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Episode 84 Searching for Information about Moka

Seiya and Selena appeared in a bar in the center of the second district.

The bar was spacious enough to accommodate 50 people and was crowded. As they took their seats, Seiya ordered a white carbonated drink while Selena a pink one. However, Selena’s face looked somewhat dissatisfied.

「Why are you so angry, bird woman? Does it displease you this much when people see us as lovers? 」
「Not really~. I don’t think about it at all」
「It’s suspicious otherwise」
「I know」

Selena understood that it would have been unnatural otherwise. The problem was in his inattentiveness. Due to that inattentiveness, she was in a bad mood.

「You’ll let your cute face go to waste if you keep making such an expression」

Selena turned towards Seiya with a blank face.

However, she was met with Seiya’s questioning gaze. What? Thought Selena when she noticed that the nearby couple said the line, which caused her to feel even worse.

What’s wrong with Selena, Seiya made a troubled expression.

Around 10 P.M., they were still in the bar as the guest around them gradually changed.

The customers that came before them finished their business and went to look for another bar or home.

「Hey, we are drinking juice since a while ago. Shouldn’t we ask around? 」

Worried Selena. At this point, Seiya sat there for an hour and a half drinking juice and doing nothing else.

Moreover, once she tried to listen herself Seiya stopped her. She didn’t know what he was thinking about.

「Well, just wait. Did you bring your magic guns? 」
「Yeah, inside my skirt」
「Then it’s fine. Wait a little more」
「U, un」

Once he confirmed that she brought her magic guns, he once again turned silent and started drinking juice. Seeing his state, Selena too turned her attention towards her third cup of juice.

Selena kept her magic guns even with her dress appearance. She always kept her magic guns on her waist but that wasn’t possible with the dress. Thus, she wrapped the holster around her hips inside the skirt.

「It’s about time」

About half an hour later, Seiya said this and paid for the services.

「Are you going?」

Although lacking understanding, she stood up and followed him out of the bar. After that, the two walked on the road leading to their hotel.

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Selena walked while thinking that this atmosphere was like that of the date when Seiya suddenly grabbed her arm once they passed a corner.


The moment they turned around the corner Seiya pulled Selena’s arm and started running only to suddenly stop soon after.

Selena was about to fall due to her balance being disrupted because of the sudden movements but Seiya caught her into his embrace.

Selena didn’t understand what happened at the beginning but gradually understood the situation. She was currently nestled in Seiya’s embrace.

Selena’s face turned bright red. All the way to her ears.

「Please wait, my heart is not ready……」
「Sorry. Be quiet」
「Eh, really? 」

Her face became even redder under his serious stare. While her head was filled with「You have a fiancée! 」type of thoughts, Seiya turned towards another direction.

「It seems that you intend to follow us, who are you?」

On the other side of his line of sight, there was a figure of a man in his thirties. Selena followed his line of sight and examined the man.

The man had a mustache and a hat, which made him look like a detective. Although, there are no detectives in this world.

「Chi, when did you notice?」

Since the man asked such a thing, Seiya helped Selena stand up and answered.

「A moment before we entered the bar. For a brief moment, you made a surprised expression seeing the bird woman. Adding to that, you was sitting on the opposite side while paying us a bit too much attention」

Meaning that he observed them for a long time.

「I see. I’ll just say it honestly. I was surprised how cute this lady is. I was thinking about asking her out for a tea or something like that」

Hearing the man’s words, Selena hid behind Seiya’s back. Upon seeing her reaction, the man immediately became dejected.

However, Seiya’s opinion was completely different. He didn’t think that this guy truly liked Selena.

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Seiya always acted together with Lily and Yua, who could be called as unprecedented beauties. He’d seen the surprised expressions of men numerous times.

Their faces seemed to say「So such a beautiful girl exist」. However, the man’s face was more of「Why is she here? 」kind of face.

「It can’t be helped since I’m rejected~. I’m going home, my lady. Have a nice time」

Said the man as he tried to leave. From Selena’s standpoint, she was happy to see this stalker disappear as soon as possible.

However, there was someone who didn’t wish for the man to leave. It was Seiya.

「Wait a bit」


With this sound, the gravity increased trying to stop the man from leaving. Of course, it was the work of his recently upgraded bloodlust.

Being hit by the bloodlust, the man stood in place while sweating bullets. The man was confident if the fact that no one passes in this place during the night and didn’t call for help.


