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Episode 74 Operation Start

Seiya and Bagil concluded their business and went out of the conference room where the others were waiting for them.


Yua anxiously looked at Seiya. Towards such a Yua, Seiya told her the plan of action.

「We are to form the advance party for Moka Fenix rescue operation and venture ahead of everyone else. The apostle’s troops will reunite with us later and our task is to hold out until then」

Hearing Seiya’s report, everyone’s expressions hardened.

「All right…..」
「All right!」
「Got it」
「I understand」

Meanwhile, a single girl assumed an anxious expression.

「Em, senpai…..」

Nari anxiously gazed at Seiya. Apparently, she became worried after hearing about the dark territory. Seiya said towards such Nari while patting her head.

「Don’t worry, Nari. We will definitely bring her back」

To tell you the truth, I want you to take me together with you. Nevertheless, she was aware that she would only become a burden.

That’s why Nari decided to reply in a spirited voice. She thought that it was the best he could do at the moment.

「Yes! I will leave it to you」
「No problem」

After that, the group followed Bagil in the depths of the church. There was a certain something prepared in that room.

「This is…..」
「I thought it would be difficult to fight in your current clothing, so I took a liberty to prepare the appropriate clothes」

Everyone looked at the contents of the room. It resembled the uniform of Arsenia Magic Academy, but at the same time, it didn’t. Unlike the white uniform of Arsenia Magic Academy, it was based on black.

In reality, this uniform was much more functional that your usual academy uniform.

It is resistant to physical damage, heat and has a lot of assisting functions. Originally, it wasn’t supposed to be given to someone outside of the apostle’s troops, but due to the state of emergency, Bagil brought them out.

The six changed their uniforms in the dressing room. It matched their size and was very comfortable.

When Seiya wore the uniform, he suddenly seemed more mature and radiated a certain kind sex appeal. [1]

When Yua wore her uniform, the contrast with her white hair made her even more dazzling.

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Lily looked like a kid, who tried to dress like an adult but still failed to become one.

In Selena’s case, her black knee socks attracted the most attention.

Mona was the only one who wore the tights under the skirt, it was strangely erotic.

For better or for worse, Aishi looked normal.

Once he wore the uniform, Bagil called out to Seiya.

「It seems you are ready. I prepared the horses for you. I am counting on you, Kiritsuna Seiya」

Seiya’s group moved to the front of the church.

When they were passing through the hall, the adult from before stared at them with bewildered eyes. [2]

After all, the student, whom they secretly sneered at, came back in the back uniforms, which could only be used by the people directly under an apostle, and that apostle seemed to be Bagil.

Seiya ignored the adults and approached the six horses.

When the six mounted on their respective horses, Seiya loudly proclaimed.

「Let’s go」

The five responded to Seiya’s words and rushed out of the church. Their target was the Great Dakuria Empire in the dark territory.

After watching them for a while, Bagil returned to his room and used a visual type telepathy stone to connect to the sages of the Holy Church. The seven sages were conveniently having a meeting, so it immediately connected.

「What’s wrong, Bagil Eight?」

One of the men asked Bagil. It was a man in his fifties with a sharp look in his eyes.

Bagil immediately cut to the chase.

「Did the kidnapping of Moka Fenix reached your ears?」
「Yes, the troops are already on their way. Settle this matter properly. We can’t afford a failure」

Said the man while glaring at Bagil. Bagil proceeded with his report.

「It is about the incident, I concluded that there is a high possibility of the culprit being from the Dakuria」
「Is that true?」

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Unlike the previous man, it was a man in his sixties who asked that. The eyes of this man weren’t that sharp compared to the previous man.

「It is true. Due to that, I request another two apostles to join the operation」
「Another two? Are you telling us to dispatch another two, while we already have one on this case? 」

The man raised his voice. That wasn’t unexplainable. It was unprecedented to dispatch three of the apostles on one case.

In addition, it was rare for one apostle to directly request for another one. Bagil was that serious about this incident.

「Bagil Eight. Is this case really as important as you describe it? 」

A seventy-year-old man asked Bagil.

「Yes. Considering the value of『Fenix’s Flames』I think, it would be an appropriate reaction. Depending on the circumstances, it might even escalate into a war」
「All right. We will dispatch two more of the thirteen apostles」
「This is! 」

A man objected to the old man, but he didn’t care.

「Thank you」
「Bagil Eight. As soon as your unit gathers, immediately depart for the Dakuria Empire. The reinforcements will quickly catch up later. Depending on the circumstances, I do not mind a war. Be sure to take back『Fenix’s Flames』at all costs. In the worst case kill her」
「As you will」

The conversation had ended soon after. Even considering the importance of『Fenix’s Flames』, he didn’t plan to kill Moka.

He also didn’t report about dispatching the eldest daughter of the Fenix family. In other words, he only considered rescuing her.

After that, Bagil headed for the Aquamarine before his troops gathered.

Of course, he didn’t intend to enjoy the festival. It was to find Raiga. Perhaps, Raiga will fly into a rage after hearing about everything.

But still, it was Bagil’s job to inform him. After all, the fact that he involved the students was an undeniable truth.

Originally, he wanted to entrust Raiga with this mission. However, there was a lot of paperwork involved in dispatching a special magician in the dark territory. It wasn’t a good idea due to the time constraints.

While getting depressed, he searched for Raiga.


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