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The Awakening of the Dragon Knight and the Incubation’s Requirements (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

“…That side seems really lively, doesn’t it?”
“I guess.”

Chaton, who stood in a corner of the kitchen while having dinner, watched Jill and the others eating dinner as they cheerfully chatted about the events of the day, gossip, and complaints. Emilia, who was washing dishes next to her, absentmindedly agreed.

By the way, Chaton was wearing a plain dress, as her original clothes became irreparable after falling into the river, so they were lent to her. Currently, she was wearing an apron over it.

“…Also, I can’t help but feel there’s quite a difference in treatment even though I’m a guest too.”

As she compared herself to the guests enjoying a variety of dishes served on small plates, chatting with wine and juice in hand, and her own scene of eating stir-fried rice topped with minced meat, served in a deep dish similar to what curry would be served in, Chaton’s expression, already lacking in change, became even more impassive.

On the other hand, Emilia, with an equally unenthusiastic expression and tone, remarked, “That’s our kitchen’s own ‘Chili-Pepper-and-Minced-Meat Stir-Fry on Rice’ you’re having. It’s quite decent, isn’t it? Also, over there are milady’s esteemed guests, while you’re an uninvited guest. Besides, since you agreed to work and repay your debt, there’s no intention of giving you special treatment, so finish your meal quickly and help out.”

She pointed to the pile of dishes as she said this.

“…To have my prince charming right in front of me, and yet face such a cruel reality.”

Quietly sighing, Chaton lowered her shoulders and focused on her meal in front of her for the time being.

Watching her out of the corner of her eye, Emilia, wondering if she might become a rival in love for the young lady, casually probed, “—So. You keep saying Prince Charming, but you just met sir Lucas today. What part of him is so attractive, even?”

“Eh? Well, that’s obvious. His wealth…and face. What else does he even have?”
“…You have a point.”

Emilia somewhat reluctantly accepted Chaton’s answer which was mired in desire.


“Chaton mentioned that it was a wyvern egg, but I think this is probably a Familiar egg.”
“Indeed, it is definitely different from a regular egg.”

Post dinner. As we were relaxing, I voiced my thoughts on the egg that was still being caressed by Luke, and Pryui responded with a knowing look of agreement.

““That much is obvious.””

Let’s just ignore Ashimi and Bruno for now.

“Fundamentally, a constant exposure to the mana of the prospective master is required to hatch it, but…” At this point, I inadvertently stumbled over my words but prompted by Luke and the gazes of those around me, I reluctantly continued. “The problem lies in two points. One is that Luke lacks the mana necessary to become a magician.”

It’s not completely zero, but he only has the magical power and aptitude of an ordinary person. As I supplemented these words, Luke visibly deflated. Ah, the pangs of guilt sure are painful.

“The other problem is that this egg itself is unresponsive to magical power.”

As an experiment, I tried sending mana waves toward this purple egg, but it was like pouring water into a bottomless bucket; it simply passed through with no effect.

Well then—I decided to try something different.


I switched to spiritual power, and something inside the egg stirred. Pryui and Ashimi, being elves, seemed to grasp it more precisely.

“Perhaps it’s closer to a spirit beast than a magic beast?”
“I sense the breath of the wind spirits. Calling it a wyvern might not be entirely off… No, something is off—”

They exchanged subtle glances and nodded at each other.

“…So, instead of mana, it feeds on spiritual power—or rather, the power of the ‘Wind User’ that dragon knights wield, is it?”

Recalling the glimpse of that power shown by Sir Eilmer, Luke’s father, I voiced my speculation.

“Wind user? You mean a wielder of wind spirits?”
“Possibly, a similar technique, but much more natural… They were using the wind as naturally as they would their own limbs.”

I could only shake my head in uncertainty in response to Pryui’s question. At that time, I had no understanding of spirits at all. Looking back on it now, I feel like the technique Sir Eilmer used was subtly different from the one used by spirit users (even if the essence was the same).

“So you’re saying that I need to be a Wind User in order to hatch this egg?”
“…at the very least, it’d be difficult without establishing a connection with the wind spirits.”

Luke pondered my response with a troubled expression once again.

“Hmph. If you want, I can take care of that egg for you, you know? It might be too much for a pampered Bean like you.”

At Ashimi’s mocking words, Luke, visibly irritated, hugged the egg protectively.

“No, thank you. This is something I’ve taken responsibility for. As someone descended from dragon knights, I’ll hatch it with care.”

“Heh. Your enthusiasm is commendable if nothing else. Just make sure you don’t let it rot. …Oh well, let me give you some consolation. It’d seem that you’re somewhat acknowledged by the wind spirits. You should pay more attention to your surroundings.”

With a snort, Ashimi casually dropped these words, prompting Luke to reflexively look around with a confused expression.

“Yeah, I had a vague sense of that too. It’s like the familiar presence of the spirits as if you’ve been earnestly speaking to the wind spirits for a long time… Have you any idea what you did? Like praying to the wind spirits, perhaps?1

Luke, lost in thought for a moment at Pryui’s follow-up question, suddenly gasped, then—

“Speaking to…the wind…eh?! You mean, the whole time I was in the sea, I had been heard—?!”

—he stared at me for some reason.

“Hmm. You have an idea, after all.”

I tilted my head in confusion, while Pryui nodded with understanding. However, Luke, the one in question, vigorously shook his head and firmly declared, “I don’t know! There must be some mistake!!”

Author’s Note:

The unexpected foreshadowing, or rather, I doubt that anyone would guess Luke being that would be the impetus of his awakening (´・ω・`)



  1. Syl: herp derp, he’s been muttering sweet nothings to the wind.
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