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Episode 73 Who is the Culprit?

Once they were left alone, Bagil decided to tell him about the circumstances around this case.

「All right then, what are the details?」

At Seiya’s inquiry, he hesitated ever so slightly.

The reason is, the content touched upon a lot of the church’s secrets, which aren’t accessible for most of the advanced and even special magicians

But he couldn’t just dismiss it, so he opened his mouth and explained the circumstances.

「Do you know about the people living in the dark territory?」
「Yeah, a little」

Seiya answered that he knew about the people of the dark territory.

If there was a person who wasn’t familiar with the circumstances, he would have laughed in a loud voice.

It is a common sense in this country that no people could possibly live in the dark territory. Even if there were such people, they would be soon devoured by the monsters, which is common sense.

Then, why does Seiya know about people in the dark territory? The answer lies in the first time he switched into the demon king mode.

Demon King mode refers to his appearance in the Great Dalis Canyon. Lily, who witnessed the whole process, said that it was demon king-like.

When he turned into the demon king, a part of his memories was awoken. The memories about a father-like figure and his lessons.

The father-like person told him about the inner workings of the Great Dakuria Empire and its location.

「I see, then I will omit that part. Those people created a country and named it as Dakuria Empire. This information I got just recently, of course, it is irrelevant to us right now」

Bagil’s information was treated as classified by the top figures of the church. If someone knew that he told it to Seiya, he would be in for some trouble. However, Seiya corrected his statement.

「That is wrong. The Dakuria Empire is only the core region, like the central kingdom. The country itself is called the Great Dakuria Empire」
「What? Why do you know it? 」
「Professional secret」

Towards Seiya’s correction, Bagil asked for the detail, but, of course, Seiya didn’t say a thing.

Bagil was suspicious why he knew the information that was inaccessible even for the Holy Church. However, it wasn’t the right time to pry.

The rescue operation took priority over Dakuria.

「Whatever. There is a high possibility that the culprit behind the kidnapping came from that Great Dakuria Empire」

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Bagil speculated as such from the facts he knew.

「I see. And what is your basis? 」
「His methods. A criminal from the kingdom would have acted more carefully. In the first place, aiming for『Fenix’s Flames』isn’t very likely. But the criminal destroyed everything and took her away, that is the conduct of someone who doesn’t know the position of the Fenix family in this kingdom」

Hearing his reasons, Seiya nodded.

「True enough. There are no idiots in this country who wish to turn the whole Holy Church against them」

『Fenix’s Flames』is a very special magic.

This flame is known for its miraculous ability to heal any kinds of wounds. However, due to its effects and large compensation, it is also known as『Flames of Life』and its usage is managed by the Holy Church.

Flames of life cured the wounds by spending the user’s lifespan. 『Fenix’s Flames』was classified as a forbidden spell and its usage as strictly monitored.

「Then where does he keep her?」
「You probably understood by now, right? On the contrary, I want you to tell me」

To the truth, Bagil’s side still wasn’t aware of the exact location.

He only knows that she was kidnapped by a person from the Dakuria and was brought into the dark territory. However, when Seiya heard about the Dakuria, he already had a certain place in mind.

「Oh, I have a guess. But I have no confirmation and the information is slightly outdated」
「That is fine too. Tell me the location」

Bagil said so and brought out a huge map.

The Leiria Kingdom was situated on the left side of the map. However, the Leiria Kingdom was depicted too small, so the details of its inner territories weren’t included.

But this map was created to display the dark territory, there was no problem.

「Ho, such a nice article you have here」
「Don’t tell anyone about it. Normally, this map is only accessible to the apostles and the special magicians」
「No wonder. This is too much for the public」

The fact that he showed Seiya this map was a proof of his trust. That’s why Seiya too didn’t think of betraying his trust. Besides, Seiya owed him one.

The matter of the dark attribute was a matter of course, but he also helped out in the battle with the student council.

Actually, Lily’s adult transformation became a hot topic yesterday.

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As expected, no one guessed about her being a fairy, but the adults made a fuss speculating whether she disguised herself as a trainee at her age or the fact that her ability didn’t match a young girl. As a result, someone doubted the fairness of the match.

Against that, Bagil commented that she was using the water magic to change her appearance and confuse the opponent.

With the apostle saying as such, everyone was convinced and the voices of discontent quickly quieted down.

Bagil himself didn’t think of that explanation as convincing, but he couldn’t just say that she was a fairy, thus he decided to go with it. One way or another, Seiya’s group managed to conceal the truth with Bagil’s support.

「All right, regarding the location. I think it is here」
「Here? 」

There was nothing written on that section of the map, but Bagil’s eyes were serious.

「Then, let’s send a squad right away」
「Stop it. Even if it is a church’s squad, they won’t be able to achieve anything」

Hearing Seiya’s opinion, Bagil thought it through once again. True enough, it wasn’t very likely for the church’s squad to bring any results.

「Understood. Then I will gather all of the dispatched teams and have them guard the surroundings of that area. Kiritsuna Seiya, how much power does one need to deal with the monsters there? 」

Seiya thought for a while and voiced his estimation.

「At the very least, you need about 10 advanced magicians. If things go awry, maybe even more」
「Would that be enough? 」
「However, it also included my wishful thinking, the reality might be harsher」

There was no lie in Seiya’s words.

「Understood. In other words, the church’s squad stands no chance」
「That’s how it is」

Seiya asked Bagil, who was thinking about the plan.

「What will you do?」
「I wanted to request Arsenia Magic Academy to stay on high alert, but it would be difficult to accomplish during the festival」
「Besides, you aren’t willing to involve any outsiders, aren’t you?」
「Kind of. It would make matters easier for me, but I can’t just tell them that you are the part of the expedition」

Hearing Bagil’s words, Seiya contemplated.

「Hey, Bagil, how long will it take for your unit to return?」
「My unit? It should take them about 2 days to return, then there is a matter of preparation for the deployment. Altogether, more than three days」

Once he heard that piece of information, he immediately decided on his actions.

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「The it should be all right. We will venture out first」

Most likely, Seiya’s plan will spare a lot of other’s lives. But at the same time, it will greatly raise the risks for Seiya’s own group. He couldn’t approve of such a plan.

「Relax. We still have some power hidden. If the situation calls for it, I don’t mind saving them at the expense of my secret. Everyone’s safety if a top priority, so there is no problem」
「But even like that」

From his position’s standpoint, he couldn’t accept it. However, Seiya reminded him of something important.

「I think you know it, but the rescue operation is a race against time. The more time we spend, the less likely it is to succeed」

Seiya thought of the time when he himself was captured.

He thought he would be okay for at least three days, but he was almost turned into organs right away.

From that memory, he learned that he couldn’t be completely confident. That’s precisely why Seiya was in a hurry.

Bagil too was aware of this fact.

「Can’t help it. I’m sorry, but I will send you as an advance party. On my end, I will try to ask the other apostles for help」
「Also, bring this with you」
「This is……」

Bagil handed his one shining blue stone.

「This is the telepathy stone. That being said, it could only be used to contact me. If something happens, use it immediately」
「I will gratefully accept it」
「Then, by the name of the Holy Church’s apostle Bagil Eight, I officially designate you, Kiritsuna Seiya, and the team of six under your lead as the advance party. Head for the dark territory and hold your ground until the Holy Church arrives」
「Order accepted」

With this, they officially joined the operation.

「I leave it to you, Kiritsuna Seiya」
「Yeah, I will end this before you even arrive」
「Yeah, sure」

With the conversation closed, the two left the conference room.


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