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Episode 86 Seiya’s Judgment

As the sun rose above the second district of the Dakuria, the girls were present in the dining room of the inn.

The breakfast before them included some of the finest dishes of this inn and was quite delicious. The five girls, missing one particular person, started eating breakfast first.

The dining room had several long tables in it and the girls took one for themselves.
The seating order is considered free in the dining room, so when the male customers from the same inn tried to take a seat beside them, they were turned down by Yua.

Normally, there should have been Seiya in that place but, regretfully, he wasn’t present.

The male customers, who tried to approach them, were rejected and took different seats in frustration.

By the way, the reason behind Seiya’s absence was that he told everyone to eat breakfast ahead of him and shut himself in the room.

Seiya stayed back in the room because he had things he had to do. That is to relay the gathered information to Bagil, who was on his way here.

Once he was left alone in the room, Seiya took out a tennis ball sized blue stone from his pocket. That was a telepathy stone with a direct connection to Bagil, quite a valuable article.

Seiya injected his mana into the telepathy stone and tried to establish a connection with Bagil.


The telepathy stone kept swallowing his mana with such a sound. After a few second, the link was established.

「Is this Kiritsuna Seiya?」

Tried to confirm his identity Bagil. That being said, he was sure that it was Seiya so he skipped right to the business.

「How is it? Where are you right now? 」

Bagil’s voice seemed somewhat restless. While having a bad premonition, Seiya told Bagil his location and the information he gathered.

「I’m staying in an inn in the second district of the Dakuria. The location of Moka Fenix is mostly confirmed」
「I see. What kind of place this second district is? 」
「To be honest, the technology is much more advanced compared to the Leiria Kingdom. The gap is just too wide」
「Technology? 」

Bagil couldn’t understand what he said. When talking about the technology, Bagil could only think about the magic technology and not about the machinery.

Thus, he didn’t know how to reply to that statement.

「Yeah, can you believe it? I’m in the room on the 8th floor from the ground right now. It’s surprising how people can build such structures without relying on magic」
「On the 8th floor?!」

Although Bagil was at a loss of words hearing such a number but as an apostle, he immediately recovered and talked about the plan of action.

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「So, where is Moka Fenix located?」
「You need to leave the second district, cross a mountain and reach the place called the Demon King’s mansion, where she is supposedly imprisoned. I don’t know the details about this Demon King’s Mansion but it seems like a problematic place」
「I see……」
「So when will the reinforcement arrive? 」
「About that….」

Bagil’s speech suddenly became hesitant. Despite it being a telepathy, an image of Bagil’s face with a distorted expression appeared in his mind.

「What’s wrong? It’s about the time for them to cover at least a half of the distance」
「It might be hard on you but the reinforcement are likely to take a while」
「What do you mean?」

Seiya’s face hardened.

「There is a triple amount of tourist on because of the Aquamarine this year, the control over exiting and entering the dark territory became much stricter. That’s why there is a need for us to regroup in another city and start from there. We need at least three more days to reach you」

In other words, by the time he arrives, the most of the 「safe」week will be spent.

「What? What about the other apostles? 」
「The seven sages dispatched two more apostles in addition to myself but ,regretfully, they are already on the move towards the Moru city, which will take some time. Most likely, two days in they are in a hurry」
「Two days? 」

Seiya failed to hide his surprise at an unexpectedly long wait.

In Seiya’s mind, there was a plan to join with Bagil today and launch a night raid on the Demon King’s mansion. However, hearing about the two days, he didn’t know what to think anymore. This number will make things hopeless.

「Two days is too long, no matter how you look at it. Can’t you do anything? Go through the Aquamarine somehow」
「I want to do so as much as you but there are too many tourists in the Aquamarine. There are as much problems as there are tourists, we can’t leave the city in the middle of it」
「I see. Why are there so many tourists in the first place? 」

Seiya’s question didn’t came out of nowhere. The sudden increase in a number of tourists is just too convenient. Bagil was of the same opinion.

「Most likely, this is also a part of the enemy’s plan」
「Just how did they?」

This time’s crime was staged by the people of Dakuria. It should be difficult for them to move a large number of people in the Leiria Kingdom.

In that way, there is a possibility of the people of high standing in Leiria being involved. Doubts about the people of Leiria appeared in Seiya’s mind.

「This I do not know. However, there is no doubt that we stepped right into the enemy’s trap」
「Damn it…..」

At that time, two choices appeared inside of Seiya. However, both of they come with a big risk.

「What are you going to do, Bagil?」
「You should be on standby in your inn. In two days at the fastest, one of the apostles should be able to join you. After that, we will immediately launch the rescue operation」

Bagil’s choice was the best for a person, who is in charge of everything. It is important for a captain to take care of his subordinates’ lives first and commence the operation with minimal risks.

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However, at the same time it increased the chances of the hostages being harmed.

After coming to this city, Seiya had a vague feeling.

The safe margin of a week involved a lot of his wishful thinking while in reality, even a second of delay was dangerous.

The level of technology in this city demonstrates it. His common sense isn’t applicable to this country. For a country that can overrun their magic horses, it’s doubtful whether they will leave Moka alive for long.

That being said, she might be still alive. That thought swirled inside his head.

「Listen, you are just an advance party, not the main force. Do you think that you need to rescue her with your current members? Do you understand, Kiritsuna Seiya? 」

Bagil received a bad premonition faced with Seiya silence and tried to nip it in a bud but it was already too late. The answer was already clear in Seiya’s mind.

「Sorry. We shall commence the operation with just a six of us. It doesn’t seem like I have a leeway to wait for your team. Every second matters」
「Wait! This is suicide! You don’t even know anything about your opponent. Besides, leaving something like this to the students of the magic academy」

Bagil’s words made sense. However, Seiya couldn’t afford to shrink back.

「Waiting for you will put Moka Fenix in peril. Besides, I’m not doing it as the student of the magic academy. I’m doing it as a friend of the Fenix family」
「That’s unforgivable. Do you mean to say that the advance team is going to abandon the mission? It’s an order from your superior, standby」

Bagil tried to stop Seiya with all his efforts.

He even went as far as to use his position as a captain to issue an order, which wasn’t like the usual him. However, Seiya, who was aware of it, made a statement to lift the responsibility for their actions from Bagil.

「Presently, Kiritsuna Seiya and his team of six shall act independently from Bagil Eight, a member of the Thirteen Apostles」

They weren’t under his command in the first place but he made sure to proclaim it just in case.

With this, there is no need for them to listen to Bagil’s orders anymore. At the same time, he made it possible for Bagil to avoid a part of the responsibility.

「Bye, I’ll contact you later」
「Wait! Kiritsuna……」

Said Seiya and one-sidedly cut off the transmission. After he controlled the stone to ignore calls from Bagil, he got down to the dining room and joined the rest.

「All right then, how should I proceed from now on」

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Said Seiya while heading to the cafeteria.


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