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Chapter 12 – How Can a Girl Hookup With Another Girl

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1598 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1116 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Hello.” Yaeger greeted the other party with a dazzling smile.

When Rakshasa lifted her head to look at Yaeger, she felt as though her soul had been pulled out of her body.
She’s so pretty! That smile is so divine!

Despite being of the same sex, her heart was stolen by Yaeger’s beauty…

“Hm?” Yaeger tilted her head in puzzlement. She didn’t know why the other side was just staring blankly at her.

Only now did Rakshasa notice her lack of manners. Her face immediately flushed and she made a hand gesture in a hurry.
Yaeger couldn’t understand what she was trying to express with those gestures.
Those were hand gestures, AKA sign language.
All of a sudden, Yaeger remembered some information pertaining to Rakshasa.
She was both deaf and mute.

“You can’t speak?”
Rakshasa nodded yes.
“Can you try to speak?”
Rakshasa shook her head no.

Inside the game, no matter what kind of physical flaws the players possessed in real life, whether they were disabled or mentally ill, all of these would be gone when they were in the game.
That was because what entered into the game was their soul. So long as their soul was not damaged, the system would be able to reconstruct a body with no flaws.

Just like Rakshasa now, for example, she was supposed to be deaf, but she could hear everything Yaeger had said.
As for why she couldn’t speak, it must’ve been because she had forgotten how to speak after such a long time.

After all, it had already been ten years!
It was a tall task to ask her to speak normally on the spot.
This was a psychological obstacle, it had nothing to do with her physical function.

“That won’t do at all, if you don’t speak up, then you’ll never be able to speak again. Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you.” Yaeger said tenderly.
Rakshasa bit her lip, she hesitated for a moment as she looked into Yaeger’s eyes. However, she quickly made up her mind and opened her mouth, “Ahh…”

That voice was so rough it sounded like an old machine.
As soon as the voice was heard, Rakshasa immediately closed her mouth. Her watery eyes made it seem like she would cry at any moment.
Her voice was truly very unpleasant to hear.

When she just entered the game and found that she could hear, that feeling was so wondrous as though the world itself had become more beautiful. Everything looked so pleasing to her eyes.
However, by the time she attempted to speak, she was scared witless by her own voice.

It was so coarse, and it wasn’t just any ordinary level of coarseness. How would she be able to interact with others with a voice like this?
A thick sense of inferiority quietly grew in her heart.
She managed to speak up again after being encouraged by Yaeger, but her voice was still just as unpleasant to hear.

Yaeger walked over and lightly patted her shoulders, “Don’t worry about it, maybe you just weren’t used to it since you haven’t spoken in a long time. When there’s time, I can help you recuperate.”

Since she came back from the future, Yaeger naturally knew Rakshasa’s real voice wasn’t at all unpleasant. On the contrary, it was an exceptionally sweet-sounding voice. At the moment, however, she just hadn’t learned how to properly project her voice.

Rakshasa fixed her eyes of Yaeger. She was feeling very grateful from the bottom of her heart, what she needed the most now was someone else’s encouragement.

Not only is this girl so pretty, but she’s also very kind and considerate. She’s absolutely perfect! Just like a real ‘Princess’!

Rakshasa thought passionately in her heart. She had lived for so long, but this was the first time she had met someone who so closely resembled the princesses of fairy tales.

“Let’s add each other as ‘Friend’ so we can easily contact each other in the future,” Yaeger revealed a devastating smile, so devastating that it caused Rakshasa to blank out momentarily.

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She only came to after a few seconds later. Hastily moving her hands to pull up the Character Info, she found the Friend List and inputted the Character Name ‘Princess’ to register Yaeger as a friend.
Yaeger received the friend request immediately and accepted it. The two had officially become friends at this point and could contact each other at any time.

“Rakshasa, is your name a reference to Princess Iron Fan1?” Yaeger asked.
She nodded and sent a message to reply, “That’s right, it is the Princess Iron Fan.”
“You like her that much?”
Rakshasa: Mmhm!
“Why so?” Yaeger seemed to recall that Princess Iron Fan didn’t make that much of an appearance in the 《Journey to the West》.
Rakshasa: Pretty.

Yaeger recalled that Rakshasa was a female immortal. Demons in general, the male was always depicted as extremely ugly whilst the female was extremely beautiful.

Rakshasa: And also because she’s strong.

With a single wave of her fan, she was able to drive away the Monkey King Sun Wukong and made him roll in the sky for one whole night. How could she be anything but strong?

“That name is very fitting for you.” And Yaeger wasn’t bluffing either. In the near future, her name would become synonymous with beauty and strength.
Rakshasa: Thank you.

She felt a burning sensation on her face and lowered her head with a blush.
If people three years from now were to see the Cathay’s Goddess of War being this bashful, their jaws might just fall off.

Though she kept a neutral face, Yaeger was in fact really shocked. This Goddess of War was so fluffy and adorable!
She wanted to just carry her home and spoil her.
However, Yaeger immediately cooled down once she was reminded of her gender.

What can I do if I carry her home anyway? To use as a pillow?
Hm? That doesn’t sound too bad, to be honest… ptui, ptui, ptui, I’m not that kind of person!

Yaeger felt a chill run down her spine. Although it was faint, she could feel that her mentality was changing at a rapid pace.

I don’t want to be a girl!
Even if I am physically a girl, my mind is still that of a healthy young man!

Yaeger stood ramrod straight with a firm look on her face. Her eyes pointed forward and her body exuded a masculine aura… as if!
No matter how she was looked at, she was a beauty through and through. In addition to her 2,000 charm stat, her every gesture and move could steal someone’s heart.



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