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The Encounter in the Entrance Ceremony and the Wordless Talk of the Show (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Maybe I could make friends with the girls, then. When I turned in my seat in the classroom, I noticed a group of female students who seemed to be exchange students from the Empire as well, staring at me with burning hostility.

Hmm? Did I do something to anger them???

We’ve all just met for the first time. The only thing I can think of… well, the most common one would be because I name myself Brandmüller since I couldn’t exactly boast my status as an Imperial Family member. So, being touted as an adopted daughter of some upstart noble might be irksome to the central aristocrats steeped in elitism.

Oh dear, the class system is such a hassle.

“…B-, by the way, Miss Julia, you’ve got some kind of imperial family status in the Empire, just like Luke, right?” With that, Daniel casually brought up the topic as if it were common knowledge.

Perhaps, feeling Luke’s grip tighten enough to make a grinding sound, and faced with his silent protest, Daniel might have redirected the conversation towards me as a means to ease the pressure. However, his frank words caught me off guard, and as Luke’s demeanor faltered, it seemed like the strength in his hands waned.

““H…how did you know?!””

Both Luke and I reflexively questioned further. In the corner of my vision, I noticed Curtiss furrowing his brows, realizing my inadvertent affirmation —implicitly agreeing with his words— but it was too late to take back.

While we were all stunned, Daniel, having escaped Luke’s grasp, twisted his head with a puzzled expression, as if to ask, “What are you talking about?”

“That’s quite a story going around. The thing is, there’s not much information, so all sorts of strange rumors spread first. Like this princess here is the secret child of the former emperor or has a hidden royal lineage, and also…” he glanced briefly at Luke. “…that Prince Lucas made a pledge for the future with her, and that’s why she was specially granted royal status.”

At that moment, as if they were characters from a martial arts manga, the female students (curiously, with some male students among them as well) who had been eavesdropping on our conversation suddenly emitted an immense qi, filling the small-theater-sized classroom to the brim. It rapidly reached a critical point.


Just as I was being overwhelmed by the almost-physical force of qi that was, for some reason, gathering around me,

“That’s not true!”

With those firm words of denial from Luke, the tension in the room, which had been like a powder keg, was defused, leaving a sense of ‘Oh?’ in the air.

“…it’s not true?”

Well, the whole spiel about future pledges and all that is obviously a groundless rumor, but being turned down outright like that still felt a bit bitter.

Does he really hate the idea of us being rumored together? With a slight tilt of my head, I glanced at Luke.

“N-, no! I mean, that’s not what I mean, I mean that it’s not not true, but it’s not not not—”

Luke shook his head once again and faced me with a flustered expression as if handling delicate glassware, he grabbed my shoulders. It seemed like he had plenty to say but couldn’t find the right words… His expression was so peculiar like he was about to say something, repeating deep breaths only to get stuck on words.

“…now I get it. So that’s what’s happening between you and Miss Julia.”

Daniel nodded as he looked at Luke like he was dealing with a fool and continued.

“Seems like you went loose back during the voyage, but tightened up completely when facing the person in question. I understand it’s a tough situation, but if you stay passive like this, you’ll end up being swept away by the rumored Child Prodigy. Get yourself together.”

Child Prodigy, that undoubtedly refers to Cestlavie, the priest I encountered during my journey. I don’t know why he was brought up at this moment but he had become somewhat of a notable figure in the capital after identifying the cause of the impassable road, eliminating the orcs responsible, and helping a princess from another country – which was, apparently, me. The fact that I didn’t show up at the agreed meeting point after our separate journeys led Curtiss and others to form a search party, creating a bit of a commotion.

“…I also heard that the rescued princess fell in love with him and awarded him with a kiss.”
“Is that true, Jill?!”
“It’s a groundless and irresponsible rumor!!”

Who on earth is spreading such exaggerated and distorted tales with no basis!?


» “O’ Priest, flee! I care not for my own fate. Please, escape!” —the beautiful princess shed her tears.
» “I cannot. As a clergyman and a man, I cannot abandon you!” —the young priest declared, determination in his eyes.
» “O’ Priest…” “My lady…” As their eyes met, transcending their roles and status, the flame of love ignited between them!

Accompanied by the accordion played by a young girl who appeared to be a white cat beastman, a nondescript young man with black hair and narrow eyes, resembling a typical peddler, was passionately presenting a paper play in a park near the center of the town.

Normally, such performances were intended for children, but this one was different—it featured the current hot topic: “The Child Prodigy, Slayer of the Orc King, and the Foreign Princess.”

Both adults and children alike watched with keen interest, forming multiple rows around the stand, completely engrossed in the unfolding story.

“Danger lurked, looming over the Young Priest and the Foreign Princess. However, fear not, as the Child Prodigy had brewed a solution to turn the tide over. Should you want to know what it is — please do consider filling our donation box, and we will continue with the story!”

Cutting the story off at a cliffhanger, sighs and murmurs of dissatisfaction escaped from the audience, but the peddler, unfazed, bowed gracefully and signaled behind him.


In response, a piglet—dressed inexplicably in a maid outfit—carrying a box bearing the sign “All-Solutions Firm, Livitium Branch” trotted through the crowd, emitting a single squeal.

Upon confirming the red collar, a mark of a familiar, the customers, assuming it was part of the act, amusedly tossed copper and silver coins into the box.

The performer, smiling as he watched this, suddenly noticed a familiar boy with unkempt black hair standing behind the crowd, and with a slight widening of his narrow eyes, he…smirked with a knowing grin.

(What do you want?)
(We need to talk.)
(I’m doing business. Wait until it’s over.)
(…got it. I’ll wait.)

Once they exchanged looks and facial expressions without uttering a single word, the orc maid returned with a full box.

“Good work, Tia…ah, Mille-feuille.”

After that, the performance resumed.

“Now, now, how will the budding romance between the young priest and the princess from a distant land unfold? And what daring plan will he devise to turn the tide, risking his own life?”

The boy stood behind the breathless audience, wearing a face that seemed to betray a sense of displacement, and sighed as he gazed up at the magnificent building atop the hill—the academy.

Author’s Note:

By the way, for regular students, the uniform consists of either suspenders or second-hand clothes, while the noble class naturally has theirs tailored by a full-service tailor.

For girls, think of a design that’s quite improbable in reality, with a flare skirt adorned with a mysterious material ribbon around the waist, topped off with a bolero as an accent.

As for boys, they sport power shoulders, wider neckties, and, of course, slacks.


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