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Extra Chapter I Episode 5 Commence The Operation

「Operation start. I will launch a signal in the sky in due time」
「We are counting on you, Ryuka」
「Yup. O the goddess of light, grant me your power『Reflection』」

Immediately after she cast her spell, Ryuka, Lanya and Chris disappeared from the surroundings.

The spell that Ryuka used was intermediate level spell『Reflection』. This spell is able to reflect the light hitting the object, and by doing so the object becomes invisible.

But they just became invisible, their aura and sounds still remained, a magician with superior perception like Kair could still find them in no time.

「Kair, have you investigated the building?」
「There are close to fifty people inside. About 30 of them seem like victims. The culprits are 18. Probably non-magicians. The victims are in the back of the factory; the criminals are spread around the walls」

Kair, who had the greatest perception, described to Chris’s team the number of people in the factory and their placement.

「Roger. Let’s go, everyone. We will enter from the back」

The group split up and infiltration team circled around the factory. Three people reached the back of the factory and stopped close to the wall, Lanya stepped out and cast her spell.

「O, my wind soul, bestow upon my hands.『Wind Edge』」 [2]

A green magic circle appeared in her right hand following Lanya’s voice, that hand held an eastern sword, resembling a katana.

Lanya’s favorite weapon, a beautiful katana, you can recognize that it is a masterpiece from one look.

Lanya held her sword coated in『Wind Edge』facing factory’s wall, she poured her mana and unleashed her spell.

「I, the one who received divine protection of the wind. Follow my soul『Wind Fusion』」

The wind wrapped around Lanya’s『Wind Edge』and raised its sharpness.

The spell she used was an elementary wind attribute spell『Wind Fusion』. It is a spell often used to enhance the sharpness of swords.

This spell is often used by swordsmen.

Lanya took a stance with her sword, Arun style magic swordsmanship on full display.

「Arun style, first stance『Turning Swallow』」 [[^3]]

Lanya swung faster than the eye could see, a part of the wall of the factory was cut off without making a sound.

There were at least three cuts on the wall of the factory, but they have seen her strike only once.

But from where the other two came from? The answer is simple. It wasn’t her sword that made these cuts, but the wind surrounding it.

The wind couldn’t keep up with a speed of her katana and became separated. Because of that the wind turned into wind blades and sliced the wall in different directions.

Chris quickly dives in the hole, followed be the rest of the team.

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Walking stealthily for a while they arrived at an open space.

This was the exact place where victims were kept. And fortunately, there were no patrols or guards around.

Seeing the victims, Ryuka immediately dissolved 『Reflection』from the team and run up to them.

The kidnapped people were surprised by three people appearing out of nowhere, but when Chris explained that they were students of Senabia Magic Academy and came to help, people finally became relieved.

And then, following Chris’ leadership, victims successfully left the factory without being noticed.

Chris confirmed everyone’s safety and cast a spell to notify assault team.

「I, the one who received divine protection of light, call upon your power『Shining Bullet』」

The bullet light flew in the sky without making a sound and disappeared as quietly. It was present for a very short time, but it was enough for Kair and Jin.

Jin and Kair noticed the signal without any problem.

「Apparently they succeeded」
「Then let’s commence the attack」
「How should we start?」
「Just shoot them once with『Fire Bullet』」
「One won’t be enough」
「No problem, leave it to me」

Saying this, Jin pointed in the direction of the factory with his right hand and released a spell.

「Maiden of the wind, dance, and rage on this land『Wind Fang』」

Just like that, 『Wind Fang』flew from Jin’s right hand and easily destroyed the gate with a boom.

The criminals raised a commotion at first, but immediately after they took out their weapons and started looking for enemies.

Apparently, their combat experience was plentiful, despite being non-magicians.

After『Wind Fang』, Jin casts a new spell with the target being the people inside.

「Judgement of the wind god, punishment for sinners, divine protection of the wind, dance of speed『Invisible Bullet』」

『Invisible Bullet』were shot in large quantities into the factory one after another, but the criminals swiftly hid behind objects, so none were hit. But Jin never tried to hit them in the first place.

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Finishing his preparations, Jin passed the baton to Kair.

「It’s you turn, Kair」
「Sure! Leave it to me. This one is going to be big」
「No way. Please make it even weaker than usual」
「Will it work with just that?」
「It’s fine」

Kair was going to make the best『Fire Bullet』in both size and quality, but was stopped by Jin.

Having no choice, he produced a『Fire Bullet』which was a little weaker than usual, and released it into the factory.

「Eat this!『Fire Bullet』」 [3]

Kair’s『Fire Bullet』flew into the factory with a small noise.

Will it even work? Thought Kair, and in the next moment from the factory in front of the two people resounded a big explosion.

The faces of Jin and Kair became pale at this sight.

「Kair, you overdid things」
「I properly reduced the power, Jin」
「I think you should have suppressed it a little more……」
「Too late for that」

Why did Kair’s weak『Fire Bullet』blew up the whole factory? The is hidden in『Invisible Bullet』, Jin shot previously.

Jin’s『Invisible Bullet』is usually made of nitrogen, but this time it was made of oxygen instead.

『Invisible Bullet』made of oxygen collided with various places in the factory and dispersed, as a result the factory was filled with oxygen. [4]

And Kair’s『Fire Bullet』was thrown inside.

Oxygen has the property of assisting burning and combustion processes. What will happen if someone releases fire inside the room filled with oxygen? A big explosion will be your answer. [5]

Two people were looking at a violently burning factory in front of them with somewhat stupid faces. Soon afterwards, a lot of water attribute magic circles appeared to fight the fire.

「Jin, Kair, that is an overkill」
「Chris, what is happening?」
「That is a teacher’s work. After we liberated everyone, we called a few teachers who were nearby. Then a big explosion happened, and the teachers are trying to extinguish the fire」
「Thanks Chris, really」
「Thank you」

Jin and Kair were honestly grateful, thanks to Chris the accident won’t happen anymore. But Chris immediately poured a bucket of cold water on their heads.

「I am still fine, but I think they will be really angry with you」

Although those guys were criminals, they used a powerful magic against non-magician opponent. This result is everything but unnatural.

「Did you find our classmates?」
「Unfortunately I didn’t. Only girls were captured, our people are probably elsewhere」
「I see, I hope we find them eventually」
「Let’s all gather for the time being」

After that, everyone gathered together and were strictly lectured by the angry Lamia.

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