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The Broad Chairwoman’s Special Lecture and the Fulfillment of Regular Request (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Clink!! A glass-shattering sound reverberated as cracks spread, and in an instant, the three-meter-tall black steel target shattered.

“““““W-What—It broke with a non-attribute magic attack?!?”””””

Impossible…such were the expressions of disbelief and shock leaked from the instructors present.

“…Surprisingly fragile, it seems. While this material has decent resistance to impact and slashing attacks, it appears to have issues with pressure focused on a single point.”

After a moment, a tall female student with pale pinkish-gold hair, a new student—or rather, an exchange student from another country—spoke up casually.

Beside her, a male instructor swallowed hard and swiftly recorded the results in his notebook.

“…Julia Fortuna Brandmüller, destruction efficiency test, first attempt: incalculable. Ah, and she’s also setting new records in the academy for consecutive firing speed and maximum magical power measured prior to this… Excellent.”

If this were anywhere else, people would look at her and call her a monster, but this was Livitium Imperial Academy, the foremost institution of learning on the continent. Moreover, the instructors here belong to the Department of Magic, which was renowned for gathering prodigies and geniuses in magic selected from all over the world, surpassing even the Cardinal Rose Superempire in magical research.

After the initial surprise, a fierce intellectual curiosity ravaged the instructors present.

“There was that kid who constructed his own Talisman Art, and then there’s you who broke the records without the amplification of magic stones, we’re really seeing a lot of promising students this year. …I’m looking forward to it. Next, let’s try changing the target’s attribute. — Hey, prepare five targets!”
“Understood, instructor.”

The instructors appeared lively and excited.

Meanwhile, seemingly unconcerned about how much of an outlier she was, Jill continued at her own pace. Without breaking stride, she directed her magic towards the next target as instructed.

—In the next instant, targets made of platinum steel, amber steel, azure wrought steel, crystallized wrought steel, and black wrought steel all disappeared simultaneously in a deafening roar.


“I’ve heard things about you, Miss Julia.”

A woman with violet hair, who appeared to be around fifteen or sixteen, took a seat on the uncomfortable-looking sofa and addressed me with a sympathetic tone.

“Or perhaps I should call you Miss Syltianna?”

She cheerfully chuckled at my stunned expression. Adorned with a silver barrette depicting the moon and clad in a robe of grassy green, though her features were too refined for that, her appearance might seem ordinary at first glance like any other girl one might encounter. If she were to change into a school uniform and walk through the corridors, she would be indistinguishable from a student.

However, she is none other than Mei Iroha, the chairwoman of this prestigious Livitium Imperial Academy, and a living legend among the world’s strongest and most elite witches. Known by numerous epithets such as the “Dominator of Infernos,” the “Witch-Goddess of Flames,” and the “Superempire’s Trump Card,” even someone as out of touch with the world as myself has heard many titles attributed to her.

Her appearance had remained unchanged ever since the founding of this academy…no, even since the distant era of the Finis Jihad, leading to speculations that she might be a half-elf…

(…but she’s not. She’s been suppressing it to the extreme, even then, the amount of mana she exuded is far from what a normal human could ever possess. Even the S-Class Magic Beast that Maya is would look like a kitten in front of her.)

Being in her presence, I came to realize that calling her a half-elf couldn’t be any further than the truth.

She surpasses not only elves but also the limits of what one would consider to be demonic beings with ease. If she so desired, no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t be able to defend against her attacks for even a second.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been underestimating her all this time. There’s the rumor that residents of the Superempire literally transcended everything, and I thought that was some sort of cheap propaganda. However, being in close proximity to her, I suddenly realized that it was not only true but also an understatement.

(The world sure is a big place~. But still, how did she know I was Syltianna…?)

In response to my question, the chairwoman winked mischievously.

“I didn’t read your mind or anything like that, so don’t worry. Didn’t I tell you before? I’ve heard things about you. Op…Regina might not mention anything, but since I’m her mentor in magic, that means you’re like a direct disciple of mine. And just so you know, I’ve helped Clara with her magic training a bit too.”

Seeing my unexpected and dumbfounded expression—quite a silly sight, I’m sure—the chairwoman’s smile deepened.

“Either way. I’ve heard your circumstances, so if there’s anything, I’ll do what I can from my end… Of course, I won’t mix personal and professional matters, but if you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to rely on big sis here.”

With that assurance, she patted her chest.

“Of course, following the official protocol, I will address you as Miss Julia in public. —Or perhaps you’re planning a comeback as Princess Syltianna?”

In response to the questioning gaze of the chairwoman, in a fleeting moment, what crossed my mind were the days in the Tenebrae Nemus and the faces of the friends I’ve had.

“—No. I’m just Jill now, and I don’t wish to be anything more.”

For a moment, the chairwoman narrowed her eyes, then she looked up at the ceiling with a somewhat deflated expression.

“I see. Well, that’s…” Whether she was about to say “unfortunate” or “fine,” it’s hard to tell as she shrugged and muttered to herself in a tone that could be interpreted either way.

“Very well. As for your studies, it seems you have a program for classroom study in the mornings and practical training in the afternoons. For the practical side, I’ll be adding my special lectures twice a week, so keep that in mind for the future.”
“Special lectures…?”
“Yes. You might find the other instructors a bit lacking, no? And for me, I couldn’t sit idly having the opportunity to train my grand-disciple and Clara’s daughter. Don’t worry, they’ll be properly counted for credits.”
“I see. Thank you very much for going out of your way for me.”

As she looked at me, bowing deeply after rising from the sofa, the chairwoman smiled strangely happily and nodded.

“Jeez~~~~ I like you, I really do. You’re so different from Regina with her poisonous politeness and Clara who’s always so calculating to make people fawn over her! You’re above them both in looks and talent. On top of that, you’re so sincere! I’d even welcome you to have lectures every day if you’d like.”

Well, that feels like something my body wouldn’t be able to handle…

After compromising to have it three times a week, we spent about an hour chatting over tea about life in the capital and living with Regina. Then, with a mix of anticipation and anxiety, I left the chairwoman’s office, as the proper special lectures would start next week, considering her schedule and preparations.


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