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Extra Chapter I Episode 2 From Senabia Magic Academy (2)

When the practical training was over, all of the students were supposed to gather in the classroom.

The classroom was already filled, except for four seats, and everyone was waiting for the homeroom teacher Lamia.

Then the door of the classroom opens and Lamia comes in, she says looking at the classroom.

「Good work everyone, this is it for today. By the way, I can’t see Zach, Hoa, Shura, and Seiya. Is there anyone who knows where they are?」

The classroom became quiet after Lamia’s question.

Some are interested, others are looking away. Actually, the students in the classroom and Lamia knew nothing about the location of Seiya and the others, but they had a certain guess.

It was unconcealed violence in the name of sanctions, students in the class knew about it, but no one would report it to Lamia or intervene.

After all, nothing good will happen if they involve themselves with Unknown, it is better to be indifferent than to show concern.

Actually, Zach’s unilateral violence against Seiya was considered a problem even amongst teachers.

But they weren’t able to catch him by the hand, if Seiya files a complaint it would be possible to issue a warning, but since Seiya never complained, teachers couldn’t move even if they wanted to. [1]

So Lamia couldn’t say anything here.

「I see, whatever then. Winners should not fall behind, and losers are to win next time. That’s it, dismissed」

Lamia said her piece and the day ended for Seiya’s classmates.

The next day, the chime signaling the beginning of classes rang, and students assembled in their respective classrooms.

You would expect to see a full classroom, but for people were absent. Of course, they were the same people.

Classmates did not care about the four vacant seats and were waiting for teacher Lamia to come.

After some time the door opened, Lamia came in, but her face looked tired, there was no sharpness as usual.

Students in the classroom started to wonder about Lamia being different from usual and wanted to know the story. To such students Lamia declared.

「Good morning, there is something I want everyone to hear. Calm down and listen. Yesterday, Zach Runias, Hoa Teil, Shura Neins, Kiritsuna Seiya from this class were kidnapped by someone and still missing」

Students are frozen as if they couldn’t understand what Lamia was saying.

However, she said that their classmates who were here until yesterday disappeared, their reaction was natural.

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They were told about kidnappers that target magicians, but because they were not affected in any way until now, they were rather optimistic.

In addition, Lamia says to the downhearted students.

「The criminals who kidnapped them weren’t discovered and the was no talk about ransom yet」

Listening to that remark, classmates have a look of despair. That is supposed to be the reason why the abduction of magicians is the most common is ransom.

To abduct magicians, you need to shoulder a significant risk, but the amount of ransom will rise accordingly, so immature students are often targeted.

And the second most common reason is the unique magic. If you abducted a member of intermediate magician family or higher, you can try to research the magic of the said family and pass the analyzed data and hostage together, the ransom will be tripled then.

Any one of those is a serious crime.

Either way, it is necessary for the criminal to inform the family about the kidnapping, but such message wasn’t sent.

The other variants are: to be used as a research material or to be killed.

Lamia said that four people were kidnapped, but that was not confirmed, in the worst case the four people may never return home.

But even if they are to be used for the human experiment, there is a chance they will stay alive.

「The church already knows, but still be careful. Since the church is already on the move, the criminals should be caught quickly, but do not push your luck, run if you are in danger.
Also, there won’t be any afternoon lessons today. Therefore, it is forbidden to stay in the academy. If it is possible then return home with an escort. Also, Jin, come with me to the staff room, over」

As she said that, Lamia took Jin out of the classroom. And the listless classmates were getting ready for the lecture.


  1. Mm. A warning. Amazing. 

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