Seiya raised the intensity of his bloodlust even further.

The man could continue standing and was forced into sitting position. He tried to run but his body didn’t listen, tried to do a full mana release but even that wasn’t allowed under Seiya’s bloodlust. [1]

「Hey, the reason you started at the bird woman wasn’t that she is cute, right?」

The trembling man used all the power he could master to shake his head. The man understood at that moment. He touched something that shouldn’t be touched,

You can’t do anything against this monster. His life was in the hands of the blonde youth behind him.

「You were surprised because you’ve seen the face that resembles the bird woman’s recently, right? And you also should know her location, correct? 」

The man somehow understood that he referred to Selena as the bird woman. However, answering his question any further would make him betray his Lord.

Rather than that, it’s better to commit suicide……he thought but didn’t even manage to bite his tongue off under the effect of the bloodlust.

Selena just silently looked at the man. There was a matter of her fear in play but more than that, she wanted to know about Moka, so she left everything to Seiya.

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「If you won’t answer, I won’t let you off easily」


Seiya waved his finger and the man’s left ear disappeared without a trace. [2]


Without being able to scream, the man was forced to silently endure the disappearance of his left ear.

「What is next? A finger? Nose? Or maybe an eye? 」

The man shook his head in fear with all his might.

The blood scattered for the place where his left ear has been but he didn’t pay it any attention. Although missing these parts won’t kill the man, his life after that is going to be horrible. The man came to know fear.

Then, he imagined his life without any of the parts mentioned by Seiya.

「Are you going to answer?」

Hearing his words, the man vigorously nodded his head. He could feel a mad desire to live from the man.

Seeing his state, Selena, although didn’t lose her words, gripped Seiya’s sleeve.

Seiya weakened his bloodlust allowing the man to speak but he still won’t able to move the rest of his body.

「I get it. I’ll talk. I’ll talk so please stop」
「It depends on you」

The man started to desperately talk.

「I did see a person resembling this girl yesterday」

Seiya was surprised. Surprised by the technology that made the travel for criminals faster by one day compared to his group on the magic horses. The man didn’t care for his surprise and continued.

「That person was older that this lady and was restrained」
「Where is she?」
「This is……」

Seiya narrowed his eyes when the man was struggling to produce an answer. Seeing such Seiya, the man became flustered.

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「Understood. I-I’ll tell, please have mercy. She is in the Demon King’s palace」
「Demon King’s palace? 」

Hearing the words he had no recollection of, Seiya tilted his head. The man didn’t pay this any attention and continued talking trying to stay alive.

「That’s right. Blod-sama’s palace is across the mountains. She is a valuable specimen brought by Blod-sama from outside. I don’t know the details. I just thought to receive a reward for bringing this girl to him since she resembled that woman who made him this much happy. It’s the truth! Please, believe me! 」

The man desperately said. He was desperate to live.

「Is this Blod you mentioned Blod Mamon?」
「Yeah, that’s him」
「I see. That’s enough」
「Then! 」
「Sure, I shall release you」

Saying that, Seiya used the Holy Attribute to restore the man’s ear.

Failing to hide his surprise at his ear being restored, the man looked at Seiya.

The same was true for Selena next to Seiya. Selena didn’t know what kind of magic it was but understood that it was somehow connected to Seiya’s secret. At the same time, she intuitively felt that it was something she shouldn’t touch.

「Don’t tell anyone about this. If you tell anyone, out next meeting won’t be this easy for you to survive」

In the end, the man bowed and run off somewhere. Looking at the man with pity, Selena thought. [3]

「All right then, we know the location so let’s go back」

Seiya began to walk intending to return to the hotel. Faced with his back view, Selena said.

「Hey, lolicon」

Said Seiya as he turned around. What was that power? Who the hell are you? she wanted to ask. However, the words stuck in her throat before she could say them.

「I see」

After that, the two returned to the hotel.

Thank you for reading. This time I’m going to talk about Seiya and Selena’s date. As an author, I felt that it’s about time for Selena to go dere……..I can only apologize to anti-Selena faction. However, I intend to make the next episode about Seiya and Yua. I’d be glad if you read it^^ [4]


  1. What kind of God-rank binding skill is that? 
  2. Just realized. Dark magic can make you a good hitman. 
  3. Why do I think that you didn’t let him go without any parting present, Seiya-kun? 
  4. Yeah, I’m being obvious. This is the author’s note. 

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