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Chapter 18 – I didn’t Hack

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1599 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1016 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Rakshasa: But you’ve seen mine…

She didn’t let up and continued to pursue the matter. She looked at Yaeger with tearful eyes like an abandoned puppy. That look was truly pitiful and inspired empathy in others.

Ugh, that’s playing dirty!
Is this really the same Rakshasa, the all-powerful War Goddess that stood atop the entire Cathay servers?

Yaeger honestly had no idea that this was the true personality of the current Rakshasa. She was a cute and likable girl.
Most importantly, she gets hurt very easily.

“Fine, I give,” Yaeger really couldn’t take the puppy-eye attack much longer, “However, you must promise me not to divulge any of the information, or else…”

Yaeger didn’t continue with the rest of her sentence, she didn’t want the other to think she was a cruel person.

Since the time Rakshasa had shown her the user panel without thinking, Yaeger knew that she wasn’t the scheming type and that they could become true friends.

Then again, to be able to see that kind of expression from the goddess she once admired from a distance, Yaeger was already satisfied. How would she say anything so ruthless?

Rakshasa nodded strongly as happiness filled her heart. A fascinating smile naturally appeared on her face.

Such a pure and easy to please child, Yaeger sighed inwardly before she opened her user panel.

“Ahh…” Upon seeing the abnormal parameters on the panel, Rakshasa involuntarily let out a coarse cry.

She quickly covered her mouth and nervously looked at Yaeger. Seeing that there was no change in her expression, she immediately relaxed.

Returning her sight to Yaeger’s panel, Rakshasa’s small lips trembled. Those numbers were truly too abnormal, especially the Potential and Luck stat! Those were almost two times higher than hers!
But when her eyes fell on the Strengthening Attributes, she was shocked out of her mind.

Physical Resistance:50%
Magic Resistance:50%
Mental Resistance:50%
Poison Resistance:50%
Attack Speed:200%


Administrator, there’s a hacker here!1

No harm would be done if they didn’t compare their stats in the first place. Rakshasa originally thought her stats were already pretty good, but if they were compared to Yaeger’s stats, the disparity was as large as the difference between a chicken and a phoenix.

Now I am certain, Princess must be an insider!
No wonder she won’t let me see her panel, it has indeed been modded.

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger with a ‘know-it-all’ look.


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Yaeger tilted her head, completely clueless as to what she was thinking.

After returning her look back to normal, a slight smile threatened to show on her face. She felt as elated as if she had just discovered the secret of her first crush.

As she continued to look through the user panel, Rakshasa’s eyes almost popped out: So she really is a princess.

Moreover, she even has two princess titles…
Could she be the daughter of the game company’s CEO?

Rakshasa had already labelled Yaeger as a noble existence.
If only Rakshasa knew Yaeger was in fact in debt and didn’t have a home to call her own, she would definitely be so surprised that her jaws would threaten to fall.

Her image was that of a noble princess, but reality was often very cruel.

What should I do? This is the first time I’ve come in contact with such a high-class person. And it seemed like we have even become friends? Rakshasa’s imagination started to run wild.

By the time Yaeger noticed the additional stats in the Strengthening Attributes, she was startled for a moment. But then she immediately realized that it was from the special effects of the 【Chaos God Ring】.

She wouldn’t be thinking that I’ve hacked the system would she? Such a thought crossed Yaeger’s mind when she recalled Rakshasa’s look from earlier.

“Are you done?”
Mhm! Rakshasa nodded.
Yaeger closed the user panel and reminded, “I didn’t cheat.”

Rakshasa looked at her again with the same ‘know-it-all’ expression from earlier.

You know nothing!
Even though that was what she was thinking, Yaeger remained silent.
Since she didn’t need to explain in detail, she thought it was a convenient misunderstanding.

“You must remember, never ever let anyone know of the data in our user panels, got it?” Yaeger warned her one last time.

Rakshasa nodded seriously. From how she viewed it, Yaeger was a big figure from the game company, so she must have known of some secrets. And this user panel must have something to do with that secret.

Truth be told, Yaeger did regret her action a little. If Rakshasa accidentally let it slip, it would definitely incur endless troubles for her in the future.

“Meh, just forget it, everything will be fine.” Yaeger heaved a sigh. As the proverb said, be bitten by a snake once and you’ll be traumatized for years to come. She had once been scammed by a friend, and that trauma still stuck with her, but at the same time, she wished to make a true friend.

This contradiction was making Yaeger very conflicted.

She risked letting Rakshasa view her stats because of a few reasons. One of them was that she didn’t want to take advantage of her. After all, she had already seen Rakshasa’s stat window.

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The other reason was that Yaeger really wanted to draw Rakshasa to her side. As she wanted a good friend and party member.
Without paying an appropriate price and taking risks, that would be impossible to achieve.

If Yaeger managed to get hold of Rakshasa through scam and deceit, then she would become the kind of person she hated most!

Putting herself in Rakshasa’s shoes, how could she ever bring herself to deceive such a sincere girl?

Just when Yaeger had infighting with her conflicts, Rakshasa suddenly sent her a message: Princess, when do we go and complete the quest?

“Who are you calling Princess!” Yaeger knocked her head while in a bad mood.

Rakshasa held her head pouting. Yet it was an extremely charming display.

Yaeger couldn’t restrain the smile on her face. She could feel that their relationship had somehow increased unknowingly.


  1. Hydra: Perma ban plox

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