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Chapter 15 – Unexpectedly Terrifying

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1499 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1026 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Ding! You’ve registered two artifacts in the Artifact Board. Reward: 1x Lottery Ticket.”

Four tickets lower than the first reward, but Yaeger was already pretty satisfied with that.
Six Lottery Tickets, two artifacts, one Purple Equipment, one Blue Equipment, one Green Equipment, one Random Blue Equipment Box, and all that were rewards from a single newbie pack!
No, actually there was that 100 Prestige Points that increased all base stats by +5. That was simply insane!

Seeing that another artifact had been registered in the Artifact Board, Rakshasa shifted her glittering eyes to Yaeger. A sense close to worship was welling up in her heart.

It’s no wonder she’s a Princess, so different from the masses and is blessed by Heaven!
Right now, Rakshasa looked like a fangirl admiring her favorite idol.

Yaeger took the round blackish object into her hands and examined it. Shortly after, she shouted in surprise, “Isn’t this Litzy’s black roulette?!”

At that time, her gaming career was all but saved by this very black roulette. She could even go as far as saying that her destiny had changed thanks to this roulette, so there was no way for Yaeger to not recognize it.

“How strange, did Litzy forget to take it back with her? Why did it appear in my newbie pack?”

Yaeger was confused and couldn’t figure out how it got there.
Soon after, she gave up thinking about it with a shake of her head.

It was a scary thought if all of these events were indeed planned by someone all along. From the point where she drew the Feather of Calamity to the point that she met Litzy and had her sex forcefully changed, and maybe even… her reincarnation…
A bitter smile appeared on Yaeger’s face, she was nothing more than an insignificant pebble on the street, who would go so far as to set her up.1

However, Yaeger didn’t really mind if that was the case. In fact, she would welcome it with open arms. If there were benefits to be gained, who would be against it?

She struggled desperately in her past life, but all of them were for naught. Now that she had been reborn, she would use anything that could be used.

All of these were for the sake of climbing up higher than ever!
To change that accursed future!
Unlike the others, she didn’t have family, friends, or companions to rely on.
If she didn’t make a great effort to struggle, all she could do was to roll about on the ground and never be able to stand again for a lifetime!

As the roulette in her hands shook slightly, some information immediately appeared in front of Yaeger.

【Chaos Roulette】

Type: Accessory Grade: Unknown
Attribute: Unknown ??: Unknown
??: Unknown ??: Unknown
??: Unknown
Use Condition: Can be used by paying an appropriate life span.
Level Restriction: None
Special Effects: 15% chance to activate the passive skill 【Lethal Hit】 when the player is about to die. Increases Agility by 500%, Attack Speed by 500%, Critical Damage by 200%. Last for 30 seconds. 24 hours cooldown.
Description: This is an unknown artifact, the beloved item of a powerful being. Using it may bring about unexpected effects!

Yaeger covered her mouth in fear that she’d let out a shout in all her excitement. Although this artifact had many unknown effects, its basic function was already very broken. As long as she was willing to pay with her life span, she would be able to roll the roulette! Moreover, it also came with special effects! And the most important of all, there was no level restriction!

In other words, she could use it even at Level 0!
That was equivalent to gaining another passive skill she could use at all times.
Although the activation rate was only 15%, Yaeger believed that with her luck stat, the odds were actually far higher than 15%.

And if her innate skill 【Fatal Strike】 were to activate at the same time, the attack power would be nothing to scoff at.
After she equipped the inactive 【Chaos Roulette】, Yaeger could feel a strangely comfortable mysterious power running through her body.

Following that, her sight fell on the 【Chaos God Ring】.

【Chaos God Ring】

Type: Accessory Grade: Inferior Artifact (Upgradable)
Attribute: None
Level Restriction: None
Special Effects 1: All Resistance +50%
Special Effects 2: Attack Speed +200%
Special Effects 3: When player’s HP is lower than 50%, increases Critical Chance by 100% and Critical Damage by 50%.
Description: A ring crafted by the God of Chaos. Badly damaged in a war long ago, and its divinity is all but gone with the passing of time.

Most of its power is already lost, but it might be possible to repair the ring if the source of its power is found.

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“Gasp!” Yaeger felt his scalp go numb and involuntarily gasped.
A damaged ring was already that powerful, one could imagine just how much more potential it could gain if the ring was fully repaired!

However, Yaeger immediately cooled down after looking at the requirements. Though she had never heard of this Chaos Energy, she had at least heard of the Source of Origin. The place where the universe was born, AKA the Source of Origin!

It could be imagined just how rare those items were, there was no way one could obtain them by any ordinary means!
However, even without that, the ring was already pretty useful as is.
Just the three special effects alone were enough to make countless players go crazy.

Furthermore, this ring also didn’t have a level restriction! She could equip it at Level 0!
After putting on the ring, Yaeger could feel all her resistances increasing all at once. Any equal-level caster that she encountered in the future would be in for a world of pain.

“【Special Effect 2】, 【Special Effect 3】,【Lethal Hit】, 【Final Strike】. If all of these effects were to combine, it’s scary just to think about it!”

Yaeger felt so giddy just from looking at the special effects and skill descriptions on the panel. She didn’t dare imagine just how high would her damage output be when all of these were activated.
Naturally, the prerequisite was whether she could trigger all four skills simultaneously.


  1. Silva: Maybe after he died, someone figured Yaeger was the one who could change the future and decided to save his soul. (Or maybe it’s just a desperate girl in love trying to save him)

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