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Episode 78 Tsundere!?

As a result of each group picking one person, the first 3-hour period was Aishi’s and Lily’s.

The first watchman, Aishi, looked somewhat more spirited than usual. On the other hand, Lily looked scared of Aishi.

「Best regards, Lily」
「Uh, un」

Previously, Lily received a trauma when she stayed at Nari’s house, but since Seiya and Yua were enjoying themselves, she didn’t tell them.

After roughly three hours. Seiya opened his eyes. Yua was asleep next to him. He tried to leave the tent without waking her up, but since she grabbed his sleeve, it proved to be more difficult than he expected.

Without any other choice, he took off his jacket and went outside in a shirt.

After that, Yua hugged the jacket and relaxed.

Seiya switched with Lily and sat on the riverbank.

Lily was guarding together with Aishi, returned to the tent with sleepy eyes. Most likely, she will fall asleep immediately.

When Seiya was looking at his tent, a single girl came out from the other tent.

「So you came from the student council’s side」

If front of Seiya stood Selena, who let her hair loose instead of her usual twin tails.

With the loose hair, she looked more graceful than strict. For a moment, Selena made an unpleasant expression but still sat next to him.

「And there is lolicon from your side. So you have some gentlemanly qualities after all」
「You are quite diligent yourself」
「I can’t just sit still. This operation is also for my sake」
「That’s true」

The two had such a conversation while sitting by the riverbank.

The two were discussing the rotation of guards. When the watch is split into three sections, the ones guarding in the middle receive the most of the burden.

Especially, the night watch. It was related to the matter of sleep.

Taking this time as an example. Lily and Aishi, who went first, can sleep for six hours after their shift.

Yua and Mona, who are on the last shift, can sleep for six hours before they need to guard.

However, for Seiya and Selena, who can only sleep for 3 hours before and after their shift, it is undoubtedly harder. That’s precisely why Seiya picked this time.

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「Well, I’m counting on you for three hours」
「Yeah, same here」

The silence was born between them.

Only the sound of the flowing water was present. It wasn’t that surprising for silence to be born.

Although it was called a watch, they annihilated every monster they came across while they traveled. That’s why monsters were afraid to approach their camp.

Even if they do attack, with their ability it won’t be difficult to dispose of them.

「The stars are sure beautiful」

Selena looked at Seiya, who was stargazing, then also looked up. It was a beautiful sky full of stars.

Each star gave a feeling of competing with the others in brightness, thus creating a mesmerizing scenery.

「It’s true. Beautiful」
「Somehow, with this starry sky you can easily forget that you’re still in the dark territory」
「Right. Hey, lolicon」
「What? 」

Selena suddenly called him in a gentle voice.

「Thank you」
「What’s up with that all of a sudden?」

Seiya was confused at her sudden gratitude. But he wasn’t the only one confused, Selena was the same.

She herself didn’t know why she suddenly had the urge to thank him. However, she thought that she must say it and it came out from her mouth before she noticed.

「Un. Thank you for coming with us to the dark territory. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to even reach here」

Gazing at the starry sky, she mysteriously felt herself becoming more honest.

If it was the usual her, she would have strongly retorted, but right now, she was honest with herself. More than that, she just said what she thought.

「Don’t mind. I accompanied you for Nari’s sake. You should thank me after we successfully rescue her」

Selena was honest indeed.

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Usually, she would have returned a strong reply, but now she just accepted his words. Whether it was due to the starry sky, she didn’t know.

However, it was sure comfortable.

「Hey, what kind of place is our destination?」
「Who knows. I don’t know that much. Nevertheless, whatever happens, I will definitely deliver everyone back to the Leiria Kingdom in one piece」
「How reassuring」

Selena didn’t want to end this comfortable time.

「Of course. If I don’t, I won’t see the end of it from that Bagil guy」
「You seem to be on good terms with each other」
「I don’t know whether we are on good terms or not, but he is a person of the trustworthy category」
「I see. Do I qualify to be in the trustworthy category? 」

The usual Selena would have taken back this question in a fluster, but she didn’t have such intentions right now. Her expression was a mix of expectation and anxiety.

「Of course. If I didn’t trust the student council, I wouldn’t have taken you with me」
「I see」

Hearing his answer, her expression was somewhat disappointed.

After that, they talked about irrelevant things and watched the sky. Seiya was lying on the riverbank and stargazing, Selena too looked at the stars while lying down.

Maybe because 3 hours have already passed, Mona and Yua came out from their tents.

When Yua saw the two stargazing next to each other, she was displeased for a moment, but immediately laid next to Seiya and grabbed his hand.

Once Selena saw that, she looked at her and Seiya’s hand but swiftly stood up and went back to her tent.

「I’m leaving it to you」

Saying this, Selena entered her tent. When Mona saw such Selena, she「Arara」looked at Seiya.

Without caring about her gaze, he grabbed Yua’s hand back. About 10 minutes after that, Seiya decided to return to his tent and sleep.

When he entered inside, he saw Lily using his jacket as a hugging pillow and patted her head.

With her head patted, she, despite still being asleep, revealed a stupid grin. While watching such Lily, he laid down and let his consciousness be embraced by the darkness.

At the same time, in another tent.

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「What happened back then…….I….」

Her face was bright red and she felt extremely embarrassed.


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