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Chapter 17 – Administrator, There’s a Hacker!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1649 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1027 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

» Character Info «

Name: Rakshasa Age: 18
Race: Eternal Height: 172 CM
Title: Child of God
Physique: Angelic Body

» Character Stats «

Level: 1 Job: Warrior
Potential: 7,000 Charm: 900
Luck: 388 Hit Points: 100
Mana: 100 Stamina: 100

» Basic Attributes «

Strength: 65 Endurance: 55
Agility: 35 Mentality: 25
Intelligence: 35 Talent: 55

» Strengthening Attributes «

Dodge: 50 Defense: 70
Physical Resistance: 50% Magic Resistance: 15%

» Innate Skills «

【Azure Sword】【Wargod’s Willpower】

» Basic Skills «

【Fearless Charge】【Fatal Strike】【Total Annihilation】


Looking at Rakshasa’s panel, the corners of Yaeger’s lips twitched. He really wanted to shout to the administrator that there was a hacker here!1

She got the Eternal’s Bloodline at closed beta. And her status was so over the top that it made all of those nonsensical adverts seemed to pale in comparison!2 How was one supposed to play this broken game?3

Yaeger remained silent and held her forehead.
As expected, even if they were both people, they shared a vastly different fate. They might have the same cover, but their handles were different.
It’s no wonder she was the favored child of god, how enviable.

However, had she ever stopped to think for a moment who really was the favored child of god? Since the start of the game, she had gotten the highest grade Celestial Bloodline, received the affection of the World’s Will and the Natural Law, then she was granted two princess titles…

In the end, the values in Rakshasa’s panel were still a lot inferior to hers.

If there was one thing that was better than Yaeger’s, that would be the Strengthening Attributes.

Those attributes were granted by the innate skill 【Wargod’s Willpower】, which put emphasis on defense. Yaeger’s innate skill focused on attack and absorption, so they were not listed in the Strengthening Attributes.4

If they really had to be weighed, then they would be more or less about the same.

Then moving on to the Basic Attributes, Rakshasa’s Strength value might be a little higher than Yaeger’s, but please be reminded that Yaeger’s Job was a Ranger that specialized in Agility.

What made Yaeger most envious was her innate skill 【Azure Sword】. When the player’s Hit Points fell below 20%, all sword based attacks would deal 8x more damage. Critical Chance increased by 50%, Critical Damage increased by 50%, and Attack Speed increased by 50%.

If the condition was raised to 30% Hit Points, then that’d be great. 20% and below was a bit harsh, provided Warrior and Magician were famous for being glass cannons.
With only 20% Hit Points remaining, they’d already be killed while in mid-charge…
Fortunately, Rakshasa’s Endurance stat was on the higher side and counteracted this weakness.

After Yaeger skimmed over the equipment and other parameters, she looked at Rakshasa and said, “Apart from me, don’t show your user panel to anyone else. Otherwise, it’d just invite unnecessary trouble.”

She was very serious when she said this. If their data was to be exposed, it wouldn’t be as simple as just a little trouble, their lives might even be targeted!
From a certain perspective, god-like stats were even more valuable than artifacts.

Especially Yaeger’s Potential (10,000) and Luck (666) stats. The former indicated she would definitely become ridiculously strong in the future.
The latter meant that her probability of getting rare items was a lot higher than the others.
If they could capture Yaeger and make her their slave, it would be like getting ten artifacts at once!

Rakshasa didn’t know why Yaeger was acting as such, but she still nodded. She viewed this as nothing more than a game, was there really a need to be that cautious?

However, this was not just any game.

“Remember, no matter how close your relationship is, you must not let anyone see it!” Yaeger warned repeatedly.
Rakshasa: Not even my family?
“Yes, not even your family.”
Rakshasa: It’s just a game, is that necessary?
“Who told you this is just a game?” Yaeger let out a sigh, she knew that the other didn’t take her seriously.

Hearing that, Rakshasa’s expression changed. She was unconvinced.

“Well, you can say that it is a game, but at the same time, not.” Yaeger also didn’t know how to explain. Although she came back from three years in the future, she wasn’t really sure of the true nature of 《Saint Demon World》. That’s why she wasn’t able to answer properly.

Rakshasa blinked as doubt showed across her face.

“Anyway, just listen to me. Not long from now, you will naturally understand the true nature of this game.” Yaeger treated Rakshasa as a real friend, That’s why she told her that much. If it was anyone else, she wouldn’t care if they lived or died.

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Rakshasa muttered to herself for a while before she nodded. She had doubts that Yaeger was an employee from the game company, but now, she was almost certain that Yaeger was indeed the game company’s employee, and her status seemed to be quite high at that!

Otherwise, why would she be so familiar with that game.
She was clearly an insider!

Alright, this little girl had got it completely wrong.
And it was no wonder why she did. Who in their right mind would actually believe the other was actually from the future!?

Rakshasa: Princess, can I look at yours?

She was very curious about Yaeger.
After growing this big, this was the first time she was this interested in someone.

“Nope.” Yaeger refused instantly.5

Rakshasa didn’t expect her request to be rejected so bluntly and blanked out for a moment. Soon after, a feeling of grievance surfaced from the bottom of her heart.

But you have seen mine! She looked at Yaeger with a reproachful glare.

Rakshasa: Why can’t I see it?
“Do you like to let others see you naked?” Yaeger answered indifferently.
Rakshasa: Huh? How is that related?
“As far as I am concerned, the user panel is one’s greatest assets, it’s just like a part of your body. You can’t let others see it that easily.”

As a matter of fact, the player’s panel displayed very fine data, including the three sizes and underwear models.

Just now, Yaeger accidentally viewed Rakshasa’s three sizes and memorized them. Oh right, she also conveniently saw her avatar in underwear by mistake and burned that image into her mind.6


  1. Silva: Says the guy who’s even more of a hack.
    Hydra: Its fine the game is balanced by being broke af
  2. Silva: Going very liberal here, basically, this is reference to the nonsensical adverts you get in Chinese where it says “one hit and you’ll get to level 999, one click of a button and you’ll get a treasured Dragonslayer Blade.”

    Big thanks to Raven and Starve for the clarification.

  3. Hydra: The game designer should be fired
  4. Hydra: she tank you spank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Silva: WAO harsh!
  6. Hydra: lood

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