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Extra Chapter I Episode 3 From Senabia Magic Academy (3)

At the time of the lecture, due to consideration of the teacher in charge, it was decided to study magic which can be used for self-defense.

At the same time, its purpose was to try to distract students a bit.

By the way, the morning lessons were left to show that the academy won’t be shaken by some kidnapping incidents.

However, the academy principal Edward was going to the church branch after hearing the fact that Seiya was abducted.

Because it was easier to gather information inside the church. Edward nominally went to the church branch as the principal of Senabia Magic Academy, but on the inside, he was doing it for Seiya.

By the way, the branches of the church were located in various places and were able to communicate with the headquarters.

Sudden lecture on self-defense lasted for two hours, it was a break at Senabia Magic Academy.

There were multiple groups in the class, and one of them had familiar faces. Kair and Chris. Kair and Chris were talking with two girls.

One of them was a girl named Lanya Arun. She had a beautiful black hair tied in a ponytail and cool atmosphere around her.

Lanya is the eldest daughter of the Arun family, an elementary magician who is good at wind attribute magic. The Arun family is an intermediate magician family, but it is said that they are close to the title of advanced magician family.

The Arun family used a combination of magic and Arun style swordsmanship for generations. And by using the Arun style swordsmanship at the same time as magic, they had the strength close to that of advanced magicians.

Among the magicians, the Arun style magic swordsmanship was recognized as unique magic. [1]

Another girl is Ryuka Tinamo, a girl with red eyes and beautiful blond hair.

She had a warm atmosphere and was called a Princess for her gentle heart and beautiful appearance.

Ryuka is the second daughter of the Tinamo family and specializes in the light attribute magic, Tinamo family is an advanced magician clan. They are famous for their support capabilities.

Ryuka and Lanya are top-class beauties in this class, from the looks of it, Lanya considered herself a bodyguard of Ryuka, the princess.

They were very close to each other, Ryuka was always trying to spoil Lanya, they almost looked like sisters.

In addition, Tinamo family and Arun family are quite close to each other, this is one of the reasons why Ryuka is pampering Lanya.

When four people were talking in the classroom, Jin came back from the staff room.

Jin explained to Lamia about the state of the four people in practical training yesterday and tried to return to class, but Edward came back unexpectedly and forced him to explain again.

That’s why he managed to return only during the break. Ryuka asked Jin, who came back.

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「Oh, Jin, welcome back. You are so late, what were you doing?」
「Yesterday, I was the one who retired the four people during the practical training, so I was explaining their circumstances to Lamia-sensei and principal Edward」
「You are probably tired, Jin」
「So, what has happened after all?」

Lanya asked the situation of the four people.

「Unknown retired Zach, the other three were retired by me」
「What!? Did unknown retired Zach!?」

Kair was surprised that Seiya retired Zach.

No wonder, because Seiya always endured the assault of three people they clearly didn’t expect him to retaliate. Lanya and Ryuka were also surprised, although they didn’t voice it.

「I see, the trio got angry, then they took Unknown outside the school land and got kidnapped」
「I agree with Chris. The teachers were thinking the same too」
「Will they ever come back?」
「Ryuka, I think it is too early to say that」
「I’m of the same opinion as Lanya, Ryuka」

Ryuka apologized with a depressed expression.

「But still, I’m concerned about them」
「Yeah, I think they were taken to Freestan」
「I also agree with Jin」

Chris agreed with Jin’s opinion, but the other three didn’t understand why Jin thought so.

「How do you know?」
「It’s simple. First reason, the criminal didn’t ask for money」
「Jin is right. I think that the criminal will use them for human experiments」

They thought that they will become test subjects.

Kidnappers didn’t request for money yet, and simply killing them was illogical.

After all, the corpses weren’t found. Even if the criminal tried to conceal the corpse, the church would have found him soon enough.

However, if the dead bodies of the four people weren’t found, then the only possibility is a human experiment, and human experiments are thriving in Freestan district.

「Tsk, Chris-san, what kind of human experiment?」
「I do not know the content of the experiment, but the chance of them staying alive is very small」
「I wonder if Zach has more chances to survive since he is from the intermediate family」
「That’s right. And the lowest chances to live…」
「It can’t be….」

When five people were talking about such a dark story, Lamia, their homeroom teacher, came into the classroom.

However, because the next lesson is self-training, it was strange that Lamia came at this time. However, everyone soon saw her serious face.

「Although it is sudden, today’s lessons are canceled. Everyone is to make their way home」
「Why, teacher? Is this because of the four? 」

A male student asked Lamia.

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「You are wrong, not only them. Someone just got kidnapped in the Orna city.
This time it was a non-magician, a girl. As a result, the Senabia Magic Academy was requested by Windistan church to issue an alert, and the academy responded accordingly.
As a result, it will be impossible to guarantee the safety of students in the town’s surroundings」

The students became unable to say anything.

It already happened so it can’t be helped. Magic academies are sometimes requested by the church to stand on alert for emergency situations. There are different levels depending on the situation.

The is a total of 5 levels.

Because of the request, teachers will collaborate with the church to solve the problem, so normally safe magic academy will not be safe anymore, and the students are forced to go home.

「When you return home, do it in groups of three, dismissed」

Having said her piece, Lamia quickly left the classroom. Students started to go home, that included Ryuka’s group too.

But their faces were somewhat dissatisfied.


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