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Chapter 14 – Blessed by the Goddess of Fortune

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1535 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1075 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

【Windchaser Boots】
Purple Equipment.

“Ding! The first Purple Equipment has appeared, the Equipment Ranking Chart is now enabled.”
“Ding! As the first player to be listed in the ranking, you are rewarded with a Random Blue Equipment box.”

As the system voice rang out, a panel appeared right in front of Yaeger and the 【Windchaser Boots】 was listed on it. It was listed on the top, with the character name 【Princess】 attached to it.
The same panel appeared before Rakshasa. Seeing that Princess had made it to the list, she promptly looked over with glittering eyes: As expected, Princess got a Purple Equipment merely from opening a newbie pack!

Without waiting for Yaeger to regain her calm, another piece of equipment appeared from the special newbie pack.
It was a ring, an old-looking worn out ring. It was as though the ring was picked out from a garbage can. It wasn’t even a White Equipment, truly nothing but trash.

However, when Yaeger saw this ring, her pupils shrunk into the size of a pinhole, her breathing became unsettled, face flushed and started trembling all over, as though she had just received the shock of her life.

While it was true that there was nothing special about this ring, it was dirty and damaged. Nobody would’ve given it a second glance if it was thrown in the middle of the road.
However, its name was a little special— 【Chaos God Ring】
This was an artifact!
Yaeger actually received an artifact from the newbie pack!

“Ding! You’ve obtained an inferior-quality artifact. You’ve received the qualification to use the Artifact Board. Initiation complete, do you wish to register?”
Big sis system’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Of course I’ll register! But don’t show the name of the owner!” Yaeger answered excitedly.
As they said, wealth should not be flaunted, what more an artifact.

In his past life, there was a man who flaunted his artifact all over the place. As a result, he was being targeted everywhere he went and had his level dropped to zero. After that, he was forced to give up all of his equipment, he couldn’t have gone lower than that.

Despite the danger, Yaeger still insisted on registering without exposing her name. That was because…

“Ding! Congratulations on being the first player to register in the Artifact Board. Reward: 5x Lottery Tickets.”
“Ding! Cathay, Linhnan server is the first server to receive an artifact. The players in the entire server will receive 100 prestige points. All the base stats will increase by 5 points.”
“Ding! You’ve obtained the title 【Lucky Star】. Charm stat increased by 500 points.”

That’s right, there are many benefits to be gained for registering an artifact.
That said, however, why did the 【Lucky Star】 title increase the charm stat instead of luck stat?!

Yaeger couldn’t resist making a retort in her head. Immediately following that, a flowery smile appeared on her face. She was so happy that she got a little dizzy.
Looking at the Artifact Board that suddenly appeared in front of her, Rakshasa was surprised. Listed on the board was the name of an artifact without the owner’s name attached.

However, she was even more surprised when she saw the gorgeous smile on Yaeger’s face: No way, did Princess get an artifact?
Shifting her sight, Rakshasa easily found the item in question, the item name, 【Chaos God Ring】, was floating in midair with black characters.

If an item name was highlighted in black, they could either be a trash or a rare item that’s out of the norm.
That was what they wrote in the official introduction, Rakshasa remembered it clearly.

Judging from Yaeger’s happy expression, she couldn’t label that as a trash item anymore, even though it did look like one.
Just as Yaeger was about to take the Chaos God Ring and check its stat, the special newbie pack flashed yet again.1

“There’s still more?” Yaeger was dumbfounded to find that this newbie pack actually contained four items.

As the light faded, a blackish stuff appeared.
Following that, the special newbie pack disintegrated into white spots and disappeared. It was evident to all that was the last item.

“Why does this thing look so familiar…” Yaeger wore a doubtful look. She seemed to have a vague memory of the said item.

That was a round blackish object with chains attached. It looked strikingly similar to some sort of neck accessory.

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“Ding! You’ve obtained an unknown-rank artifact. Do you wish to register?”

“Ss!” Yaeger gasped in amazement. To describe how surprised she felt, it was as though her soul was about to leave her body and ascend to heaven!

She actually received two artifacts?!
I’m not dreaming am I?
How was it possible for one to receive two artifacts from opening a newbie pack?!

Yaeger was hit by yet another dizzy spell. Her mind went completely blank from the strokes of good fortune.
In her disbelief, Yaeger pinched her cheeks. It was soft and tender, and indeed, pain could be felt, “Yeowch!”

It isn’t a dream, I’ve really obtained two artifacts!
I’ve received two artifacts from opening the newbie pack, it looks like I’m really blessed by the Goddess of Fortune!

Yaeger took a few deep breaths to calm her excited heart. After all, she didn’t want to die from being too excited.

[Are you alright?] At this time, Rakshasa sent a message as she cast a worried look at Yaeger.

“No worries, I’m perfectly fine,” Yaeger smiled at her. She had already calmed down. She had been through one too many stormy seas in her lifetime, these were just two mere artifacts…
Well alright, she had in fact never seen an artifact once in her past life!
And yet, she suddenly became the owner of two such items, how could she not be excited?

“Do you wish to register?” The system’s voice rang out again.
“Register with the owner name and item stats hidden.” The first artifact must be registered with all of its stat revealed, but the second one onward didn’t have such a requirement. Yaeger also didn’t want others to guess that she was the owner of the artifacts for the time being.

This game wasn’t only played by the common populace, it was also played by pro teams from every country and the related organizations. Leaking too much information could be fatal.
After all, an artifact was enough to drive a man crazy!


  1. Silva: NANIIIIII?!?!

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