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Episode 71 Call Bagil!

Towards his demand, the receptionist showed an expression that seemed to be saying「Is this guy’s head all right? 」. The student council was no better. He didn’t just ask for an apostle, he called him by his name.

「Hey, lolicon. Calling Bagil-sama over is clearly impossible」
「That’s right. Calling an apostle is a little overboard」
「You even called him by his name」

Seiya was showered in the student council’s criticism. However, Yua and Lily weren’t surprised in the slightest.

The two were already informed about Bagil. At the same time, they understood that this case was big enough to require his assistance.

As for Nari, she was scared of the adult’s stares and hid behind Selena, thus missing the conversation.

「Etto, what is your business with him?」
「As I said, I want you to call him here」
「I was asking, what kind of matter you wish to discuss with him?」
「This is……」
Stop right there

When Seiya was talking with the receptionist, a brown-haired man in his twenties intruded into the conversation. The man faced Seiya, but without looking at him, he started ogling Yua and Lily on Seiya’s left and right.

Feeling his gaze, full of hidden intentions, the two hid behind Seiya’s back.

「Hee, flowers in both hands, huh? You live rather nicely. You, what’s your name? 」
「Kiritsuna Seiya」
「What? You are the rumored special…..」

When Seiya introduced himself, the hall got noisy. In reality, Seiya became quite famous with local magicians. A mysterious elementary magician, who came out of nowhere and suddenly became a fiancé.

No one was able to find anything about the Kiritsuna family, his identity caused a lot of questions to arise.

The man immediately said, while still surprised.

「I have no idea how you entered the eyes of a special magician, but what is your business with an apostle?」
「I have no duty to tell you」

Faced with his thorny attitude, the man instantly became incensed and started to chant.

It was stupidity itself to use magic in the church’s hall. However, the man, angered by his attitude, initiated a chant.

「Even if you became a special fiancé, a nameless elementary magician shouldn’t be this arrogant. I will show you the real power. My soul of fire, manifest on behalf of the fire maiden, dance…….」

The man proceeded with the chant and constructed a red magic circle. Apparently, his spell was based on the fire attribute.

Seiya looked and the brown-haired man with cold eyes.

On the other side, the spectating magicians, seeing him deploying a spell, activated their own defensive magic.

In other words, they didn’t choose to stop the man but to protect themselves.

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While being disappointed in this bunch of adults, he breathed a sigh, intending to stop him.

Against Seiya, maybe because he tried to cast an advanced spell, he constructed multiple magic circles. These magic circles gathered vast amounts of mana in them, telling everyone about this spell’s firepower.

However, when everyone was about to see a spell being released.


With a sound of something cracking, the magic circles, which he was about to deploy, disappeared without a trace.

The brown-haired man couldn’t comprehend what happened, and the other magicians were still busy with their defensive spells.

There was only a sound of Seiya sighing.


Seiya used the dark attribute elementary spell『Dark Wave』.

He activated the spell stealthily and quietly. But if you were to ask whether it was fine to use the dark attribute magic in the church, the answer would have been yes.

The reason is, Seiya was aware of the level of the magicians present in this building. Only three people could sense the dark attribute in this building, Yua, Lily, and Bagil.

Apparently, the main forces of the church were deployed to bolster the security of the Aquamarine after Moka’s incident.

The magicians present weren’t that high in level, so unless he said the name of a spell, he would be fine.

Seiya’s dark magic could be perceived.

In other words, he could inform Bagil about his appearance through its usage.

And just as he predicted, Bagil emerged from behind with demonic expression.


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The receptionist was started at his sudden appearance. The same was true for all magicians present, including the student council.

Looking around the hall, he discovered Seiya and glared at him like a demon.

「What the hell are you doing, Kiritsuna Seiya?」

Why did you come here? Why did you use the dark attribute? He was filled with such questions, but Seiya cut straight to the chase.

「I want to talk about the kidnapping case」
「How did you…..?」

Hearing Seiya, Bagil instantly cooled down. However, he very soon discovered two red-haired girls behind him.

「Let these children pass」
「Is that all right?」
「No problem」

Although the receptionist was quietly complaining to herself, she lost to Bagil’s aura and let them pass.

「Understood. Then, please」

Seiya’s group followed after Bagil and disappeared in the depth of the church.

They arrived at the small conference room. Apparently, they could hear the circumstances here.

Before entering the conference room, Seiya told Lily and Nari to stay outside. He simply didn’t want to worry Nari for no good reason. In addition, to make it easier for her, he had Lily accompany her.

Lily seemed to understand his intentions and gladly agreed.

「Thank you, lolicon」
「For what?」
「For Nari」
「Don’t dwell on it」

Just before entering the conference room, he received Selena’s gratitude, but he simply treated it as a matter of course.

When everyone took their seats, Bagil started talking. Different from their encounter in the hall, it was a gentle voice.

「Nice to meet you. I’m one of the thirteen apostles, Bagil Eight. I usually stay in the central kingdom, but right now, I came here because of a certain matter. Am I not wrong to assume you to be the eldest daughter of the Fenix family? 」
「Yes. My name is Selena Fenix」

Bagil suddenly started introducing himself without touching upon the main subject.

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Bagil, who was commentating during the final match, was familiar with them to a certain extent, but he used this method to reduce Selena’s tension. With introductions finished, Bagil talked about the real purpose.

「A while ago, Selena-san’s mother, Moka Fenix-san was kidnapped. I don’t know about the criminal, but there is a high possibility that he already brought her out to the dark territory」
「It can’t be……」

Hearing him mention the dark territory, she lost her words. For a student of a magic academy, this word was just too heavy.

Seiya’s team and the academy that holds lessons in the dark territory are exceptions. Normally, it is impossible for a student to be familiar with the dark territory.

For the students, the words “dark territory” hold a certain sense of despair.

Meanwhile, hearing about the dark territory, Yua and Seiya furrowed their brows. It reminded them of their previous experiences.

Substituting for Selena, who was in no condition to talk, Seiya asked a question.

「Does the fact that the culprit is unknown means that it isn’t the same advanced magician clan as before?」
「Right. That clan is already disbanded」

When Seiya asked about the advanced magician clan, he meant the culprit behind the previous kidnappings.

Because Moka was of the fire attribute, it reminded him of the previous incident, but according to Bagil, that clan was already crushed. Therefore, they weren’t involved.

Everyone was surprised that Seiya was talking with Bagil on equal footing, but Seiya didn’t care and proceeded forward.

「Any information?」
「I don’t know who it was, but I know his purpose. His purpose…….」
「『Fenix’s Flame』」

Selena answered before Bagil did so.

『Fenix’s Flame』is a unique spell passed down in the Fenix family. It is an exceptional spell among its class.

Seiya knew about it from the books but wasn’t aware of the details. However, Bagil and the church’s executives were convinced that it was the culprit’s true purpose.

「Currently, even the Holy Church is on the move because of this case. All you need to do is wait. We will definitely find her」

Bagil’s decision was an obvious one. Seiya expected such outcome and Mona was of the same opinion.

However, Mona looked at Selena’s face and understood. Understood about what she was planning to do.

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Mona hurriedly tried to stop Selena, but she was too late.

「I’m going to her rescue」

Selena’s voice reverberated in the room.


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