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Extra Chapter I Episode 1 From Senabia Magic Academy (1)

The story goes back to the time when Seiya was still at Senabia Magic Academy.

About 30 minutes after Seiya retired, Jin was hiding behind the tree and holding his breath. He was watching the battle.

「I, who received protection of light, let the light shine『Wall of Light』」
「You can not win by defending. Come, Chris」
「If you want it this much, then can’t help it. The power of the light, appear『Flash』」

Beginner spell of the light attribute『Flash』wraps Kair and takes away his sight.

And as soon as he showed an opening, Chris takes out the knife from his breast pocket and tries to slash his neck.

Kair was deprived of his vision by『Flash』and was supposed to be killed by his knife and retire.

However, Kair avoided Chris’ knife as if he saw it. And at the same time, he casted『Fire Bullet』towards Chris.

「I, the one who received protection of fire, now, aid me.『Fire Bullet』」[1]

Kair’s 『Fire Bullet』flew directly to Chris who tried to attack him with a knife.

Chris, who had not anticipated such development, was stunned and received a direct hit.

Chris who was hit by『Fire Bullet』is now lying on the ground, suffering an attack on the spirit.

「Kair, why were you able to avoid my knife?」

Chris stood up and asked Kair in front of him. Then Kair’s surprising answer came back.

「It’s simple, if your eyes are struck and you can not rely on your sight, you can use the sound and judge with your ears. Well, even if I say this, in your case you just too straightforward and easy to understand」
「Kair, you can’t do that…normally….」
「Really? It’s easy to surprise you」

Chris is stunned by his answer, but Kair doesn’t understand what is so surprising about it.

Chris recalls his secret all of the sudden.

「Because you are capable of automatic activation due to your fire affinity」
「Oh, maybe so」

Kair Dennas had more acute perception than an average magician. It is a trait of the Dennas family, rather than Kair.

The Dennas family is a family with high affinity for fire attribute, and all clan members use fire attribute magic. This can activate hidden perception power by relying on special effect of fire attribute『activation』.

Specifically, there are three things that Dennas family activates: visual and auditory perception and aura sensing.

Among them, the aura sensing aspect of the Dennas family is particularly excellent, they often take advantage of its characteristics to perform the reconnaissance.

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The same thing can be done by other families who use fire attribute magic, but there are few families that can achieve the same results as the Dennas family, after all this sensing ability is their feature.

「Well then, let’s stop useless talk here. I, who received the will of the fire, call upon your power『Fire Slash』」

The flame envelops the hammer that Kair is holding and swings it towards Chris.

Then a mass of fire shot from Kair’s hammer, and when it hit Chris, his body was split in two.

In addition, fire came out from his wound and attacked his body. His body was split in two and was set aflame. Seeing his state. Chris complains to Kair.

「That was awful, Kair. Can you be a little gentler? 」
「I is often said. You can receive a desperate counterattack if you do things half-heartedly」

It was as he said. If Chris could do it, he would have definitely launched a counterattack

Chris was already prepared to exercise the counter, but Kair’s attack was more powerful than expected, so he could not respond.

「Haha, so you have seen through me」
「Of course」

Chris answered, and became the sparkling dust and retired.

The spell cast by Kair,『Fire Slash』is classified as fire attribute intermediate spell, and as its name says it slices the opponent with fire.

Furthermore, the object which was cut becomes ignited from the fire, leaking from the wound. When a magician of a high level uses this spell, he can activate the ignition the moment spell hits the target.

By the way, it was a technique that Kair still could not do.

When he went to see Chris disappearing, Kair took a combat stance facing a certain tree.

「I, who received the will of the fire, call upon your power『Fire Slash』」
「Maiden of the wind, dance and rage on this land『Wind Fang』」

Kair sensed with his hearing that his『Fire Slash』was hit and dispersed. At the same time as Kair sensed his attack failing, a blonde youth Jin revealed his appearance

「As expected of Kair. You noticed me」
「Look at yourself, you destroyed my『Fire Slash』quite easily」
「That is wrong」
「I am glad to hear that」

Kair’s face was smiling, but his eyes were closely observing Jin.

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Because otherwise Kair would be killed instantaneously before noticing the wind controlled by Jin. Jin casts a new spell against Kair, with his signature aura sensing.

「Judgement of the wind god, punishment for sinners, divine protection of wind, dance of speed『Invisible Bullet』」
「Damn it, who uses that as an opening move!?」
「Because it’s a survival after all」

Transparent bullets were released from Jin towards Kair.

Kair closed his eyes and tried to avoid the『Invisible Bullet』by fully utilizing his hearing and aura sensing, but he could not avoid every one and took a hit.

The number of bullets that Kair was able to avoid was about the half of the released. Kair was hit in his shoulder and legs and fell on his knees, staring at Jin.

The spell used by Jin is called『Invisible Bullet』which is classified as wind attribute advanced spell, it is an invisible bullet that can not be seen with the naked eyes as its name suggests.

The identity of invisible bullets is a small amount of nitrogen, hardened by the special effect of the wind attribute.

Nitrogen bullets are invisible because they have no color, and 70% of the air is nitrogen, nitrogen bullets are easy to assimilate in the air, and it is hard to find them by hearing or sensing aura.

As a result, Kair’s detection abilities did not work, only half could be avoided. Although it is amazing enough to avoid even half of them.

By the way, Jin of old was making『Invisible Bullet』from carbon dioxide.

However, Kair avoided them all once. The reason for that, carbon dioxide was less susceptible in the air because its percentage in the air was less.

After an encounter with this superhuman, Jin uses invisible bullets from nitrogen.

「Sure, it’s a survival … so I will show you the big one, Jin. I, the one who received divine protection of the god of fire, the apostle of the god of fire, protection of gravity, herculean strength, the ceremony of fire … …」

Kair starts chanting some kind of powerful spell. Seeing this,  Jin quietly cast a spell with his right hand facing Kair.

「Maiden of the wind, dance and rage on this land『Wind Fang』」

Jin used『Wind Fang』to interrupt Kair’s chanting and slashed at his head. Kair, who became a separate head, looks at Jin with an unbelieving face. [2]

「Hey Jin! Let me chant the last piece!」
「Impossible. You tried to use top class spell.」
「Read the atmosphere!」

As he said that, Kair finally retired.


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The moment Jin retires Kair, the siren rings and the training ends.

And at the next moment, all illusions in the dome disappeared. Around Jin, there were students who survived practical training as well, spread around the domed wasteland.


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