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Chapter 13 – Lucksack

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1458 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1001 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Looking at Yaeger’s ‘dignified’ look, Rakshasa felt a rush of excitement.
So pretty, so feminine! I wish I could be like her!

With her eyes filled with longing. Yaeger’s image in her heart had unwittingly become larger.

Yep, she was lofty yet beautiful.

It was at this time,
“Do you know how to play this game?” Withdrawing her gaze from the distant view, Yaeger posed a question at Rakshasa.

The latter nodded and sent a message in reply: [I have read the official introduction, I get the rough idea.]

“Those things are too shallow, they don’t provide any advisory value, how about I teach you instead?”

Hearing what she said, Rakshasa looked at Yaeger inquisitively.
She discovered that ‘Princess’ was very familiar with this world. It was as though she had lived here for a long time already. She couldn’t feel any angst coming from her. If not because of the Character Name pasted on top of her avatar, Rakshasa would’ve thought Princess was an NPC… Could Princess actually be an employee from the game company?

It was only natural that she would think so, it was simply because she hadn’t bumped into another player since the game started.
Moreover, Rakshasa didn’t know about the qualifications of the closed beta. All she thought was that she had accidentally logged-in one day before the official launch of the game.
If they didn’t make a public announcement at a later date, even Yaeger wouldn’t have known about the closed beta.

“Do you want to play with me?” Yaeger extended her hand to issue an invitation.

Rakshasa hesitated for a moment before she slowly extended her hand. She wanted to accept the outstretched hand, but she didn’t dare to make contact. She had never been too fond of making contact with strangers. And close physical relationships were even rarer.

Yaeger took the initiative to grab her hand and exposed a sunshine-like smile, “I’ll be in your care from now on.”

I’ve finally hooked her up… ahhh… nonono, that’s not it! How can I call making friends as hooking up!

Rakshasa was surprised, but feeling the soft and tender texture that transmitted to her hand, she strengthened her grip and nodded.

“Hehe, then we’re friends from now on.”

Yaeger’s smile became increasingly brighter. To think that, once upon a time, she could only look up at the other party from a distance, but now, not only were they on the same starting line, they even managed to forge a friendship.
How could she not be happy?

“Let me help you register first,” Yaeger pulled her toward the front desk.

Rakshasa followed her obediently, but all sorts of emotions ran through her mind.
Joy, excitement, anxiety, and expectation.
It was as though she was a kid who traveled to a faraway land for the first time.

After the registration was done, Rakshasa also received a Black Iron identity plate.

“I have received a quest earlier, how about we form a party and finish it together?” Then, Yaeger suddenly recalled the newbie pack that she had yet to open, “Oh right, do you still have your newbie pack?”

At first, Rakshasa nodded, then she tilted her head1.
“Then let’s open it first, we’ll do the quest after equipping ourselves.”

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As the two took out their newbie pack, Yaeger found that Rakshasa also had a special edition of the newbie pack. Her eyes were promptly filled with surprise.

However, she soon came to accept it. Rakshasa was a cheat-like existence, so wouldn’t it have been natural for her to receive a special newbie pack as well?
It should be known that Rakshasa was the first player to have obtained a divine weapon, a broken one at that.2

From Yaeger’s point of view, this girl was the true favored child of god.
One of the reasons why Yaeger wanted to become friends with her was to borrow her good fortune. The other reason was that she believed they could benefit from the presence of each other.

Although Yaeger had innumerable guides she brought back from the future, there were plenty more that the players didn’t make public. Especially information in regards to Rakshasa.

Yaeger never thought of snatching Rakshasa’s opportunities from her. Their occupations were different to begin with, so there was no point to fight over the treasure.
However, their odds to find rare items were much higher than the average players. If they found something unsuitable for their Jobs, they could exchange it and benefit both sides.
Mutual benefits, that was Yaeger’s main goal.

One lucksack was already terrifying enough, but when two lucksacks were put together, that was just unthinkable!
Filled with anticipation, Yaeger pressed the open button to reveal the contents of the special newbie pack.
The first item that showed up was a bow named 【Sunset Bow】. Its name was highlighted in green, which indicated that it was a Green Equipment.

The equipment in this game was generally divided into seven ranks: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Epic, Legendary.

Equipment rarer than that didn’t fall into these categories.
Such as the Divine Weapon, for example.

“Green Equipment, that’s so-so.”

Yaeger wasn’t disappointed that the equipment was merely a Green Equipment. The drop rate of equipment in this game was remarkably low, and that also applied to the drop rate of White Equipment. To be able to obtain a Green Equipment from a newbie pack was already plenty good.

What appeared next was a sword named 【Gale Sword】, a Blue Equipment.
Yaeger was beginning to get a little excited. As expected of a lucksack to get Blue Equipment from opening a newbie pack!
She recalled that Blue Equipment was ranked at the top during the initial stage of the game.

However, that wasn’t the end of it yet. The very next second, an item that made Yaeger almost want to jump around in joy appeared before her.
A pair of boots popped out of the special newbie pack, and its name was highlighted in Purple!


  1. Silva: Raw says she shook her head, but I have no idea why she would be shaking her head here…
  2. Silva: I believe I don’t need to say this out loud, but in case you’re not a gamer, it doesn’t really mean broken as in “bad”, but in a “game-breaking” sense.

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