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Extra Chapter I Episode 4 Suspicious Shadow

All students of Senabia Magic Academy were forced to go back home because of the church’s request. Ryuka’s group wasn’t an exception.

「Even so, although it is an emergency, everyone is quite relaxed」
「Indeed. I think there are other victims」
「What do you mean, Lanya-chan?」

Ryuka asked Lanya. But it was not Lanya but Jin and Chris who answered her question.

「Lanya meant that it was not only one girl」
「Too much movement for a single girl」
「As Chris and Jin said, something is fishy」
「Come to think of it, that’s true」

It was strange if you think about it.

Even though the four magicians were kidnapped, the church was still moving secretly rather than issuing an emergency situation.

However, as soon as a non-magician girl was kidnapped, they immediately caused a commotion. It was strange that the church attached so much value on a non-magician girl.

「But why is she so important?」
「No, I do not think that she is that important. Maybe, there were many victims」
「Probably, there are over thirty people」
「This is serious」

To Jin’s speculation, Kair spoke with a troubled expression.

Thirty people, that number of people is not so easy to kidnap. The kidnapping comes with a risk, kidnapping 30 people at once is rather unprofessional.

It was close to the level that he thought that they feel pleasure from the risk rather than money.

「But teachers are on the move, right?」
「It is still worrisome though」
「I would have been nice having him around right now」
「Are you about Real?」
「That would have been reassuring, but he is not here right now」
「Who knows, maybe he is on the move right now」
「Ha-ha, that could be true」

Real is a boy who used to be together with these five people.

Although he is not in Senabia Magic Academy right now, he is a boy with a strong sense of justice, he had a position of a leader among the six of them.

While talking about all of this, five people arrived in the Orna city. Jin immediately found a suspicious person.

「What’s wrong, Jin?」
「There is a suspicious person over there」
「True. That is definitely suspicious」

In their line of sight, there were two men hiding in the alley. The dubious pair had a bag that can fit a person inside, and they seemed to avoid people around them.

「Was it only me who thought that those guys resemble a stereotype kidnapper?」
「Relax Lanya, I think so too」

Even if you have a person-sized bag and wear appropriate clothes, you won’t try to kidnap people in the middle of an alley, right?

But now it is different. In this town, a new victim has just appeared.

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In this situation, two suspicious people with big hemp bags were incredibly eye-catching.

「What should we do? Should we catch then and interrogate」
「No, let’s tail them」
「Let’s go with Jin’s solution. Kair, if we just catch them all of the sudden then we will be deemed kidnappers. Besides, if we can find their base we will be able to save everyone」
「I understand. Then let’s tail them」

Five people suppressed their aura and started tailing the suspicious duo.

As expected from the students of the magic academy, their aura was almost nonexistent. Two suspicious men were non-magicians, so they did not seem to be aware of the tail.

Apparently, the factory seems to be their base.

「I feel like we were right」

As Lanya said, the place where the two people came, was a big factory that was used in the past.

The wall is rusted in some places, and some roof tiles are missing as well. At first glance, it is pretty creepy and nobody will approach on their own volition, so it is the perfect place to hide.

「What should we do?」
「I think that we should rush inside. What about Jin?」
「I agree with Chris. Everyone?」
「Of course I’m in」
「I agree with you」
「Me too」

The rest agreed with Chris. Since they discovered criminal’s base they couldn’t just leave without doing anything.

Five people thought so and decided to assault the factory. And as far as they saw, the criminals aren’t magicians, this will make their job much easier.

「The it’s decided」
「Okay, then first of all we should split into two teams. Jin and Kair are the first team, me, Lanya and Ryuka are the second team. My team will infiltrate and free the hostages, then you can go all out. But try not to kill anyone」

Chris explained the strategy. The rest were impressed with this strategy; it is hard to come up with this strategy on the fly.

「I understand」
「All right」
「I also understand, but why am I inside the infiltration team?」
「Because Lanya’s job is to cut the hole in the wall. We will use that hole to escape with the hostages」
「I see. So we need Lanya’s power. I’m counting on you」
「Yes, I got it」

Everyone understood their roles, and the plan came into motion.


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