand RMB.

How could Yaeger pull out this amount of money? Yet, if he doesn’t pay back this loan, he would be taught a lesson by society and end up in an extremely miserable place.

Faced with such helplessness, the only thing Yaeger could think of was to run away and hide.

Having missed the beta test of the 《Saint Demon World》, he had first played it one month after the end of the beta test. This had directly resulted in the foreshadowing of his death during the 【Night’s Descent】 that happened 3 years later.

The 《Saint Demon World》 was the first-ever virtual reality game created on Earth. It was known to have a 100% realism synchronicity rating, shaking the world upon its release.

In the beginning, seemingly everyone assumed that this game was the collaborative result of the research and promotion of the 5 great philanthropists hailing from the United Nations.

After all, it was utterly impossible to create such a god-like game without the combined might of the 5 great philanthropists.
However, it was only after 3 years did Yaeger realize the truth, that this mysterious game hailed from another world!
The 5 great philanthropists were just in charge of its promotion on Earth.

The magical aspects of this game were its epoch-marking 100% realism synchronicity rate, as well as the ability to bring back items from the game to the real world!

The 【Immortal Springs】, which removes the fetters of age from its drinker. The 【Holy Spirit Drug】, which was able to treat a hundred illnesses and regenerate broken and missing limbs. The 【Fate Stone】, which was able to defy the heavens and change one’s fate. These and many more items had turned the entire world in a frenzy.

Furthermore, as long as one fulfilled certain unique requirements, the players were able to bring back their character’s traits, skills, and equipment back into the real world, thereby becoming superhuman existences themselves!

During the later stages, when the 2 worlds completely intersected, the people within the game would fuse completely with the people in the real world. How strong one was within the game would be directly reflected in the real world.

In his previous life, Yaeger had missed out on too many opportunities, resulting in his insufficient strength. In the end, he was insta-killed by the demon race that descended.

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Now, in this new life, he possessed the experience of having played the game for nearly 3 whole years. With his familiarity with combat developed through countless attacks, as well as his prior knowledge of future developments, it was hard for him to not become strong.

Clenching his fists, surges of emotion filled Yaeger’s face and eyes as he thought: “There’s still 2 more days until 1st of April, the launch of the open beta test. However, I can’t wait that long!”

Now, there was a massive opportunity that had appeared right before him, waiting for him to claim his rewards.
That was the 10 elusive passes present in the world that allowed for a 24-hour head start into the beta test.
And, Yaeger knew where to obtain one of those passes!


  1. Silva: Kek… this be really weird… what the hell is going on with their TV program.
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