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Episode 79 Mistake Born from Inexperience

「Leave it to me」

When Mona called Selena, she pulled out her magic guns, aimed, and fired.

With a pull of the triggers, the magic bullets flew out and decimated the monkey-like magical beasts.

「Another one appeared……」

When Yua discovered a new monkey-like magical beast, Selena pointed her magic guns in its direction, pulled the triggers and released the magic bullets again. And again, it was blown away.

Right now, the six were closing in on the Great Dakuria Empire. In the morning, they had breakfast and were on the move ever since.

On the way they passed by the two small mountains, yet didn’t encounter any magical beasts, their road was unobstructed. However, the moment they entered a forest, the attacks were coming their way non-stop.

They proceeded with Selena as the main attacker as Aishi and Lily assisted her. Like that, they were able to travel uninhibited.

Once the monster’s ranks were hit by mana bullets, they weren’t able to catch up with the six, who had their magic horses. Instead of fighting them to the end, the six decided to avoid direct confrontations as much as possible.

「One more incoming」
「I got it」

Mona discovered another magical beast.

However, the atmosphere surrounding that beast was different from the others. A magical beast that gave a feeling of being a high rank. Its appearance resembled a lion, the king of the beasts.

「Wait, bird woman. Don’t mess with this one」
「Eh? But…..」

She certainly felt that it was different from the other magical beasts, but she thought that it wasn’t that exaggerated.

As such, Selena, who was already in position to shoot, became confused at his instructions.

「Listen here, we aren’t so free to fight it. Everyone, full speed! We are going to shake it off」

Listening to his orders, everyone increased their speed to the maximum.

However, the lion-like beast didn’t let them go and chose to pursue.

Its speed was comparable to a magic horse at maximum speed, they weren’t able to open any distance.

Then, Selena and Aishi tried to aim for its legs to slow it down only to be stopped by Seiya.

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Seiya ignored their questioning expressions and continued to ride at full speed.

However, they weren’t convinced and ignored his warning. They released a spell towards the lion-like beast.

「Maiden of ice『Ice and Snow』」
「Divine protection of fire『Fire Stake』」

When the two released their spells, the ground beneath the lion-like beast was covered in ice.

By covering the ground in ice, she severely inhibited its mobility.

Meanwhile, Selena tried to pierce its leg with a fire stake to completely stop it. The fire stake splendidly hit the lion-like beast and pinned it to the ground.

「How was that?」

Selena looked at Seiya with a smug expression. Aishi too, different from her usual self, looked slightly proud.

Recently, Seiya was somewhat able to distinguish emotions on Aishi’s always expressionless face.

However, Seiya wasn’t that happy over this. His expression was that of impatience.

Seeing his expression, the two wondered whether there was a need to worry so much. They thought that they would be able to escape if they pinned his down.

To these two, Seiya said as if blaming them.

「You two are idiots. Why did you act? 」
「What do you mean by idiots? We succeeded in stopping it」
「Can’t be helped. You two should stay away. Yua! I leave the support to you」

Selena and Aishi, who couldn’t comprehend its actions, didn’t know what was going on.

Mona and Lily were the same, only Yua understood the implications of this situation.

Yua immediately stopped her horse and jumped off. Seeing that his fiancée understood his idea, he smiled. However, his face hardened right after and he jumped off his horse.

When he looked at the lion-like beast again, the ground beneath it wasn’t covered in ice any longer. Selena’s fire stake was nowhere to be found too. Once Selena and Aishi noticed that they were left speechless.

「This is a lie…..」

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The two were surprised at their magic disappearing without a trace.

The two didn’t know how this magical beast was able to erase their magic. They encountered the types of beasts, which were immune to magic, before, but just like Seiya, Aishi cast her spells on the environment to slow them down.

The magical beasts aren’t supposed to erase already cast spells.

The spell had successfully affected the ground below it.

However, this spell disappeared without anything left behind. This situation was beyond Aishi’s understanding.

The moment Seiya saw the lion-like beast, he remembered a certain magical beast. That beast caused them to suffer a lot in the Great Dalis Canyon before finally being defeated.

The white tiger beast with the lightning attribute. The beast before them resembled the lightning beast a lot. That’s why Seiya chose to avoid it before everything else.

Even if they are the magical beasts, a beast that can use magic is stronger than an average magician. They didn’t have time to entangle themselves with something like this.

But with Selena and Aishi having launched an attack, they had no choice but to fight. The beast wouldn’t have used magic as long as they would have kept running. However, once they showed the will to fight, it won’t restrain itself any longer.

This made their escape impossible.

「Leave it to me and Yua. The rest should watch over the surroundings. Yua, I will approach it first」
「All right…….be careful…….」

Seiya summoned his twin swords, the Hollins, and slowly walked towards the magical beast.

His movements showed no openings, yet it looked natural as if he was strolling in a city. The lion-like beast too slowly walked towards Seiya, but he could feel the thick killing intent from the beast.

The rest looked at him with worried eyes, only Yua wasn’t anxious and had a firm belief in him.

When they were separated by no more than 10 meters, Seiya moved into action. He put mana of the light attribute into his legs and accelerated, quickly shortening the distance between them.

The lion-like beast couldn’t react to his sudden acceleration and lost sight of him. In the next moment, a cut appeared on its right front leg and blood flowed out.


Feeling the pain from the cut, the magical beast roared. However, in the next moment, the wound began to regenerate and was quickly healed.

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「As I thought」

Seeing it wounds recovering, he confirmed his speculations.

「Yua, it is fire-attributed」
「What are you going to do?」
「Well, I should manage by myself」
「Understood……then I’m watching you………」
「Yeah, I leave everyone in your care」

If Seiya wanted to do it by himself, Yua had no intentions to stop him. This was a proof of her trust as well as her desire to not drag him down.

Seiya in the demon king mode can immediately dispatch a monster of this caliber. But with everyone present, forget about the demon king mode, most likely, he couldn’t even show his dark attribute.

But even like that, he was stronger than Yua. That’s why she didn’t want to get in his way or be hated by him.

「This is…..wha…….」

The rest, who were still on the horses, were stunned. That voice could express the thoughts everyone had in their heads right now.


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