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Episode 81 Glena Lion


As they approached the city, they saw a gate and a gatekeeper.

Seiya didn’t mind the gatekeeper and proceeded forward as it was natural, but Selena and the rest had a hard time staying calm.


The two gatekeepers ordered them to stop.

「We didn’t receive any news about people coming from the outside today. Who the hell are you? 」

Selena and the rest started sweating bullets at the gatekeeper’s question. Judging from his words, it seems that in this country gatekeepers are informed about people coming in beforehand.

But, of course, no one contacted them about Seiya’s group. The gatekeepers kept staring at Seiya.

The gatekeeper looked at Yua and Lily next, but the moment he saw them, his expression changed.

Yua and Lily aren’t just ordinarily cute, they are exceptionally cute.

White hair and beautiful red eyes, small but nice body with a tinge of sex appeal, Yua.

Beautiful sapphire eyes and hair, childish and overflowing with energy, Lily.

Looking at the two, the gatekeepers loudly swallowed their saliva.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The members of the student council behind Yua and Lily attracted their gazes. Although not to extent of Yua and Lily, they still were pretty enough to attract the stares.

Everyone even had the hair of a different color. The vigilance inside the gatekeeper’s eyes turned into jealousy.

Towards these gatekeepers, Seiya bluntly answered.

「No wonder. We planned to head directly for the fourth district instead of the second one. However, on the way, we were attacked by the powerful magical beast. I thought to resupply here」

Of course, it was a lie. However, the gatekeepers had no way to know, Seiya’s answer had no obvious holes.

More than anything, the gatekeeper’s stares made him want to file a complaint.

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「I see. So that’s how it is. By the way, which district are you from? 」
「The seventh」
「I see」

The moment he said that he was from the third district [1], the jealousy in their eyes grew even deeper. Seiya laughed as if he knew why that happened.

The gatekeepers removed a hidden cover and pushed a red button.

And with a loud sound, the gate began to open. Everyone was taken aback by the things they saw.

The gates in the Leiria Kingdom are made from wood, not from steel, and need manual labor to be opened, but it seems that this wasn’t the case for the gate before them.

The gatekeepers saw him off with frustrated eyes.「From the seventh district with such a number of women……」,「That must be it」,「Yeah, no doubt」was heard from the back, but the girls had no way to know what it was all about.

By the way, Aishi concealed the lion-like magical beast with her best efforts. To be precise, she put the ice block in the box so no one could see it.

That’s why the gatekeepers considered it to be some kind of goods and let it pass.

Like that, they successfully infiltrated the second district.

「This city is amazing……..」
「For such a city to exist」

Upon entering only Selena and Yua raised their voices, but everyone was surprised nonetheless.

If you want to express it in one line, it was a mechanized city. Buildings with a height you can’t see in the Leiria Kingdom, the street lights that work without any magic.

Although interested in the new things, Seiya urged everyone to cautiously proceed forward.

「Where are we going first?」

The one who asked was Yua. Although she was interested in the things she saw, her curiosity was low to begin with and she quickly calmed down.

On the contrary, it was Lily who had the sparkling eyes. Lily displayed her amazement when she first saw the Aquaristan, but now her amazement was even more apparent.

However, since they had no time for sightseeing, Aishi pacified her,

「Let’s start with earning money」
「「「「「「Earning money?」」」」」

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Hearing his words, they finally remembered the magical beast they brought with them. Everyone had completely forgotten about it once they entered the gate. Or to be honest, they were too amazed at the city that they disregarded its existence.

Despite the fact that the magical beast was still under the calm effect, Seiya thought that he heard it whining.

After that, they arrived at a certain guild.  It looked rather humble and old compared to the rest of the city, but the sounds of activity could be heard from the inside. [2]

Seiya opened the door and went inside.

The left side of the guild resembled a restaurant with lots of people present.

On the other hand, on the right side, there was a board filled with requests of all sorts. He understood that the magician-looking people were searching for a suitable request from that board.

The insides of the guild reminded of the Aquaristan’s church. However, the atmosphere here was much different from the church.

Especially regarding Lily and Yua. It wasn’t surprising. The people were deeply interested in the five beautiful girls suddenly appearing. More than that, this was the Great Dakuria Empire. In the empire, the strong ones stand above and the women follow behind them.

In other words, as long as they could defeat Seiya they could make them theirs. There were many people with such a way of thinking.

Seiya didn’t mind and moved his legs towards the counter, but the girls were creeped out by the grinning uncles around them and followed closely behind him.

It wasn’t only Lily and Yua but also the student council.

There was a bald youth manning the counter. Being slightly older than Seiya, he too looked at the girls behind him with a disgusting smile.

「Can we sell here?」

Against this man, Seiya asked while applying some pressure. Maybe because he didn’t like his attitude, the man glared at Seiya.

「Yeah, you can. What do you want to sell? 」

His eyes were telling 「It must be something insignificant anyway, Hurry up and show it」but Seiya pretended not to notice.

Meanwhile, in the eating zone「I shall go」, or「This brat should be easy to deal with, easy」, or「I will take that girl」, or「Lend her to me too」could be heard.

Maybe because they heard the voices, Lily and Yua gripped Seiya’s sleeves and the student council approached even closer.

Seiya glanced at the magicians for a moment, switched his sight to the box, and brought it to the counter. Then, he asked Aishi to transform the block into the cage.

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When the transformation was complete, the whole guild erupted. Everyone in the guild started to whisper to each other.

「I want to cash in this magical beast. It’s asleep right now but it’s not dead. There are no particular wounds. How much? 」

Following his words, the commotion only grew.

How did he do it? was said a lot. It’s just a beast that looks similar, was said too.

「I-Isn’t it the Glena Lion that rules over the Saral forest close to the second district? It is the one and only king of the Saral forest, you know? Do you say that you took it down it? 」

Asked the receptionist while staring at Seiya. Against that, Seiya answered with composure.

「I didn’t take it down, I captured it alive. So, can I sell it? 」

The receptionist that just couldn’t get to the appraisal was irritating Seiya. He was disinclined to stay in this unpleasant place any longer. However, the man just couldn’t get to the business.

The youth understood that Seiya was getting irritated but he thought that he was a scammer and wanted to finish the deal before something went wrong.

Thinking it through, it should have been impossible for the group of boys and girls to defeat it, forget about capturing it alive. The youth though as such and tried to delay him as much as possible.

「Yeah, you can sell it. But first, I want a proof that it’s alive」
「Understood. Oi, bird woman. Wake it up」

Selena startled at the sudden call but immediately understood what was required of her. She pulled out a gun and pointed at the magical beast.

「Are you sure?」
「Yeah, can’t help it」
「All right. The divine protection of the maiden of fire, appear before me『Radiating Wave』」

When she pulled a trigger, a kind of wave was emitted for the magic gun and landed on the beast.

Once it received the wave, its inside became active again and it recovered in a blink of an eye.


When its roar resounded, the guild became completely silent.

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It was a pressure of the true king of the beasts.


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  2. Fantasy’s classic, Yeah, that one. 

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