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Episode 80 Magical Beasts Have Their Own Pride

Facing a beast capable of wielding mana, Lily and, of course, the student council members were greatly surprised. The existence of the magic-resistant beasts was already a shock for them, forget about the beasts capable of casting magic.

Seiya was able to figure out that this beast was of the fire element thanks to the previous attack of Aishi and Selena. Aishi’s『Ice and Snow』is a spell that freezes the target by calming down the particles to the extreme and taking away their heat.

The magical beast didn’t freeze as expected but erased the spell until there was nothing left. At this point, it either erased the spell using the dark attribute or activated the particles using the fire attribute.

The next was Selena’s『Fire Stake』, which did stab through its foot.

But this『Fire Stake』too disappeared without any trace. Because『Fire Stake』can’t be melted in the same way as『Ice and Snow』, the dark attribute needs to be involved.

However, why didn’t it erase the spells before they even hit it?

There, Seiya came up with a theory. Maybe, this magical beast is fire-attributed and able to absorb fire magic, which is of the same element as it.

If so, the disappearance of the spell and regeneration of the wound can be explained. Seiya wounded the beast to confirm his suspicions and, as expected, it was able to activate its regenerative powers to quickly close the wound.

「I can erase it but I need to think about the future」

Seiya muttered something to himself. Yua didn’t know what he meant but she believed him and retreated to the back.


The beast released a low growl and stared at Seiya as it released its bloodlust that was even denser than before.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t directed at them, Selena and company felt had a hard time breathing. Just how strong the pressure put on Seiya is, they thought.

However, Seiya didn’t seem to be affected at all.

A grin emerged on Seiya’s face.

When the magical beast saw his smile, it felt as if it messed with someone it shouldn’t have.

Despite its continuous growls, the killing intent disappeared as if it was never present. The student council members felt it dissipating and were finally able to catch a breath.

「As I thought」

At that time, Seiya confirmed something. It wasn’t something that he could logically explain, it was just his intuition but he felt that it must be true.

The lion-like magical beast didn’t understand that it was overwhelmed by his killing intent, but it intuitively felt that at this rate it would be killed by this human for sure.

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But magical beasts have their own pride. The pride of the king of the magical beasts in this area. As long as this pride still exists, the magical beast won’t retreat. Even if it will be killed.


The magical beast roared and a change occurred. Its mane ignited and a flame appeared on the tip of its tail, truly the king of the beasts.

It wasn’t only its looks, the pressure of the king of the beast was also present.

The beast took the initiative and launched itself towards Seiya. Seiya avoided to the side and slashed with the Hollins, but the wound ended up swiftly regenerating.

The magical beast knew that its wound will close, that’s why it launched such a reckless attack.

The magical beast tried to graze him with its claw, but Seiya dodged and slashed at its face. The beast’s movement faltered for a moment but it immediately regenerated and proceeded with a new attack.

Seiya tried to find an opening while dodging its attacks but couldn’t immediately discover anything.

At that moment, the beast’s attack pattern changed. It only used its teeth and claws before but now it added the breath to the mix.

When Seiya thought that he managed to avoid its claw, it released a fire breath from its mouth.

Seiya slashed at its breath while dodging to the side as he threw another Hollins at it. However, the Hollins only grazed its leg producing a small wound.

The beast activated its regenerative powers and the wound disappeared in a blink of an eye. At that time, the magical beast didn’t notice. It didn’t notice that the speed of its regeneration became slower than before.

Seiya immediately summoned another Hollins to replace the one he threw.

The magical beast delivered a new attack. Different from the last breath, it had much more power behind it.

Against this breath, Seiya deployed two『Wall of Light』to protect himself. The attack competed against the defense. However, in the next moment, it broke through『Wall of Light』and reached Seiya.


Called Yua while being worried about her fiancé. However, the worry that she won’t be able to do anything attacked her heart and made her hesitate.

Different from Yua, who was in this condition, a certain girl said from the back.

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「Get a grip, lolicon『Atos』」

Selena cast a spell as she scolded him. When she saw that his defense wouldn’t be able to hold, she started to chant her strongest attacking spell.

Right after the red lasers were shot from her magic guns, they split and spread in a zigzag pattern.

The lasers that spread around suddenly turned and attacked the magical beast. They numbered about twenty thousand. Twenty thousand lasers poured on the magical beast like rain.

When the magical beast noticed the lasers, it immediately chose to retreat. However, the red lasers bent once again and closed in on the magical beast.

The beast immediately realized that it had a tracking property and cast a new spell.


Right after its growl, multiple magic circles appeared around it and something stepped out of them.

Although small, they were its body doubles made of completely out of the fire. Despite being relatively low in number, they managed to disperse the might of Atos.

The red lasers collided with the body doubles and destroyed them one after another.

Only about a hundred of lasers made it to the beast itself. To deal with them, the main body released a breath and completely erased them.

「It can’t be……」

Selena received a shock at a simple magical beast being able to deal with her strongest spell. It was her second time using Atos and the second time it was destroyed.

More than that, she tried to use it even earlier, before she met Seiya, but she didn’t even have a chance to unleash it.

She was on the verge of losing confidence in herself, but since it wasn’t the right time for the stray thought, she immediately switched her gears.

With Seiya incapacitated and『Atos』destroyed, there was a need for remaining members to cooperate and resist the beast, thought Selena.

However, Selena’s resolve ended up being unneeded. The reason being, the magical beast suddenly stumbled and fell right before her eyes.


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Selena spaced out. The same was true for the rest.

「That was a saver, bird woman」

Selena looked in the direction of the voice and saw Seiya still unharmed, despite receiving the attack.

「What do you mean? Are you all right? 」
「I’m uninjured. Also, this beast won’t be able to move anymore」
「What did you do? 」
「What do you mean?  I just fought normally. It simply run out of mana」

As Seiya said, the beast run out of mana. However, even beast should be able to notice when they mana is about to run out.

Normally, it should have been able to feel the remaining amount. However, this beast wasn’t able to. Of course, it didn’t happen without any reason.

In reality, Seiya channeled water-attributed mana inside of its body with each slash of the Hollins.

Once inside its body, water-attributed mana calmed down its own mana. That’s why, when the beast tried to activate its regeneration with calm mana, it took much more mana to achieve the effect.

As a result, it wasted much more mana that it thought it did, which caused the mana deficiency.

However, according to Seiya’s plan, it should have taken more time. By receiving the attack, he planned to make the beast relax his guard and cast its spells one after another to finish him.

But thanks to Selena’s『Atos』it wasted its mana faster than expected.

Seiya stabbed the fallen beast and poured mana of the water attribute inside of it. Its insides gradually calmed down and it lost its consciousness.

Seiya bound the beast with a rope and had Aishi enclose it in the ice.

「Are you going to bring it with us?」

Mona raised a voice of surprise, but faced with such a Mona, Seiya calmly stated his reason.

「Of course. We are traveling towards an unknown place. Naturally, the currency is also different. Let’s sell this beast to make some money」
「So that’s how it is」
「I see」

Seiya’s answer managed to convince Mona and Aishi. The moment he decided to fight this beast, he also decided to use it to procure funds.

Therefore, he aimed to exhaust its mana and capture it intact.

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After that, they didn’t encounter any problems and finally saw the second district of the Great Dakuria Empire.

「There really is a city in the middle of the dark territory」

Although he had some prior knowledge, Seiya was still surprised. The same was true for the rest of the team.

「Here, my mother……..」

Muttered Selena as she clenched her fists. Seeing her like this, Seiya said while riding forward on his horse.

「All right then, let’s go」

They proceeded forward to enter the second district.


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