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Episode 72 Student Council’s Resolve

Everyone was surprised at Selena’s sudden declaration.

Usually, when it comes to the dark territory you leave everything for the church to handle. Besides, with the Holy Church on the move, obediently staying home is the best choice.

However, the girl before Bagil said that she wanted to search herself.

As a matter of course, Bagil tried to stop her. He couldn’t just casually send people to their death.

「I cannot allow it. I witnessed your power in the finals, and it won’t be enough. Please, think it through」

Bagil’s words were theoretically true. It was impossible for Selena to venture into the dark territory and come back alive with her strength.

It would have been fine with to venture into the dark territory close to the Leiria Kingdom, but deep inside it, you could easily find even stronger monsters.

Selena of now wasn’t capable of surviving in the depth of the dark territory. And unfortunately, Moka was brought quite deep. [1]

Selena was aware that she was pushing her limits. However, she was a daughter who wanted to save her mother herself.

Selena desperately came up with a reason.

「But every person counts……」
「That is true. But including a magician unfamiliar with our tactics is only adding another victim」

It was cruel but it was true.

By including an amateur in the already formed team, you can endanger everyone’s lives. If a newcomer performs poorly, the whole team might be wiped out.

「It is regretful, but leave it to us and give up」

Selena gave up persuading Bagil. She may indeed become a nuisance. However, she had her trusted comrades.

「Then I’m going too」
「Me too」

Mona and Aishi proposed to accompany her. In their eyes, Selena saw the color of determination. [2]

However, even with the two of them, Bagil’s answer was unchanged. Even if they are excellent, they are still the students, it is too early for them to venture out into the dark territory.

「Ha, I won’t allow it even with the two of you. In the first place, you know nothing about the dark territory. I can’t allow such people to venture out」

An ignorant person venturing into the dark territory. Such person is either an idiot or wants to commit suicide.

When the church’s army goes into the dark territory for the first time, it happens only after a lot of hard training and only on the outskirts.

A squad consisting of people, who already experienced the dark territory for themselves, also accompanies them. And only after they get used to the dark territory, they are allowed to go deeper.

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Nevertheless, Selena’s group, although capable, was completely ignorant of the dangers inside. In these circumstances, they couldn’t be anything but a burden to the team.

Bagil didn’t let go and released his killing intent in their direction. It was for the sake of letting them experience the difference and make them give up.

Once they felt his killing intent, they become unable to move or speak. He intended to remind them of the gap between them.

But when the three were about to give up, someone disrupted his killing intent.

「What would you say if I go with them?」

It was, of course, Seiya’s voice. He had a relaxed expression, almost as if he didn’t feel anything.

「What are your thoughts, Kiritsuna Seiya?」
「I said, I will lend them a hand」
「Do you understand what you are saying?」

Asked Bagil with a blaming tone.

The addition of Seiya to the team won’t make it any weaker.

Bagil understood his strength and considered him an individual of great ability. However, at the same time, the risk of revealing his dark powers to the church was great.

If his power was ever revealed, the Holy Church would become his enemy. And if that ever happens, the special magician, Raiga Arunia will become an enemy of the church too.

No one wanted to witness such an outcome.

Bagil didn’t want that to happen, so he tried to stop him.

「With you in our team, our strength will soar, but you should be aware of the underlying problems. Do you know what I mean? 」
「Yeah, I know. More than that, tell me the number of people in your squad」
「Numbers? I planned to send six teams of six people…..」

Hearing his words, Seiya grinned.

「Understood. I and the student council makes four」
「I will also go with Seiya……」

When Yua agreed, a young voice appeared in his head.

(Lily too!)
「Apparently Lily too. Now we have six」

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Yua wants to save Moka. She was kidnapped before and emphasized with her.

If she didn’t meet Seiya back them, no one knows where she would have been right now. I was saved by Seiya before, so I will save someone myself.

Besides, she couldn’t let Seiya go alone.

The same was true for Lily. From the moment they entered the conference room, Seiya transmitted her the gist of the conversation.

Lily too wanted to save Moka. Because she was her friend’s mother and was always kind and gentle to her.

Nari helped me when I was in peril on my first day. That’s why it’s time for me to help her.

I want Nari to smile. Besides, no one could foretell what would happen if she separates from Seiya too far.

The two were determined. Seiya’s determination was there too. Seiya didn’t do it for Selena or Moka, he did it for Nari.

She was nice to Seiya’s group, who just transferred.

Nari took care of Lily when she was worried. On top of that, she let them see the information on their opponents.

That’s why it is my turn to help. Besides, he knew that Lily and Yua wanted to save her too.

「You don’t mean the six of you, right?」
「I do. Three amongst us have experienced the dark territory, it should be enough」

The student council members doubted their hearing when they heard Seiya.

Experiencing the dark territory at his age was clearly abnormal. Moreover, there were three of them.

Selena’s trio watched him weird eyes, you could see 「Who the hell is this guy? 」 written inside.

On the other hand, Bagil contemplated. Certainly, with Seiya’s trio, he could relax. The six of them might be even stronger than the church’s teams.

However, the other problem was still present.

The problem regarding Moka’s location. In reality, he had certain speculations. But it wasn’t a place where he could casually dispatch his troops. That’s why the response was delayed.

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Bagil steeled himself and made the decision.

「All right. I will allow the six of you to venture out. I will handle the formalities, so please wait outside」

Everyone tried to leave the room, just as he told them too. But then, Bagil stopped only Seiya from going outside.

「Wait, Kiritsuna Seiya. Let’s talk with just the two of us」

From Bagil’s expression, Seiya understood the content to a certain extent. Bagil still hid something.

Seiya took his seat again and the rest of them left the room. Then, he asked.

「So, what is it?」
「I will tell you the details about this incident」
「I see」

Hearing his words, Seiya grinned. Apparently, this case wasn’t so simple.


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