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Episode 90 Some Thing in the World Should Be Left Unseen

When Seiya opened the door, he was greeted with a dim single passage.

The passage was lit by a feeble candlelight, the field of vision was narrow, to the extent of not being able to see farther than 10 meters. Fortunately, as there were no enemies around, they proceeded unimpeded.

「It’s creepy here」
「Yes. There are no living presences here at all」

Selena and Aishi moved forward as they said that. Although their steps were firm, their faces betrayed their anxiety and fear.

It wasn’t surprising. It won’t be surprising to see a ghost in such a dim and lifeless corridor.

「That being said, it’s dark. Can you fix it with your magic somehow, bird woman? 」

Seiya only asked randomly but Selena suddenly became red in the face and turned away. Her face was saying, why didn’t I immediately notice this feeling inside of me.

Selena immediately activated the elementary fire spell 『Torchlight』 and illuminated the surroundings.


Right after she lit up the area around them, Selena’s face suddenly turned blue.

For a moment, Seiya didn’t know what happened but soon after he discovered the reason behind her change in the face. Ahead of Seiya there was a wall covered completely in spiders.

Lots of spiders filled the entire wall as they crawled around.


Said Aishi as she hid behind Seiya. Seeing her like that, Selena immediately followed suit and used him to cover her view.

「He-hey, do something, lolicon」

Said Selena in a trembling voice that usually couldn’t be heard from her. Aishi kept her eyes closed and silently clung to Seiya’s back. As Seiya felt Aishi slightly trembling too, he had a prank on his mind.

「Don’t pull so hard, there might be more on the other side」

Seiya’s words made the two freeze. However, as their thoughts caught up, they screamed like never before.

「Please stop it please stop it stop it」

The two clung to Seiya and pressed their faces against him.

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Faced with such two, Seiya had no choice but to cast『Dark Wave』and erase all the spiders on the wall.

However, the two didn’t notice the spiders’ disappearance and still clung to Seiya. If Yua could see him at this moment, she would have called him a cheater again, so he decided to tell them.

「I made them all disappear. So take some distance」
「Really? 」
「Is it true?」

Asked the two, still pressing against Seiya. They might still be some left, the two were filled with concerns.

With that as a reason, they couldn’t look around. Towards the two, Seiya said in exasperation.

「Yeah, all of them」
「Really all of them?」
「Is it absolutely true?」

The two slowly raised their faces and looked at Seiya’s.

Being stared by the two, Seiya wavered for a moment but immediately confirmed it being true.

The appeal of always tsunstun Selena and always expressionless Aishi being frightened was in no way small. However, the two quickly became pale again.

As they were looking upwards, they point of view was different. Something above Seiya, the ceiling.

「Please stop it please stop it stop it」

Letting out a scream for the second time, the two clung to Seiya again. Making a face that seemed to be indicating that he forgot about it, he used『Dark Wave』to erase the spiders on the ceiling.

The three made their way through the corridor and arrived at a small hall. Because of the previous event, the two, with their faces incredibly red, and Seiya, with a troubled look on his face, looked around the hall.

It was a size of an academy classroom and he didn’t feel anything unusual about it but, being on high alert, he heard a sound.


With a loud sound a bunch of 3-meter-tall golems appeared. Their entire bodies were metallic and radiated a menacing aura as they circled in the air above the two.

「What on earth is this」
「A human?」

Of course, the three, who lived in the technologically inferior Leiria, didn’t see any golems in their lives before.

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The flying golems headed towards the unmoving three, lifted their right hands, and released multiple lasers at them. Multicolored lasers simultaneously flew towards the three.

「『Wall of Light』」

To protect everyone from the lasers, Seiya immediately cast『Wall of Light』.

A moment later, Selena and Aishi recognized the attack and deployed their own defensive measures. Each individual laser wasn’t that powerful but their number was enough to compensate for that.

To protect themselves from the lasers, the three’s defensive spells were nearly not enough.

「Chi, I won’t be able to use『Dark Wave』like that」

Seiya thought of erasing the golems with『Dark Wave』but couldn’t quite find the moment to activate it under the barrage. The lasers attacked one after another as if their timing was calculated.

「What should we do?」

Asked Selena, who kept lasers at bay with her『Fire Wall』spell. However, Seiya too was concentrated on defense and couldn’t do anything.

「Leave it to me」

Aishi, who was busy defending with『Ice Wall』, said to the two. Aishi too had her hands full with defense but her face looked undeniably confident.

「Do you have a plan?」

Said Aishi and started a new chant.

「All water in creation, become our guide『Fruit of the Ice Tree』」

Together with the end of the chant, the ice started rapidly spreading from her『Ice Wall』.

It resembled multiple trees that pierced through the golems as they grew. However, it wasn’t enough to stop the golems from firing their lasers.


With Aishi’s word as a sign, ice spread around from the places where the golems were pierced until it covered them whole.

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As if the tree grew on the foundation of 『Ice Wall』and the golems covered in ice are its fruits.

「As expected of Aishi」
「Thank you very much」

Being praised by the two, Aishi blushed, even if only a little. The frozen golems didn’t seems to be able to move and completely ceased to function.

As Seiya looked at the golems, he wondered what kind of technical skill is needed to achieve that.

「Let’s hurry forward」

The three passed the hall and climbed a big stairway. The stairway was of a spiral type and quite long at that, the three kept climbing for about 5 minutes.

They didn’t know what floor they were on as they ended up in a hall that was bigger than the previous one.

There was someone in this hall besides them. They couldn’t see it well due to the dim light but the three noticed a person’s shadow even before entering the hall.

That shadow, different from their previous encounters, radiated an aura of great power.

「So it’s time for the elites」
「Looks like it」
「Seems strong」

As the three vigilantly entered the hall, it suddenly lit up brightly. And as the room turned bright, the three recognized the person in the center of the hall. However, the three immediately lost their words.

「You are…..」
「Why are you here….」

The three were surprised. Before the three stood a blue-haired man in black-rimmed glasses.

Although Seiya didn’t meet him that often, that wasn’t the case for Selena and Aishi. That man was the Arsenia Magic Academy’s head teacher, Zaddman.


All right, as I mentioned in the post, I’m dropping this novel. Thank you for sticking with me.

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