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Episode 85 Yua’s Worries

At 3 A.M., under the quiet and comfortable sound of the wind, Seiya opened his eyes. Next to Seiya, there was Lily, who comfortably slept with Seiya’s arm as a hugging pillow.

Looking at her appearance, Seiya made an exasperated expression.

There were four semi-double beds in Seiya’s room in the inn. Normally, three people can have one bed for each of them.

However, these three, for some reason, used the same bed.

Going back in time a little, when Selena and Seiya returned to the hotel, the night was mostly spent.

Even if it’s Seiya, after the fight with the magical beast in the morning, a fraud attempt in the guild, and gathering information in the night he made his way straight to the bed.

Due to the fatigue, he collapsed onto the bed right in his tuxedo, and, once Yua saw him in this condition, she attempted to undress him.

She did it skillfully, and in a few minutes, Seiya’s clothes changed to the ones suitable for sleeping. Seiya thanked her for her efforts and wanted to immediately fall asleep.

However, a problem occurred.

Yua stripped her black uniform, which can’t be worn by anyone except the apostle’s subordinates, and appeared before him in her pink underwear.

Seiya was on the verge of losing consciousness and didn’t see her appearance but from the rustling sounds, he understood that she changed her clothes.

In a moment when he was about to fall asleep, he felt something soft and warm touching his right arm. Seiya squeezed the last bits of power in his body, opened his eyes, and looked at his right arm.

There was a figure of Yua in pink underwear hugging his arm with a happy face. When he tried to tell her to sleep in her own bed, this time he noticed a warm feeling on his left arm.

That warmth felt even more intense, and, fighting a desperate fight against his sleepiness, he looked at his left arm.

There was a figure of Lily hugging his arm in her birthday suit. As she didn’t wear anything, the warm feeling of her breasts was directly transmitted to his left arm.

Seiya thought that a semi-double bed won’t be enough for three people but, maybe because Yua and Lily were slender, it didn’t feel that cramped.

With things as they were, Seiya decided that he didn’t have much of a choice and decided to fall sleep as it is. However, the feeling on his right hand suddenly vanished only to become warmer and softer a moment later.

Confirming his thoughts, he turned to look at his right hand once again. There he saw Yua in her naked form without her unexpectedly pink underwear.

Seiya is a man. No matter how fatigued he was, a certain part of his was bound to become active after being embraced by two peerless beauties in their birthday suits on both sides.

However, thinking about the next day, he had to rest. Such Seiya pleaded with the two in an exhausted voice.

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「At least…..wear something…….」

Hearing his near-death voice, the two didn’t ignore him and decided to wear a babydoll that they were supplied with by the hotel. [1]

The two’s appearance in their babydolls was, for some reason, even more erotic than before forcing Seiya to desperately suppress the lust inside of him. They wore the clothes but it looked as if they didn’t wear anything at all.

And currently, Lily slept in her light blue babydoll on his left arm. However, there was no Yua on Seiya’s right.

Seiya surveyed the room but couldn’t find her figure. However, he did notice that the door to the verandah was opened.

He pulled out his hand in a way that won’t disturb Lily and got up from the bed.

Once he got up, he headed to the verandah as he was. As expected of a suite room, the verandah was quite spacious and provided a nice view on a part of the city.

He noticed Yua as soon as he stepped into the verandah.

She wore a cardigan on top of her pinkish babydoll and her beautiful white hair swayed under the gentle wind.

It seemed as if she was overlooking the city but she immediately noticed Seiya’s appearance. Seiya stood next to her and looked at the city.

As expected of the night, there weren’t a lot of light sources but there were some creating a beautiful scenery.

「Can’t sleep?」

Seiya said as he looked at the night view. However, there was no reaction from Yua. That’s why Seiya decided to express his gratitude first.

「For what….?」

Failing to understand the meaning, Yua tilted her head. Seiya found her appearance quite adorable.

「You recovered my fatigue, right?」
「So you noticed…..」

When Seiya woke up, he mysteriously didn’t feel tired. Even though he slept for a while, his fatigue wasn’t something that could vanish in a few hours.

At that time, he discovered some weak traces of Yua’s mana in his body. Then Seiya understood that he recovered thanks to Yua.

「Yeah, although weak, I felt your mana inside of me」

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Hearing these words, Yua’s expression turned somewhat happier. Seeing Yua’s attitude, Seiya remembered a certain something.

To be precise, he felt this since the morning. Seiya felt that there was something on her mind. That’s why he asked Yua.

「Are troubled with something?」

Yua trembled at his words.

「But you know, it’s strange for Yua to compete against Lily. Besides, you were somewhat more proactive」

Seiya felt a difference in her attitude.

