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Chapter 16 – The Secrets under the Skirt

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1775 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1192 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

It felt a little dull to look at other equipment after inspecting the two artifacts.
As an analogy, it was equivalent to eating burnt chicken right after eating a sweet crepe.

Fortunately, Yaeger was not a picky eater.
As she tapped at the Purple Equipment 【Windchaser Boots】, the item’s information immediately popped up.

【Windchaser Boots】

Type: Boots Grade: Purple (Upgradable)
Attribute: Wind Defense: 30
Durability: 99 Agility: +15
Endurance: +10 Movement Speed: +25%
Level Restriction: 10
Special Effects 1: By wearing these boots, the user gains the power of wind and can use the wind-attribute skill 【Phantom Step】. Agility +50, Dodge +100, Movement Speed +100%. Last for 15 seconds. 30 minutes cooldown.
Special Effect 2: Upon receiving a fatal strike, there is a 2% chance to activate Mirror Image. Increases dodge rate to 100% and lasts for one second. Can’t dodge special attacks. 24 hours cooldown.1

“It actually has two special effects!” Yaeger was pleasantly surprised. Although the effect wasn’t as good compared to the artifact’s, the Windchaser Boots’ special effects were related to dodging and movement speed, they were very useful skills.
Especially the skills related to movement speed.

The Saint Demon World was extraordinarily big. After entering the main server, just walking through the map was enough to make one feel sick.
Yaeger nodded with satisfaction and looked toward the Blue Equipment 【Gale Sword】.

She lost interest in it as soon as she saw the stats. This was equipment for the warrior. It increased Strength and Endurance.
Although the Ranger was a Job with balanced stats, additional stats still have to be allocated properly. This was a Job that benefited more from a higher agility stat. After all, the probability of survival increased if one could run faster!

The last set of equipment was the Green Equipment 【Sunset Bow】, fire attribute, its stat increase was negligible and was equipable at Level 7.
After sorting out all of her equipment, Yaeger looked at Rakshasa. The latter had a flushed face and looked quite restless.

Ah, this must’ve been love. As that thought crossed her mind, Rakshasa quickly shook her head: No, that’s not it!
She also had no idea why it happened, but since earlier, she had been deeply attracted to Princess.

Yaeger tilted her head and thought to herself: Just what is Rakshasa doing? Suddenly blushing and then shaking her head.
However, she didn’t realize that, now that her charm had exceeded 2,500 points, even the most mundane of actions were capable of bewitching those around her2. In addition to that, Rakshasa already had quite a few good impressions of her, so she was more easily affected.

“You still haven’t opened it?” Yaeger asked upon noticing the special newbie pack still in Rakshasa’s hand.
Rakshasa: (I was looking at you opening yours just now. Congratulations, Princess!)
Yaeger stared blankly for a moment before she responded with, “Thank you. Oh right, the matter regarding the artifacts, keep it a secret alright?”
While speaking, Yaeger showed a bewitching smile.

Although Yaeger couldn’t totally trust Rakshasa, she was at least more trustworthy than anyone else.
Perhaps Yaeger’s understanding of Rakshasa was deeper than even the person herself.
After all, Yaeger had been observing (future) Rakshasa for almost three years!

Rakshasa, real name: Lilith, Country: Cathay, Nationality: Han Chinese.
Eighteen years old. Her father was of Han nationality and her mother was Russian. Her parents divorced when she was young and been raised by her father. Now, she attended a school for the disabled at Roc City. Her results were outstanding and she had a kindhearted personality.

Yaeger even knew where she lived and her house number.3 This information could easily be found anywhere on the net in two to three year’s time.

Rakshasa nodded her head strongly, she was not some naive young girl, she knew full well of the consequences to Yaeger if information regarding the artifacts were to be exposed.

“I believe in you,” Yaeger stepped forward and hooked her pinky finger with Rakshasa’s. Then she continued, “Therefore, you should believe in me too.”

Rakshasa immediately blushed. Her face became as red as a tomato and it was so hot one could figuratively see smokes rising from her head. With their pinkies still hooked, Rakshasa nodded in a daze.

“It’s getting late, why don’t you open your pack first?” The closed beta was only open for 24 hours. Each and every second was very precious and Yaeger didn’t want to waste any of it.4

Rakshasa obediently opened her special newbie pack, one piece of equipment after another appeared with a flash.
The result? Four Blue Equipment.

Yaeger was quite surprised at that. It was tantamount to winning a lottery to get four pieces of Blue Equipment from a newbie pack.5

Just what is the luck stat of this girl?

Looking at the equipment floating in midair, Rakshasa was not the least bit excited. That was because compared to Yaeger’s artifacts, these were not all that eye-catching.6

“Can I look at your panel?” Yaeger suddenly asked, but she regretted it as soon as she said that.

A user panel was the most tightly kept secret of every individual, there was no way others would show it that easily.
Requesting to see other’s user panel was equivalent to asking a girl in real life to reveal their “secret spots”.
It would already be good enough if the others didn’t give her a slap in the face!
But of course, since Yaeger looked so handsome in real life, there was a possibility he wouldn’t get slapped.

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After all, just by looking good, sometimes one could simply do as they wish.
Just imagine if a mushroom head was to ask the same question, they would be beaten to a pulp instead.

However, contrary to expectation, Rakshasa opened her user panel without pondering on it.
In ordinary circumstances, without the other player’s consent, it was generally impossible to view someone else’s user panel.

Little girl! You will suffer great losses if you keep up like this! Yaeger shook her head inwardly, she could see the shadow of her past self in Rakshasa.

She was also pure and naive back then.
Thinking back on it, the Rakshasa back then was totally different from the one before her. Aloof, noble, and proud, she was just like the snow lotus that bloomed at the peak of an icy mountain.

Could it be because she had run into some kind of misfortune that prompted such a drastic change?
Perhaps she had been deceived and duped. That thought crossed Yaeger’s mind for a second.

If I was the swindler, I definitely wouldn’t have let go of such a naive little girl who has been blessed with good luck. I would definitely suck her dry!
The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that she was right.

One’s personality couldn’t be changed that easily, not unless they suffered an unimaginable shock.

It’s your good fortune to have run into me.

The eyes Yaeger used to look at Rakshasa became gentle.
Soon after, she shifted her sight to Rakshasa’s user panel, and her eyes immediately widened in shock.

This little girl is indeed the favored child of god!7


  1. Hydra: Who tf made this game. talk about broke af
  2. Hydra: Does this count as mind control tag on certain sites
  3. Silva: Wait, are you a stalker? Didn’t they say information regarding Rakshasa was very LIMITED?
  4. Silva: Yea, we’ve already wasted 16 chapters to see you getting excited all over nothing though. (Well ok I know it’s not nothing, I would be excited too if I get my favorite character from a gacha game)
  5. Silva: Says the one who got two artifacts. Very convincing…
    Hydra: Broken RNG man need to whale more
  6. Silva: Yea, I feel you girl. That guy is just a cheat engine.
  7. Hydra: ah yes more p2w rng bs

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