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The Encounter in the Entrance Ceremony and the Wordless Talk of the Show (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

The imperial capital Cilento, situated in the heart of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom sovereign nation within Cilento Central Province, emerged relatively recently, about thirty years ago, in tandem with the empire’s founding.

Contrastingly, the Graviol Empire’s capital, Conwallis, where I resided for a time, boasts a newer foundation, established around 120 years ago, coinciding with the Great Founder’s ascension. Regina once critiqued, “She’s more politician than royalty. Sure, she had skills, but I wouldn’t idolize her as others do.” Her criticisms remained sharp as ever.

While similarities exist between the two cities, the Empire’s capital has experienced various relocations, refining its culture and etiquette over a millennium. Conversely, this country, only about two hundred years old, established its central capital, Cilento, hastily thirty years ago following the Livitium Imperial Kingdom’s formation. Hence, despite its vibrancy and size, Cilento lacks the depth and variety of history and tradition that Conwallis possesses (though I believe that longevity doesn’t inherently denote value or significance).

Cilento’s streets are crowded with unremarkable, hastily constructed buildings, resembling an emerging nation’s back alley. The local attire, reminiscent of the empire’s past fashion, lacks sophistication, perhaps due to a history of discrimination against non-human species, evidenced by a predominantly human population. Furthermore, while slavery is abolished or merely symbolic in other regions, it’s openly practiced here, with slaves in ragged clothes and marked by bands, serving the well-dressed elite as burdensome carriers.

To me, the imperial capital seemed chaotic and tasteless, a city mired in disorder. Additionally, witnessing the open practice of slavery here made me grateful for releasing Lana from her “free laborer” status before our arrival.

Dominating a hill with a panoramic view of the city is the Livitium Imperial Academy, a strikingly beautiful white limestone palace, an anomaly amidst the surrounding chaos. This prestigious institution, part of the continent’s four major powers (albeit the weakest), stands as a testament to the Livitium Imperial Kingdom’s educational ambition.

Admissions to the academy typically start at the age of six, with the curriculum based on a credit system rather than traditional grades. The initial five years cover primary education, after which students transition to secondary education without the need to repeat or skip grades, smoothly progressing through their units. From ages 11 to 13, students enter a two-year phase of early secondary education. During this period, based on their aptitude and capabilities, they are either directed to a three-year advanced secondary education course or various specialized higher education programs. Exchange students like us, however, are on a three-year program, with options to extend our stay for further studies.

Incidentally, we’ve been allocated to the comprehensive department of higher education, specifically to facilities, professors, and resources classified as “noble class.”

Furthermore, those who proceeded to higher education could pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs based on their preferences. However, as exchange students, we were ineligible for such pathways due to the nature of our three-year exchange program. Nonetheless, it’s been mentioned that if we desire to stay longer, arrangements can be made, so it’s likely that some of us will choose to remain at the academy.

While there seemed to be various issues, it was worth noting that the establishment and funding of this academy were entirely courtesy of the Cardinal Rose Superempire. As such, the campus enjoyed a sort of extraterritoriality where neither the empire nor any other country could intervene, granting the upper echelons of the academy a certain degree of autonomy to have their way with other nations, if they so desired.

However, despite its origins and status, the academy boasted a remarkably free and unrestrained atmosphere. The school rules were based on two fundamental principles: “Do not inconvenience others” and “Take responsibility for your actions, no matter what.” Beyond these, the rest of the regulations were largely formalities, allowing the institution to operate independently with a spirit of self-reliance both in public and private matters.



Currently, I was standing at the back of the classroom, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“Well, well…”

The classroom was structured like a university lecture hall or an opera house, with seats rising in tiers towards the back, overlooking the front lectern.

“I see, I see.”

Behind the last row, there was a small landing-like area where each noble’s attendant would wait. Today, Monica and Curtiss were stationed there, looking anxious as they glanced our way. But given the circumstances, they refrained from interfering.

“…Daniel. You’re being impolite. Your behavior towards Jill, I mean, is hardly befitting of a gentleman.”

Furrowing his brow, Luke admonished Daniel, the imperial nobleman – apparently the eldest son of a Marquis family – who then deliberately distanced himself and offered a contrived apology.

“Ooh. My apologies. I was curious about the lady rumored to be Luke’s girlfriend, and I inadvertently displayed discourtesy. I apologize, milady.” With a respectful hand over his chest, Daniel knelt on one knee, expressing his regret.

“It’s nothing, Jill! He’s always a joker, you see. And he always sees things behind rose-tinted glasses — just someone with a weird fetish!”
“Don’t joke with me. You’re the one who shouted ‘Ah, Jill, my heart is full of you!’ to the sea every single day. I had to live that throughout the voyage, put yourself in my shoes…”
“—Daniel, my friend, why don’t we have a long, nice conversation behind the gym?!”

With a demeanor suggesting there were plenty of things he wanted to say but chose not to articulate, Luke, wearing a solemn expression, casually grabbed Daniel’s shoulders with a strange sense of intimidation.

Uwah… It looked like his nails were digging into his uniform and causing wrinkles. Is everything okay?

Speaking of which, the uniform of this academy remained mostly the same throughout the campus, but the color of the tie or ribbon varied depending on the department or specialization. Additionally, for the noble class, the material itself was different, so I heard it cost as much as buying a first-class warhorse for just one outfit—hence, including spare uniforms and various accessories, it added up to the cost of a small mansion.

“Ow ow ow! Hang on, hang on, I’m just trying to support your obsession with those splendid breasts…err, your pure innocent love, so—”
“No need to stick your head into it! Also, the breasts have nothing to do with it!”

These two boys were whispering to each other as they argued. How delightful, the lively communication between boys. I would have liked to join in, but it might have been a bit challenging.


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