If it was Yua from before, she wouldn’t have minded Lily and proceeded to touch Seiya at her own pace. You can explain it as the confidence of the legal wife.

However, this time she didn’t feel at ease and was even desperate.  This made her attitude stand out and felt weird to Seiya.

「No problem……」
「Don’t lie. Talk to me. I’m you fiancé after all」

Yua planned to return to the room with a dismissive attitude but Seiya’s words made her stop. Although Seiya was only presented with her back view, he noticed something small and sparkling falling on the floor.

It was Yua’s tear reflected in the night’s illumination.


Seiya gently hugged Yua from behind. Being hugged by Seiya, Yua released her pent-up tears.

「Tell me, Yua. What is troubling you?  What makes you cry? 」

Hearing his words, Yua said with a sniff.

「Do you love me….?」

Seiya couldn’t understand these words at first. I love Yua from the bottom of my heart. Those are no doubt Seiya’s true feelings.

However, he became worried whether it reached Yua or not. Seiya shared his true thoughts.

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「Yeah, I love you from the bottom of my heart」

Those were undeniably his true feelings. True feelings from the bottom of his heart without any lies or deceptions. Yua made a surprised expression for a moment but immediately continued.

「More than Selena?」
「Why are we talking about Selena here?」

Seiya was surprised at the sudden turn in the conversation. Faced with such a Seiya, Yua let her inner thoughts out.

「But you are acting together with Selena…….Selena was happy to accompany you too……..Even though I wanted to go, I couldn’t but Selena could…….
I’m of no help to you……I started to think of myself as a burden…….The more I thought about it the more I became proactive…….
I don’t want to be hated by you even more…..But my heart longs for Seiya, I ended up competing with Lily on a spur……..」

It was rare for usually quiet Yua to speak so much. However, Seiya felt how much Yua cornered herself and blamed himself.

Why didn’t I notice it sooner, he asked himself.


Seiya turned Yua around and stole her lips. Yua was surprised at his sudden action. Her ruby-like eyes opened wide.

When Seiya released Yua from the kiss, he quietly said.

「Sorry, Yua. I’m a failure of a fiancé」

Failure of a fiancée. Those words were the same words that Yua thought in her head but at the same time, the words that she didn’t want to hear the most. At this rate, I may be discarded by Seiya.

This worry appeared inside of her.

「I avoided acting together with you precisely because I treasure you, to think that this hurt you instead」

Yua didn’t know when he would tell her to break up.

I can’t live without Seiya anymore. I don’t want to part with the first youth in my life that I truly love. However, with me as I am…….

Yua’s heart was enveloped in a storm. This might be my last opportunity. She thought this on her own convenience and told Seiya.

Yua told him her true thoughts, even if it will make him hate her even more.

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「i want to stay with Seiya forever…….I don’t want to lose my dearest person……..I don’t want to hand Seiya to anyone…….I want you to look at only me…..If it’s Lily then it’s okay, a little……..But I want you to love me the most…..These are my true feelings……..」

Hearing her real feelings, Seiya became surprised for a moment but immediately followed suit.

「I too love Yua, who accepted me with my heretical power. I can’t imagine you being with another man. That’s why stay beside me forever, Yua」

Those are Seiya’s true feelings.

「Seiya……thank you…….」

Tears disappeared from her eyes to be replaced by a cute smile.

Seiya touched her cheek with his right hand. After that, they kissed each other in a natural manner. This time’s kiss was gentler and deeper that the previous one. As Seiya tried to strip her of her cardigan, he was stopped by Yua.

「Lily would wake up………」
「it’s all right. She is sound asleep, she won’t wake up that easily」

Saying that Yua released his hand and left herself to Seiya. After that, a cute voice and lively sounds resounded on the verandah for a while.

There was a certain girl on the supposed-to-be-empty verandah. To be precise, she was on another verandah separated by a thin partition but she still heard the voices.

The girl couldn’t calm her heart and fall asleep after all that happened, so she decided to go to the verandah to relax.

However, forget about calming down, the voices and sounds from the verandah next to hers made her even more excited.

The girl tried to block the sounds by stuffing her ears with her smooth red hair.

(What are those two doing this late at night? They are even doing it outside……)

Thought Selena as she tried to block her ears. However, she didn’t even try to return to the room and stayed at the verandah.

The movements of her hand at that moment were secret to everyone.

Thank you for reading. This time I wrote about Yua’s true feelings, she became much more complicated than before. Yua keeps deviating farther and farther from her original setting…….
Well, leaving that aside, next time they will get out of the city and head to save Moka. (Maybe I’ll do another episode about the city) stay tuned for the next episode if it’s okay with you.


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